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Monday, December 28, 2009

New Year Resolutions

My resolution for this new year is to cruise new waters - FREE.

So far the cruise companies have taken us all over the Mediterranean; to the Baltic; through the Panama Canal; to the Western Caribbean; all over Australia and New Zealand - and on wonderful repositioning cruises across the Atlantic.

In 2010 we've included new ports in the Caribbean; New England in the fall - and a fabulous Iberia and Italy itinerary departing from Southampton.

When friends read our Christmas letter they call us "charmed" or " so lucky". Well we are of course. But I believe you make your own luck. And we made this little bit of luck by overcoming our schepticism and trusting Daniel Hall.

YES - it really works. Speakers really do cruise free!!!

To find out more, and to start your charmed life of free cruising click here now - www.CruiseImprove.Com/FREE

To read about our wonderful life in the sunny Mediterranean click here -

Monday, December 07, 2009

Know where you are - or you can't work out how to get where you want to be!

Mandy Evans says "There is only one starting place I know of. It is here and now. Two of the least popular locations in time and space"

One problem with us all is the tendency to wish that we were starting from somewhere else as we look at what we want to achieve. Every so often I write a "wouldn't it be amazing" list. And I am often amazed by the number of unachievable things I achieve.

My list is based on -

  • A few minutes of "off the wall" thinking. If there were no barriers what would I like to achieve.
  • I then go back through the list to add the things I've always wanted but had forgotten.
  • The list then gets left for 24 hours and next day I review it adding in the things that my sub-concious has processed in the meantime.
  • And then, for each item on the list I ask my self "OK. That's good - but what would be better still?"
  • My list is then dated and tucked away for a few months. I put a diary reminder for around 6 months ahead - because by then I have always forgotten about it.

You know it's amazing how often the "impossible" six months earlier is already within my grasp - and often already in progress. Just a few years ago I wrote "speak on cruise ships - at someone else's expense". Within 6 months I was in contact with Daniel Hall, had submitted my resumé and was already booked for 2 cruises. When I wrote those words I could not have imagined what this would bring.

Today Kathy and I cruise the world at the cruise lines' expense - long luxury vacations and in return all I have to do is talk. I really rather enjoy talking!!!!

To find out more about cruising free visit www.CruiseImprove.Com/FREE.

To read the drama of life under the Mediterreanean sun visit

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


As I write this I realise that I have met several very poorly prepared speakers. And preparation is everything in my mind.

Last year we cruised with a very eminent investment advisor who has made a fortune in his own investments and from advising others. Yet he sat in a lounge every evening stressing over the following day's lecture.

Kathy and I used our NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques to get to the bottom of the issue. And it soon became clear that he was nervous because he had not prepared a strategy for his talks. We worked that through with him in a matter of 20 minutes, sealed his confidence by removing his anxiety and sent him off to do a little more preparation.

The next day we bumped into him at breakfast where he was eating a super meal and humming along as he redied himself to go on stage. That talk was outstanding.

He now uses those same targeted prepartion techniques in all his lecturing and has seen his portfolio and client list grow.

The key techniques - get your presentations produced well in advance; be clear that they match the descriptions that you give to the cruise company; get a colleague or friend to review with you. And check your personal strategy. Ask yourself what you will have achieved at the end of the next twelve months if this is to be the best year of your life. Then check how your presentations fit in helping you to achieve those goals.

You will probably want to make a few small changes to your style or content - but those small changes will be enough to provide the confident platform from which you will speak.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Big mouths get...

The Business!

Here's what's going on...

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My friend Arvee Robinson, Master
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The value of this training is $597.
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To register & attend at no charge go to:

The program is limited to 200 people.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Planning topics

I met one speaker who says he always gets in a panic about a month before each cruise as he has to decide what he's going to talk about each day!

I tend to work the other way. I now have a wide range of talks - destination, enrichment and life-style. And before I request any cruise I choose my topics - and note how much tweaking, if any, I must do to ensure that my talks are relevant to each itinerary.

Thus when I send in my application I can include the topics list, day by day. This shows preparation and relevance.

The cruise lines seem to like this attention to detail. Even though they know now that I deliver good material it helps to be reminded.

And of course I then make sure that I deliver what I promise. I don't let them down.

To find out how to cruise free visit -

To lear about our life in Southern Europe visit -

Monday, November 09, 2009

Read the Contract

On our last cruise two bridge tutors (booked through another agency) caused a terrible uproar because their session time was changed one day! And this in front of passengers. They even shouted to the entertainments manager "We've paid $60 a day to do you a favour!"

Anyone who reads Daniel's advice will know that times may change. We are all advised to check the daily newsletter to confirm times.

From this point on the cruise staff treated them with kid gloves - but informed the head office not to book them again. I learned two lessons from this little episode -

1) Respect the contract, which usually says something like "Lecturers and their guests should not discuss the details of the contract with other lecturers, cruise company staff or other passengers. The details of this contract are to be kept confidential."

