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Friday, February 27, 2009

Low tech woman in a high tech world.

Dear Daniel,
I'm getting ready for my Mediterranean cruise, and I'll be blogging here, so I'll probably have to practice all week till I get it right.
Am I sending this post where I'm supposed to be sending it??
Warmly in cold Chicago,

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Telling the Future...

As a child I was always intrigued by the idea of telling the future.

As a teenager discovering Science Fiction, books about time travel and the time travel paradox (which supposes a person travels to a time before she was born and breaks a causal chain that led to the traveler's birth) were fascinating to me and I read all I could where time travel was the central theme. Any Dr. Who or Robert Heinlein fans out there?

In any event, as I became an adult and interested in marketing, I recognized that it would be tremendously helpful to me to know which products would sell and which wouldn't BEFORE I created them and/or promoted them.

Can you imagine? Like really telling the future...

It took some time and study, experience and a bit of luck,
but I slowly learned that at least when it came to product
sales you COULD tell what was likely to sell.

But there was a specific system to accomplishing this.

No, the system I eventually developed was not 100%
accurate... but it was pretty dog-gone good. Much better
than playing on hunches and totally ruling over simply

I began to teach the system to my coaching clients one-on-
one. And They started to see the same success I saw using
the system.

That's when it finally dawned on me, "Hey, this system would
make another great product."

But here's the key...

I didn't just decide to create the product on hunch.

Before I invested time, energy and money into
developing the product I wanted to "know" it would sell.

Well..boda-bing... I used my system and determined that it
would sell -- BIG TIME!

So I pulled the trigger...

I created a way that you too can tell the future. You too
can know if something will sell before you create it or
promote it.

It is an online video dashboard that I call "Knowing It Will
Sell: Creating In Demand Books and Other Info Products"

You can check it out right here -->

And what can I say?

Don't even think about creating information products like
books, ebooks, membership sites, online videos, CD's, DVD's
or mp3's... until you FIRST determine that they will sell.

Can you imagine the time and hassles you'll save?

This system is easy and doable using free resources... plus
I lay it all out for you step-by-step.

No more guessing.

No more uncertainty.

As you will soon discover, the world becomes a much rosier
and brighter place when you "know" with a high probability,
if not certainty, that an information product or book will

So my question for you is: armed with this knowledge what's
in your future?

I look forward to helping you "Tell Your Future",

I have made "Knowing It Will Sell" drop-dead easy.
It's in a video dashboard where you just follow the buttons,
watch the videos and plug in your product ideas into the
free resources I reveal and - presto - out comes the answer.

Is your product a dud or a stud?

Find out -->

This also works for any products you wish to sell as
an affiliate. Yaa-Hoo!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Savvy Cruise Speaker Tips From Lady Carolyn

Here's some great cruise speaker tips from Lady Carolyn who does living history aboard in full period dress. I've embedded one of her great videos below....

Here's her tips:

General tips

1. if like me you can't sleep unless you know what time it is, throw in a small alarm clock, if you like to roll over and see the time, make sure it's electric

2. take a small power strip or 3 way plug. There is usually only one plug for 110 and one for European, this means you have these things fighting for two sockets

  • laptop charged
  • two camera batteries - yours and your traveling partner
  • blow dryer
  • curling iron
  • two way radios - we use these to keep up with one another on board ship and on shore

3. little calculator- all it needs to do is divide - figure out currency

4. gift to cruise director on board - give the day before the cruise ends, the last day they may be so busy you don't see them

5. MEDICAL INSURANCE - please make sure you are covered

Speakers Tips

1. near the end of the cruise-- your last two talks ask guest to fill out a survey Give a little give, candy, calendar (what I gave, little Victorian one, and it is January beginning of year, this will not work for later as the year may be partly gone. My cruise director wanted to look them over also. Use the feedback, even the ones that are neutral or comments to improve your talks.

2. maybe check out where your ship has been for the last several years, and rearrange your topics accordingly, visit with activities director (you covered this on dashboard, but critical)

3. if an excursion you go on had some problems or it was fantastic, give the feedback to the cruise lines, BUT not as a complaint from you. DO it as a reporter. "Just though thought you might want to know that guests on this excursion were saying or were treated........."

4. Hand out the reminder cards, its helps people get to know you. see my attached example

Monday, February 02, 2009

RCCL - Contract Information

After a few discussions, and a few speaker free cruises we now understand exactly what information the RCCL enrichment coordinator needs for each cruise to satisfy her and enable her to produce the contract for each cruise in a standard format.

To make things easier for the RCCL enrichment coordinator and to speed through the contract process we now give her our information in the following format. If only one of you is speaking she still needs the full name of your companion. Names should be provided exactly as they appear in your passports.

Andrew Donald Johnson and Katharine Johnson

Ship Rhapsody

Date January 13th - 14 Night Australia And New Zealand

Destination Andrew Johnson
Jan 15 - The Cities of New Zealand and Maori Art – The modern urban landscape of New Zealand alongside the culture of the native New Zealanders, illustrated by 100 stunning photos.
Jan 16 - Scenery to Savor – The amazing scenery and the charming people that make up the culture of this outstanding destination
Jan 21 - Wild about New Zealand – A study of the natural beauty and some of the wildlife of this amazing country
Jan 25 - Travel Times – The changing face of travel; from the grand tour of the 19th century to luxury cruising Royal Caribbean style
Jan 26 - New South Wales beyond Sydney and a guide through the use of language and the cultural pitfalls to be avoided when travelling!
Equipment needs - PowerPoint projection facilities (Andrew Johnson brings his own laptop). Projection connection, lectern (or music stand) and roving microphone are required. Andrew Johnson will bring a supply of his book “Under Latin Skies” for sale on board.
E-mail address - Andrew.Johnson (at ) TheStrategicOption.Com

Arts & Crafts Kathy Johnson
Jan 15 - “ Maori Art” Book Mark Souvenir
Jan 16 - Souvenir Picture Frame
Jan 21 - Create your own Maori Art
Jan 25 - Souvenir using Aboriginal fabric
Jan 26 - “ Aussie” Fridge Magnet
Equipment needs – tables and chairs in a room with seating for up to 40 participants
E-mail address - kathy (at )