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Saturday, August 12, 2006

I Don't Want You To Miss This

This past Thursday night I did an introduction to my new Cruise
Free Advanced System Teleseminar. The phone lines were jam-
packed with people from the U.S., Canada, UK., and Australia.
If you missed this event you can get the recordings (either
listen online or download them).

Here's the link:

This was not a typical sales call teleseminar! For a solid hour
I gave my tips and tricks for how to go about cruising free!
Plus, I provided a follow-along guide to help you keep track of
the ton of information I revealed.

You'll hear what I mean when you listen -- but I can assure you
not a single second of your valuable time will be wasted if you
aspire to cruise free by trading your talents and expertise for
luxury cruises.

Word to the wise: Be glad you're on my mailing list because near
the end of the call I introduce a special time-limited offer for
folks on the call to my Cruise Free Advanced System Teleseminar
event scheduled for August 30, 31.

A bunch of people took advantage but I discovered my boo-boo...

Early yesterday evening, I realized I did not tell you about the
offer or the availability of the recordings.
Go listen --

Since its a Summer weekend (and it was my mistake), I'll keep
the offer open only for members of my list until Monday morning.

God bless and happy cruising,


P. S. Don't forget to download a copy of the follow-along guide
(cheat sheet) to help you keep track of all the valuable
information I relay during the call --