2) Why on earth pay an agent $60 a day to get you booked (note this money stays with the agent - the cruise company are not party to this charge!) - why pay that money, when using Daniel's Hall's system you cruise FREE!!!

To find out more visit -

To read about our wonderful life in the Mediterranean visit -

Thursday, November 05, 2009


A lot of people were buying cameras in the various ports and even in the Solstice gift store. Some had forgotten their camera. One person had lost his camera, and two others were dealing with broken cameras.

All of this reminded me that confirming your photo equipment should be on your check list no matter where you're traveling. If you're going to upgrade your camera, it is recommended that you get the new one far enough in advance to learn how to use it. Every shot counts when you're cruising exotic places like the E. Mediterranean.

Check out a few of the great photos we took during 11 days with Celebrity

Dale Collie

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Safety First

It was amazing how many people were injured during our 10 day cruise in the Eastern Med. Every time we went ashore, someone came back with skinned shins, broken leg or arm, cuts, bruises. Many passengers navigated the old towns and ruins in their wheel chairs and walkers. But it seems that the inexperienced have trouble simultaneously gazing at the magnificent views and walking over cobblestones or dodging along irregular walkways.

It was a good reminder for the rest of us that most of the world is not influenced by Americans with Disabilities Act or OSHA or the threat of law suits. Irregular walkways and stairs and lack of hand rails in the ruins of Greece and Italy are the norm.

Oh, one more thing to be aware of -- while one of our dinner-table mates was having a badly sprained wrist cared for, her husband asked about availability of Imodium. He didn't really need it, but declared that he did to get the free supply .... ooops .... 24 hours in quarantine. Throughout the day and evening, the kind-hearted medicos called his room to see if he needed water or anything else (basically checking to make sure he obeyed the quarantine). If he didn't report improvement at the end of 24 hours, the room assignment would continue for another 48 hours.

The strict policy is part of the ship's effort to control the outbreak of flu and other contagious diseases. Every time we turned around on board the ship, someone was offering us another squirt of Purell anti virus hand cleaner (can you have too much of that stuff?).

OK .. here's the point ... watch where you're walking, wash your hands often, and buy your stand by Imodium in town (about one euro per box - don't ask how I know the price).

Dale Collie
"Using the leadership skills of US Army Rangers to
help key people succeed in tough times."

Don't make a drama out of a crisis!

We were amongst the 2100 passengers (and 800 crew) aboard the Brilliance of the Seas in heavy storms crossing the Gulf of Leon (between France and Spain) two weeks ago. The Captain put comfort and safety ahead of everything. The stabilisers were out and the ship moved up and down - but there was none of the sideways rocking that can upset some people.

Late in the evening, while we were enjoying a superb jazz session in the main show lounge there was some storm damage that put a couple of staterooms out of use. two or three people were injured in the swells and the captain slowed down to reduce the discomfort and avoid any danger.

We were awoken next morning, still at sea, with his announcement that we would arrive back in Barcelona 7 hours late. This gave people issues with their homeward travel plans. But the company immediately opened all phone lines and internet access free of charge to help those passengers who had not booked their travel with the cruise line. Those who had booked through them were re-booked automatically.

The Cruise Director had an open questions session in the theatre and Kathy and I were able to answer a number of travel insurance questions and questions about Barcelona and onward travel.

The whole incident, which could have been a nightmare was handled calmly and professionally. No drama.

To find out more about cruising free as a speaker check out

To read about our life in Spain visit

Friday, October 23, 2009

Destinations R Us!

Have you been to Mykonos? It's an amazing little Greek island with an impressive history.

My destination presentation on the sea day preceding our visit included comments about these beautiful windmills on the island. Upon our arrival, the bright sunshine was like a spotlight on all of the whitewashed buildings in the town.

Cruising the med aboard the Celebrity Solstice is amazing.


Dale Collie
"Using the leadership skills of US Army Rangers to help key people succeed in tough times."

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Professionals on Board

It is tempting to assume that your contact on board has only you to worry about. Usually, in truth, the enrichment lecturer, dance instructor or bridge tutor are not at the top of their lists. I see our job as delivering exactly what we promise - outstanding talks, classes or other activity, with as little hassle as possible.

Therefore I make a point making friends of the technicians who can make my talks exceptional - sound, video, lights etc. I always ensure that I arrive in the theatre early. I always praise and thank them for everything they do. I take an interest in them and listen to their problems.

Let's face it - this really is no different to managing the professionals in a team in the corporate world.

And you know what - I have earned a reputation as an easy guy to work with - PLUS I always get all the help I need.

To find out more about cruising free visit - www.CruiseImprove.Com/FREE

To read the story of our move to the sun visit - www.Figleaf.Org

Monday, October 12, 2009

All at Sea

Today we are heading back to Barcelona, on the last day of our 12 night Mediterranean cruise.

