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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

[Risk Management] How to Keep your Bets Small and Paydays Large in Currency Fx Forex Trading | Millionaires Guide to the Stock Market

Kenny Rogers used to croon "Know when to hold em' and know when to fold em'."  This turns out to be good advice for currency traders.Yet the public is not correctly hard-wired coming in.  Academic studies show that investors tend to hang on to losing investments.  They do so in the hopes that the investment…

The Millionaire's Guide to the Stock Market: [Money Management] How to Test the Waters before Committing in Currency Trading, Fx Trading, and Forex Trading

A very simple rule I learned long ago is that you should never risk more than the initial margin of any currency lot you trade. That means that you should never risk more than $380 as an absolute maximum you can risk trading currency per lot.

[Position Size] Margin Based Money Management in Currency Fx Forex Trading for High Gains with Low Risk

Putting 2 or 5% into any one investment ended up creating an expensive index fund out of my trading account. This was different. This gave a bright line boundary of risk to a penny. And over the last few years I have been able to prove to myself beyond a doubt that money management based on initial margin is the best way to control risk in a levered trading account.

Monday, September 01, 2014

[Earnings Growth] How to Find Firms Fat with Cash Primed to Explode Upward in Stock Share Price | Millionaires Guide to the Stock Market

Dad gave a lift to a jovial roly-poly ex WWII pilot named Floyd Smith from our tiny alpine airport in Northern California in the 1970s.  They became fast friends and neighbors.Floyd could fly a plane like no other I have ever ridden with.He would handle the yoke of his v tail bonanza in a way…

The Millionaire's Guide to the Stock Market: [EPS Rating] Meet your Stock Market Financial Ferrari Gas Gauge

Here is an amazingly simple way to cut through the muck to get down with the best earning firms.

[Earnings Quality] Fundamentals of Finding Life Style Transforming Bottom Line Blockbuster Stocks

I am going to show you an earnings gauge that is a simple number from 0 to 100. The higher the number the better.