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Monday, May 31, 2010

Know your Equipment

We're just back from another great itinerary - another free cruise. 14 nights of relaxation and exciting ports of call - and all in exchange for just 5 talks of under an hour each! All thanks to Speakers_Cruise_Free.Com.

I was up against a destination speaker who frankly was totally unprepared. The sad thing is he did know so much - BUT - He talked to the screen instead of the audience!! He mumbled!! and worst of all he seemed incapable of holding a mike!!

As his head (and hence his mouth) went one way it seemed his microphone went the other.

The audience deserted in droves - from 160 on day 1 to under 20 on day 5!!

The Cruise Director's staff recognised what was happening and asked for help. Flexibility is the name of the game - so I beefed up the destination content in my talks and we spread the word that the second lecture each sea day had destination information. I've learned plenty from a life in business - and, of course, from Speakers_Cruise_Free.Com!!

My audience grew. My book sales soared!! and the officers made a point of thanking Kathy and me for the flexibility and support.

We will be welcomed back anytime.

The other guy will probably struggle now to find any cruises - and he's with an agency that charges him to cruise!!! In fact I've been assured that this line will not book him again - and are telling his agent why!!

To cruise free click HERE. That's what we did. :-)


Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Secret

Lots of people in business and in their private lives follow the teachings of this very popular lifestyle guide, by Rhonda Byrne, based on the law of attraction.

My own secret of success shares these princples.

1) If I don't believe in myself why should anyone else believe in me?
2) If I am confident in my appearances I will gain legitimate confidence.
3) If I set clear goals in which I believe I have a greater chance of achieving them.

So far in this enjoyable life of mine these rules have served me well. When I moved out of the 80 hour corporate sector and into my own consulting and mentoring practice I wanted to build around me a team of strong and competent professionals - but I wouldn't choose to work with anyone who didn't truly believe in him or her self. That's not to say that I choose over confident people or just folks who talk a good fight. I will only select people who show that their confidence is well placed - a degree of modesty should not be mistaken for lack of confidence.

Similarly when I chose to work with Daniel Hall's SPEAKERS_CRUISE_FREE.COM I wanted to be sure that we were both contributing success to our relationship. I was very pleasantly surprised by what I found in Daniel. SPEAKERS_CRUISE_FREE.COM is built on success. Daniel's own success and the success of the network members. Team sharing ensurers ongoing support and mentoring - and contributes to repeat cruise - FREE!!

If you are not already part of this success network then let me tell you a secret - just click HERE - I'm sure you won't regret it!

Happy cruising FREE,


Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Nearly Packed and Ready to Go. :-)

Our next cruise departs a week on Saturday. Here in Europe we're still facing disruption from the Icelandic ash cloud that closed our airways for nearly a week. So we have an alternative plan to get to the port in plenty of time.

I enjoy planning and make a point of having my talks complete and loaded on my webbook way ahead. I carry back up copies of my PowerPoint presentations on DvD and flash drives - just in case. And I have my speaker notes filed and ready to roll.

When I take on a new SPEAKERSCRUISEFREE.COM assignment as an enrichment speaker I always like to tailor my talks to the itinerary. I will look at the links to our ports of call and ask for a rough indication of the nationality mix. That way, when I talk about cultural differences, life in the sun, the development of modern tourism, lifestyle improvement or economic overviews I do so with a talk that is tailored to my audience and to their cruise.

I'm not suggesting that I re-write every talk. But I do make a point of offering advice that is relevant. When I talk about the days of the Grand Tour, if we are calling into Rome I will point out the importance of the city as a Grand Tour destination a couple hundred years ago. When warning about the cultural pitfalls to avoid, if we are calling into the UK, with a largely North American audience I'll point out (with a smile) that over here a bathroom is a room with a bath tub in it and a restroom is a room with comfortable chairs in it. A lavatory, a toilet, a WC are what they say - but to be polite you might like to ask for the "loo"!! Or in Spain for "los servicios".

Kathy & I have got so much out of our free cruises since we signed up to SPEAKERSCRUISEFREE.COM. Great vacations and lots of wonderful new contacts.

If you are not already part of this outstanding network then do yourself a big favour and click HERE now.

Happy cruising - FREE,