We have visited ancient wonders, beautiful islands, capital cities (of both the Roman and Greek empires) and walked, scrambled and lazed our way there and back.

I've just finished my last lecture of the cruise. There was so much potential material on this cruise – we visited three volcanic sites (and sailed past the jetting Stromboli) – ancient cultures, scenic beauty and (one of my favourite topics) outstanding flavours.

But I was able to go to my files and draw off 4 existing presentations that could easily be adapted make them local and specific to our ports of call. The Cruise director has just congratulated me on the detailed preparation and my audience has been excited and full of praise. This is the most rewarding part of a cruise when we cruise free the Daniel Hall way.

To find out more visit – www.CruiseImprove.Com/free

To obtain my book on life in the Mediterranean “Under Latin Skies” visit –

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Daniel recommends Dr. Debby....

IS THIS YOU?: You’ve got your content down cold, you sparkle as a speaker, but your PowerPoint is just so-so. Dr. Debby can help add Pizzazz to your PowerPoint presentations. Whether you want her to design it for you, or teach you how to do it yourself, you can make sure your next PowerPoint presentation captivates your audience.

SPECIAL OFFER FOR SPEAKERS CRUISE FREE MEMBERS: Purchase at least one hour of Dr. Debby’s services and get one hour free!

See Dr. Debby’s work at; contact her at

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Ride into Rome

We're on our way to 11-day cruise aboard the beautiful Celebrity Solstice. We had the invitation within 10 days of signing on with Daniel as our coach. It's hard to believe that we board the ship tomorrow.

Since we were flying into Rome, we decided to spend a couple days before and after the cruise just to renew our acquaintance with all things Roman. After going through customs we saw the Celebrity coordinators and inquired about transportation to the port. She said she'd make a reservation for us aboard the shuttle at Euro 91 each (approx US$145 each), but if we were leaving from Rome Central, we might want to consider taking a train ($6-25 each, depending on whether we want the 2 hour ride or the 1 hour ride). Duh ...

In the morning, after two days in this wonderful B&B about 4 blocks from the Coliseum, we'll jump aboard that slow train and enjoy the countryside on a leisurely ride over to the port. Always schedule a couple extra days for touring from your port city and always be sure to ask about alternative travel.

Monday, October 05, 2009


Yes I know the snowball effect sounds like a cold winter's day and definitely not like the beautiful warm Caribbean climate we just experienced on our August cruise. However, I wanted to share with you how the snowball effect can be a powerful tool to expand the number of people who attend your presentations.

My husband Cliff and I were both part of the enrichment program on the Royal Caribbean Grandeur of the Seas, 9 Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise. This was our first 'cruise for free' experience and thank you Daniel. This all happened by joining Daniel's club and following through with all the great information Daniel provides. I would encourage you to be on as many teleconference calls that you can and book private one-to-one coaching sessions. I also watched all of the videos Daniel provided and all of this combined, prepared us from the gecko!

When we arrived at the Port of Baltimore, our port of embarkation, we asked for the Pier Coordinator and stated that we were speakers for the Enrichment Program. The bonus here is that we were asked to join the small exclusive line, which also served suite cabin guests and the process was fast and efficient. This allowed us to board the ship earlier and provided us with extra time to explore the ship until our room was ready. When we were allowed to go to our cabins we were excited to see if our first letter was in the room. Voila! there it was, our first welcome letter from the Cruise Program Administrator (CPA) just as Daniel had stated! This letter provided us with the the time of our key notes and the location where we would be giving our presentations. The letter outlined where and when to meet the CPA which was right after the muster drill and asked us to be ready to go over any possible changes in the order of our key notes or anything else we wanted to discuss in regards to our presentations. We promptly got everything ready for the meeting, any questions we had, technician requirements, then off we went to explore the room we would be speaking in. We were pleasantly surprised that we would be presenting in such a huge and gorgeous location, the lovely South Pacific Lounge! I thought it felt like we were in the movies!

When we met Joanna, the CPA, we had our two gift bags, one for the Cruise Program Administrator and one for the Cruise Director. This was our first meeting and this is a nice thoughtful thank you gift and a great relationship building gesture. They were both thrilled with their gifts and we added our CD audio books as another gift during the cruise.

It is also important to get the contact number for the Cruise Program Administrator (your contact), just in case you may need them in regards to your presentation. Remember they are very busy and it is extremely important to be professional, organized and not take their time. Our CPA was at the beginning or end and sometimes both for our enrichment talks. Joanna followed up on the attendance and our feedback.

