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Monday, September 28, 2009

Towing the line

We are very careful to abide by our contract with each cruise company.

We always bear in mind that while on board we are on show and representing the company. So we relax, enjoy ourselves, join in the fun - but always keep presentable. We don't smuggle booze on board - but we take advantage of the best offers on board. They're the rules, so we feel it's only fair to abide by them.

We work together with the crew. We get so much more by being pleasant at all times. Being high-handed simply alienates them. Believe me I've seen other speakers burn their boats right there in full view. It's just as easy to get invited back as it is to join the black-list. We intend to keep getting more cruises - and we have a great time doing so. :-)

As a result we get to cruise free - and we get to be invited back - OFTEN!!

We are so fortunate. Thanks to Daniel Hall and good preparation we get free cruises and we get to vacation at someone else's expense.

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