Here we are with the Cruise Director Clo on one of our walks for the Make-a-Wish Foundation(tm). This foundation grants wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses. Royal Caribbean will also donate 150 seven-night or longer cruises to the Make-a-Wish Foundation(tm) and gift seriously ill children and their families complimentary cruises. It was special to be part of this and participate several days and give back. We also had the opportunity to talk with Clo, who has an extremely busy schedule. We were delighted to get to know each other and share with Clo that we were thrilled to be part of the Enrichment program. I would encourage you to find out if the cruise line you are booked on has a program such as this and 'say yes' to getting involved and making a difference!

Right from the beginning of the trip when we met new people, we informed each person that we were part of the enrichment program and invited them to our presentations. Each enrichment key note was listed in the daily Cruise Compass and much to our surprise, we not only had the one short line "Enrichment Lecture, South Pacific Lounge", we also had a few lines with the full title of our lecture under the section "Explorer Academy." Another surprise was that we wre announced on the sound system for some of our presentations by the brilliant Cruise Director, Clo! Again, one of the things I know Daniel states is to go with the flow and wow the flow was truly wonderful!

Here I am creating interest in our talks. One of the ways we did this was my new marketing tool, the "Smiley Ball." From the beginning of the trip we decided to take the 'smiley ball' everywhere and people started to ask us what the 'smiley ball' was all about! So, we told everyone and this created a buzz, piqued interest in our key notes and created a lot of smiles everywhere we went. This is now part of my branding for my presentations and we will be taking the 'smiley ball' on every cruise! Here I am with Ben, one of the talented photographers aboard the 'Grandeur of the Seas.' We thought it would be fun to take a picture of Ben with the ball!

Back to the snowball effect! As the days went by, we found the attendance in our presentations grew. We continued to meet wonderful people and invite them to attend our up-coming keynotes. Booking a large table for dinner is also a great way to meet more people and have great conversations! Our wonderful table was brilliant and each one not only attended many of our presentations, they are now new friends in our lives. Another opportunity to meet people is at breakfast, lunch and all activities!! We began to create a buzz around all of our presentations. In summary the attendance at our talks grew as the time went by, hence the snowball effect and we had a loyal following of people who we got to know personally.

At your presentations a great way to build your lists and for people to get to know who you are and what you do is have a draw. At each of our key notes we had draws and gave away our CD's and other inspirational gifts. We asked permission to add their names to our mailing list and everyone said yes! I also let them know that they would be receiving a free chapter of my "8 Keys to unlocking Infinite Passion" CD Audiobook. As a thank you, it is always nice to give a gift, a free article, chapter, e-zine. We also purchased a Sony DCR-SX40/SX41/SX60 Handycam. We wanted a camera that was easy for editing and turning into future give a ways and products for our sites.

In regards to selling your product at the back of the room, we soon learned what to do and what not to do. We did not have our product in the gift shop on this cruise, however, we were given permission to sell our product at our presentation. I soon learned that there was not enough time at the end of the presentation, as the room was booked for the next event and people are there right on the dot to attend. So, what I did learn was to create a space ahead of time, in this case, closer to the entrance of the event, to set up a space to sell my product and take a picture of some of the people who attended the event.

Here we are below with Gabriel the extremely gifted and huggable technician and Joanna our wonderful Cruise Program Assistant. This was just after my last presentation and we took the opportunity to take this picture and thank both of them for all their help.

The last day of disembarkation is one of the busiest days for the cruise staff. People are getting off the ship and they crew are busy preparing the ship for the next cruise, so we wanted to make sure we took every opportunity we had to thank in person the Cruise Director, CPA and our amazing lounge technician.

Back at home, we wanted to thank Linda Givens, Specialist, Enrichment Programming, Royal Caribbean International with a thank you card. We created this with 'send out cards' which allows you personalize the card with pictures and you can choose a gift. We decided to include two pictures, one with the cruise director on the Make-A-Wish Foundation(tm) walk and one on our 'Jeep 4x4 Adventure' excursion with 'Smiley Ball.'

So many wonderful people along this journey and I want to again thank Daniel for sharing his expertise and teaching us how to cruise for free and experience the world!

Live the Passion one day at a time!

If you would like to see more pictures of the cruise with "Smiley Ball" please feel free to visit my blog and leave your comments and thank you.

Like Old Friends

We're just sailing through the Straits of Messina on the beautiful Brilliance of the Seas – and all thanks to Daniel Hall's excellent advice and guidance. Thank you my friend.

Today the clocks go forward an hour at midday and my first talk is in the theater at 2pm.

As we came on board we met three staff members who we have met on previous cruises – and my “reputation” was running ahead of me. The broadcast technician, who I worked with in Australia and the entertainments manager, who we worked worked with on a Transatlantic had both told the cruise director that I attract big audiences – and he is now trailing my talks on TV and in his announcements, as well as in the daily planner.

We have now found at least a dozen members of the Royal Caribbean team that we know – and one of them is pushing my book in the store. I've already sold enough to be happy and I have yet to stand on stage.

Building good contacts on board makes a good cruise into a great one for us speakers.

Enjoy cruising free – visit www.CruiseImprove.Com/FREE

To read about the challenges and joys of the Mediterranean life check our my book, “Under Latin Skies” at

Monday, September 28, 2009

Towing the line

We are very careful to abide by our contract with each cruise company.

We always bear in mind that while on board we are on show and representing the company. So we relax, enjoy ourselves, join in the fun - but always keep presentable. We don't smuggle booze on board - but we take advantage of the best offers on board. They're the rules, so we feel it's only fair to abide by them.

We work together with the crew. We get so much more by being pleasant at all times. Being high-handed simply alienates them. Believe me I've seen other speakers burn their boats right there in full view. It's just as easy to get invited back as it is to join the black-list. We intend to keep getting more cruises - and we have a great time doing so. :-)

As a result we get to cruise free - and we get to be invited back - OFTEN!!

We are so fortunate. Thanks to Daniel Hall and good preparation we get free cruises and we get to vacation at someone else's expense.

To find out more check out -

To read our story of the good life in the sun visit -

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Planning Ahead

So many cruises and so little time!

At this time of year we find ourselves arguing over the cruise itineraries to choose the ones we want to bid for.

We have been very lucky - 5 cruises a year and every one of them free - thanks to Daniel Hall. However one of those was the result of a call for help from the cruise company's enrichment coordinator just a few weeks before departure. And it was a wonderful itinerary - one that we had not previously considered.

So for 2010 we've bid on 4 itineraries and are keeping a couple of date blocks open. Those I've communicated through the Cruise Speaker Directory (another great initiative Daniel) and to our existing enrichment coordinators in the cruise lines. So who knows? We may well get more very pleasant surprises.

To get your hands on my book about life in the Spanish speaking world head for

And to find out more about the wonderful world of free cruising go now to www.CruiseImprove.Com/FREE

Friday, September 18, 2009

New Gift Special Report - Getting the Best Airline Seats for Cruise Speakers (or Anyone Else)

Hi Everyone -- I'm back from 18-days in Europe and wanted to give you this new FREE gift. It's a special report I've written just for you called "Getting the Best Airline Seats for Cruise Speakers (or Anyone Else)" If you fly at all you're going to want to read it... I guarantee it!

So click on the banner below:

Get Your Free Special Report Getting the Best Airline Seats for Cruise Speakers (or Anyone Else) by Click Here

Also, you can refer your friends to download it as well. I'll keep this same small banner up and available for the foreseeable future in the top right hand corner.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Marco Polo & The Grand Tour

In a couple of weeks' time Kathy & I set off on our next free cruise adventure. This time we are back in the Mediterranean and I shall tailor my talks to our new destinations.

Well, to be fair, they don't need too much tailoring. I have carefully constructed a set of enrichment talks that can easily be adapted to the ports of call. For example one of my staple talks is about the development of modern day tourism. In Florida I emphasise the roles of Henry Morrison Flagler, who brought the railroad and grand hotels to the south east, and of Walt Disney, who contributed so much to post war tourism in the United States.

In the Eastern Mediterranean I focus on the Thomas Cook "Grand Tours" to Egypt and the wonders of the world.

On this next cruise we will visit Florence, Rome and Naples - so it is easy to re-adjust my presentation, adding material about the importance of Italy as THE chosen destination of "Grand Tourists" in the 18th & 19th centuries.

And this way, with just a little relevant effort, I can keep my talks fresh and relevant, entertain and inform my audiences AND CRUISE FREE!!!

To find out more click here - www.CruiseImprove.Com/FREE

To read my book "Under Latin Skies", about life in Mediteranean Europe, click here -

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sailing Through Time Zones Tip

Hi Everyone -- Still absolutely loving my side trip to Rome but wanted to share this video I made on the ship. A very important tip indeed...

Now if you haven't joined us within the Speakers Cruise Free community. Now is the time... don't look back 6 months or a year from now and wish you would have taken action today. Come join me and so many of my students cruising the world FREE.

Here's the link:

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Very Special Video

I wanted to share this with you...

I have been interested in Christianity and Judaism (and most
other world religions) for most of my life and consequently
have always wanted to travel to the Holy Land or as the
Italians call it Terra Santa. On my current cruise I got to
spend two glorious days in Israel.

I saw many of the sites of the bible like the actual field
where David slew Goliath and the Wailing Wall in
Jerusalem...I consider myself very fortunate to have spent
time in reflective thought there and leave my prayers.

In Galilee I also got to visit the field where Jesus gave
the Sermon on the Mount. There is a church commemorating
the spot called the Church of the Beatitudes. Perhaps one
of the highlights of the trip (if not my life) was being
asked to read the Beatitudes on the exact hill where Jesus
spoke the actual words.

It moved me then and it moves me now.

Luckily, Lanette had the video rolling so I’d like to share
this very special moment with you.

Spreading the word

We have been so lucky with our table companions on the many cruises that we have been fortunate to take.

The cruise companies ask us speakers to maintain a professional image while we are on board - and part of this is the opportunity to promote our talks amongst those folks with whom we socialise.

We've made some great friends on these cruises, and many have come from the lovely people who have shared our tables. They turn out to be amongst the most regular passengers in my audiences and usually spread the word to bring more attendees with them. And hence the audience grows.

But of course that also gives me a bigger potential market each time for my book sales on board.

To order your copy of my book about life in the sun, "Under Latin Skies" click here -

And to find out just how easy it is to join us and cruise free click here -

Friday, September 04, 2009

Cruise Speaker Tip From Rhodes, Greece

I'm having a great time on this Med cruise and since leaving
Naples have been visiting brand new places. So far we have
toured Athens and Rhodes. Tomorrow we pull into Kusadasi in
Turkey. This is very close to where St. Paul preached in
Ephesus. In any event, check out this cruise speaker -->

And if you haven't joined the Speakers Cruise
I invite you to come, let me train you and walk you through
the process. It all starts right here:

Want to see why this is the most successful cruise speaker
training in the world. Check out this FAQ about the
SCF Club

And you can a free 30-day trial in the SCF Club by getting
the traing here:

Monday, August 31, 2009

Careful use of Humour

I am well aware that speakers risk using very dry material in their talks.

For this reason I always use observational humour throughout my presentations.

For example I love the fun to be had from stupid or error filled road signs. Signs like the STOP sign on the right.

Just a few of these in every talk - always relevant to my topic - help to keep the audience on side and achieve great feedback. And of course good feedback is essential to getting rebooked.

If you want to join us cruising the world for free check out now at -
To read more of my quirky take on life check out "Under Latin Skies" at

Sunday, August 30, 2009

VGA Adaptors & Presentations

As I prepare for a SPC facilitated 10-day E. Mediterranean cruise, I'm learning how to use my new MacBook with PowerPoint. Can you recommend the VGA adapter needed or how to find out what will work on the specific ship?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Europe Ancient Empires on The Celebrity Equinox

Tomorrow morning we leave for Europe. I'll be speaking on the Celebrity Equinox (Celebrity's newest ultra-luxury cruiser). I'm so excited because this is the first time I'm actually getting to take my lovely wife Lanette on a cruise sans enfants. We'll be flying into Rome, then to: Naples, Athens, Rhodes, Ephesus, Ashdod, Haifa & Alexandria.

As is my custom: I'll try to check in with cruise speaker tips along the way.

And if you're not already a part of the community, why not start cruising free?

It all starts with my "Speak on Cruise Ships: 8 Easy Steps to a Lifetime of FREE Luxury Cruises" program. Check back frequently and don't forget to leave a comment.

Daniel out...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Favor A Vote... Please

My cousin Will is trying to get a gig at the Austin City Limits Music Festival. You can help by voting for his band -- ENDROIT. Dell Computers is sponsoring a "battle of the bands" competition for an unknown band to play at the event.

Please click the link below. The deadline is THIS Friday. You do have to register to vote...but it just takes a sec.

Dell Lounge: THE SOUND AND THE JURY 2009, Endroit

The band's MySpace page:

The band's Facebook page:

Monday, August 24, 2009


I value greatly the many people that I meet in life. And generally speaking I am not disappointed. The few poor contacts are more than made up for by the many good ones.

Last summer Kathy & I drove to Barcelona to meet Daniel - with whom we were already working successfully - so we had two charming lunch companions (his son was with him) a delightful lunch and of course a stronger relationship. And boy is a relationship with Daniel a good one to have!!

We always make a point of building contacts with other speakers on board - some of whom have to pay for the privilege of "working" on board. I know. I know. It still amazes me that folks will pay up to $75 a day, while the rest of us cruise free.

From those contacts have come new members of this community - how could they resist! and leads to other opportunities. On our last cruise in the Baltic I was destination lecturer and Kathy was running her always popular craft groups. The other enrichment lecturer was an economist, as I am. He lectures elsewhere on destinations and I include economic reviews in many of my enrichment talks. So we obviously had much in common.

When he asked where I source my European material I was delighted to offer him notes and images from some of my talks - but of course I wanted something too. He had just completed a super talk on the recent development of China and impressions of the future for this economy. I have been able to take his research and graphics add in my own research and develop a great lecture "China - Yesterday, Today & Tommorrow".

Add that to my existing portfolio and I reckon I'm a very attractive option for enrichment speaking on cruises with Chinese destinations.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Your Speaking Events Need Poster Promos

Just a quick post here on where to get great quality low cost posters made for your speaking events. I'm talking 18" x 24" posters for two bucks a pop.

Here's where you get this deal:

Obviously this isn't right for your cruise ship gigs (cruise lines don't allow you to post anything and traveling with these is a problem too) but these posters may make a great "at event" promotion shore-side.

God bless and happy cruising....

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Parato Principle... - Self Improvement and Personal Development - Zimbio

The Parato Principle... - Self Improvement and Personal Development - Zimbio

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Selling on board

It took a few cruises to establish a successful formula for sales on board.

My first offering was my Amazon book "Under Latin Skies" about Mediterranean lifestyle - and the challenge of moving from the more "organised" north of Europe. After time we realised that the south is no less organised - it just does it differently!!

Cultural differences are a major plank of my talks on board the numerous free cruises that Kathy & I take - thanks to Daniel. I also talk about a number of Latin topics - from "Flavors of Iberia" to the "Cities of Andalucia" and "Gaudi and Cava" - my take on the fabulous city of

Without a doubt an itinerary that includes Spanish ports ensures stronger sales. Our Transatlantic re-positioning cruise on board the amazing Navigator of the Seas saw our best sales ever - I covered my bar bill!!!

But that was partly because I had been honing the sales offering on other itineraries - I even sold over 40 copies in New Zealand & Australia earlier in the year. So what have I learned -

1) Get the title approved in advance by the line's head office. Ensure the contact there has a personal copy, along with a copy for approval.
2) Give copies to the Activities Manager and Gift Shop Manager at the first opportunity - personalised and signed of course!!!
3) Arrange to have what they call "hard cheques" so that you can sell & sign copies immediately after each talk.
4) Provide the shop with a display board, showing the price and a picture of the product.
5) Request a "signing" table for an hour one evening between dinner seatings, when the shops are busiest.
6) Include a reference in your talk summary when you can legitimately do so - for example
Andrew Johnson, whose Amazon best
seller "Under Latin Skies" is available on board, will talk today about
Copies of the book can be ordered at
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Friday, August 14, 2009

Over & Out...

...But NOT the end!

Through Daniel Hall's Speakers Cruise Free Community my family just saved $12,000 cruising Southern Europe in a free cabin (and food) aboard Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines mega-ship The Independence of the Seas. And, my wife and mom cruised free to!!!

They really got a free cruise because they didn't have to speak (not that I didn't thoroughly enjoy the speaking limelight on the ship mind you).

I made countless friends from England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, and Brazil. But, I have to admit that when I joined the SCF community I was very skeptical. I'd been ripped off before by on-line marketers.

But, I quickly found Daniel Hall to be a sincerely honest man behind this incredible phenomenon where ordinary people get to be celebrities aboard cruise ships and offer family members experiences they could not otherwise afford.

And, I just had the time of my life for 28 days in the Mediterranean as did my wife, Marisol, and mom, Barbara. If you want to create the most memorable of memories for your family click the link below now...


-Doc Brown

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Ps. This really isn't the end... I'll be speaking on board Celebrity Cruise Line's Millennium in December. So stay tuned for my next SCF Roving Report in a few months!

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Baltic Cultural Break

Kathy and I have just completed our fifth free cruise in 10 months. We have cruised the Greek islands, spent a month "down under" in Australia and New Zealand, cruised Transatlantic back to Spain where we live and just completed a simply wonderful cruise of the Baltic capitals.
We took a break from the amazing cultural sites of the 6 fascinating and very different capital cities when fellow guests suggested a visit to Copenhagen's "Ice Bar". The temperature is minus 5 (celsius) and the walls, the counter and even the "glasses" are made of ice!!!
OK - so it was perhaps the most expensive glass of vodka I've had. But what an experience!
We have had outstanding experiences on these free cruises - glaciers, fjords, sunshine, history, ancient lands and recent discoveries. We've seen St Petersburg and Stockholm, Sydney and Auckland, Athens and Rome, Lisbon and Barcelona. A total of 25 different places spread all over the world. We could not ask for more.
Thank you to Daniel - you're amazing operation makes this possible.
Happy cruising - FREE,
Andrew & Kathy Johnson
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Happy Clean Underwear Day!

SCF Roving Report Day 27 of 28...

MAN I've been on the boat a long time!!! I'm in Vigo, Spain today exploring around. They are famous here for Mussels and Oysters.

Speaking Tip: Pack LOTS of underwear! I should have packed more and laundry is too expensive (it comes down to clean laundry or beer). So I've been wearing my underwear two days in a row.

And... Today's clean underwear day!

So, on the second to last day of my 28 day free cruise I want to wish you a very happy clean underwear day!

-Doc Brown

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Vigo, Spain

Northern Spain has some of the most beautiful parts of and clean. It's also called Galicia.

-Doc Brown

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Fresh Oysters...

In Vigo, Spain.

-Doc Brown

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

SCF Roving Report Day 26 of 28...

Speaking Tip: Make friends with the excursion director. That will give you the inside scoop on the best tours. For instance Italy is incredible.

Portugal is boring alongside and the Portuguese tour guides aren't as friendly. Knowing that you lean your more expensive excursions toward Italy and go cheap or not at all in Portugal.

-Doc Brown

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Roman Aqueduct

In Lisbon, Portugal.

-Doc Brown

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Portuguese Countryside

I'm exploring Portugal today...


-Doc Brown

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Lisbon's Version of the Golden Gate...


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I'm in Lisbon...

...And you're not!

-Doc Brown

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

SCF Roving Report Day 25 of 28

What a day I spent exploring Cadiz, Spain! Of course I made friends with this Finnish entrepreneur and his Northern Irish wife. She entrusted me to control his drinking.

Speaking Tip: Do Not EVER try to control the drinking of anyone from Finland!

-Doc Brown

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SCF Roving Report Day 25 of 28

What a day I spent exploring Cadiz, Spain! Of course I made friends with this Finnish entrepreneur and his Northern Irish wife. She entrusted me to control his drinking.

Speaking Tip: Do Not EVER try to control the drinking of anyone from Finland!

-Doc Brown

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Where's The Party...

In Cadiz, Spain!

-Doc Brown

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The Streets of Cadiz

Yes...those girls are holding hands...Isn't friendship great!

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Streets of Cadiz, Spain

Wow this is cool! Learn how I am cruising for FREE...

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Monday, August 10, 2009


Esa is a successful businessman from England while the gentleman in the right is from Ireland. But Esa is originally from Finland.

He sneaked a Finnish liquor onboard that tastes like a strong Greek anise. Esa wants to so the "pub crawl" in Cadiz, Spain tomorrow...


Speakers Tip: When in Roman be Roman. I.e. Go with the flow when cruising Europe!

-Doc Brown
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Sunday, August 09, 2009

SCF Roving Report Day 23 of 28

I'm on the island of Sardinia which is part of Italy. I'm exploring around!

Speakers Tip: Make friends with the excursion manager. He or she knows which is the best excursion regardless of cost. This strategy landed us the BEST excursion ever today!

-Doc Brown

Ps. Of course cost is of no consequence if you're cruising free!...

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Doc Brown's On The Loose!

I'm in Sardinia enjoying a traditional meal.


Crusin free for 28 days...learn how I pulled this off here...

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Sardinian Woman Making Fresh Pasta

I am on the "Flavors and Sounds of Sardinia" excursion. There are Italians in traditional dress serving us food, strong wine and playing music!

Tooooooo cooooool!

-Doc Brown

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Streets of Sardinia...

I'm exploring Sardinia, Italy today!

The great thing about cruise enrichment speaking is that you get all port days off to explore around. So over 28 days I save $14,000 for 8 hours of talks. I learned how to do this when I simply clicked on the link below...

-Doc Brown

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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Who is Bill Gove? If You Want to Make Big Money as a Speaker You Need to Know!

I recently returned from Atlanta where I got to interview Steve Siebold. Steve has an interesting story. He was for 5 years before his death Bill Gove's protege.

Don't know Bill Gove?

Bill was considered to be the Father of Professional Speaking and he trained most of the paragons in the speaking business. For example, he trained such people as Zig Ziglar, Mark Victor Hanson, Brian Tracy & Bob Proctor just to name a few.

Well when Bill died back in 2001 Steve, being very close to Bill, was able to obtain the rights to all Bill's training and content from his estate and continue Bill's workshops and seminars for speakers.

That's why I jumped at the chance to interview Steve to see what speaker tips I could extract for your benefit. We had a great interview and you can watch it in its entirety by clicking the screen:

Also, make sure to watch the second video on the page where I put some things into perspective.

Go watch the videocast now.

As you'll discover Steve Siebold is the real deal. Fact is the day after we shot this interview Steve was interviewed on the Today Show and he describes in our interview how using Bill Gove methods he was recently able to turn one speech into over a one million dollar deal. I'm telling you, this is powerful! Go check it out here:

SCF Roving Report Day 22 of 28

I'm in Rome today.

Speaking Tip: Bring career related materials on ultra-long voyages. I am cruising for a full month. That's even longer than Daniel has done. Pace yourself by taking material related to your career should you get bored.

-Doc Brown

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St. Peters Cathedral

...In the Vatican City!

-Doc Brown
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Friday, August 07, 2009

Day 21 of 28...SCF Roving Report!

We spent the day in Florence, Italy. That's a photo of Michelangelo's "David."

Speaking Tip: Avoid chronic obesity because it will destroy your cruising down the road. Americans are one of the fattest populations. Try to avoid the seated dining when speaking and eat light in the buffet.

-Doc Brown

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Florence, Italy

This is the back of "David" by Michelangelo.

-Doc Brown

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