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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Time of My Life

While sitting on the beach last week in Princess Cays, Bahamas, I turned to my mother (my guest for the cruise) and said, "Dreams really do come true."

In December 2008, I couldn't stop thinking about my desire to travel.

As luck would have it, a good friend had just recently met Daniel Hall. She shared his contact information with me and I downloaded his ebook about cruising for free a few days later.

I followed Daniel's directions and before I knew it I was approved to sail with Princess.

By May 2009, I had my trip scheduled!

What a fabulous experience. Everything about the ship and the crew exceeded all my expectations. And besides that, except for port excursions, cocktails and add-on services, my cruise was free.

Below I have included some tips for anyone cruising with Princess:

1. Speakers are housed in staterooms or in captain's quarters (with crew). If you do find yourself in the crew area, it is important to understand you will not have the typical "stateroom" amenities like soap, shampoo conditioner and/or blow dryer. Because you will not know your assignment until boarding, it is suggested you pack with the assumption you will be with the crew.

My mother and I were assigned a room with the crew.

2. If you are assigned a crew's cabin and have any difficulties with your keys, you must visit the Crew Supervisor (not Passenger Services).

3. Be prepared to speak in large venues. Although they do have smaller conference rooms, on my cruise the smaller rooms were occupied by card players. I spoke in the theater (holds 800) and then in one of the clubs (holds 400), even though audiences for scholarship programs (as they call them) are typically less than 100.

4. Bring an up-to-date laptop with you and a remote. If you have problems with your equipment, they have one on board (at least they did on the Emerald). Also make a backup copy of your presentation (on CD or memory stick) just incase you have to use their equipment.

5. Site all your photos and sources. Good practice for any presentation you make!

6. If you need pencils or pens, this request will need to be made to the Cruise Director staff. Your contact, the person assigned to you on the first day, can help you with "special" requests like this.

7. Recommend taking 50 copies for handouts. I ran out of handouts for one presentation. It's possible to ask for more or have them available at Passenger Services (later), if you run out during the presentation.

8. Practice, practice, practice. You do not want to use your cruise time rehearsing! Preparing destination lectures is time intensive. Give yourself plenty of time to create detailed, as well as entertaining slides. Use pictures, maps and other attention-getting additions to your PowerPoint slides.

9. If you have never used a microphone (hand held or headset), you might want to find a way to practice doing so before you step foot on board. Unless you are placed in a small conference room, you will need a microphone.
10. Be aware of the schedule. You might have events booked immediately ahead or behind you. Understand the time limits you have and make adjustments. For example, during one lecture, I was given 40 minutes (due to set up time). The lecture could have gone on for one hour. The night before, I cut slides and made adjustments. If you have an event booked in front of you,take your equipment early so that the technician can set up when it's convenient for him or her.

Personally, I can't wait to get back on board! Thanks for creating your program, Daniel. It works!

Allyn Evans

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Log From The Sea of Cortez

I just completed a week aboard Cruise West’s Spirit of Endeavor as the onboard speaker for this Steinbeck themed cruise. This was a TOUGH gig folks because it takes so much prep to get ready to speak on any themed cruise as the theme expert.

John Steinbeck was a Nobel laureate novelist with books and movies ranging from Grapes of Wrath to East of Eden. In 1941 he jumped on a sardine boat with marine biologist friend Ed Rickets and sampled the marine wildlife in an alcoholic frolic in northern Mexico.

The reason this speaking engagement was so tough is that it was billed as a Steinbeck cruise.

There were about 80 high net worth passengers.

Speaking Tip: So the lesson here is that if you are going to tackle onboard speaking on a small ship take it really seriously. Also try to make sure that the cruise line communicates to the passengers your credentials before the cruise. Best get them to put your photo and information on the website on the days you will talk.

Small cruise speaking is not a free cruise on the first time do to the massive amount of preparation involved. It is an opportunity to really shine as an advanced speaker. It is also an opportunity to make solid connections with extremely solid people out there in the world.

If you are (1) a top speaker … not a beginner or intermediate speaker and (2) trying to expand your repertoire and (3) very charismatic and able to be very unbiased for hours and days on end than this can be a fantastic opportunity for you to progress!

Prof. Scott Brown, Ph.D.

Professor of Finance, University of Puerto Rico

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Where in the World

Where in the World would you travel if your meals, accommodation and travelling around were paid by someone else? Last year we spent 10 weeks on board luxury cruise ships - all paid for by the cruise lines. To find out how click here -

We have visited Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, the Canary Islands, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Finland, Russia and the UK - all in one year. And the cruises were all free! See here -

All I have to do is talk to folks about the things I love - and that's all prepared and ready to go. This year we will be cruising the Caribbean, the Eastern seaboard in summer, New England in the fall and Southern Europe in Spring. All these cruises are free. If you are not already cruising free with us click now to join us. We will all make you very welcome! :-)

And if you'd like to read about the thrills and spills of moving to the Latin world check out my book "Under Latin Skies" at

Happy cruising,


Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Living like Kings

Today is known here in Spain as "Three Kings", the Catholic celebration of the arrival of the three wise men.

A couple of years ago we met one very wise man who introduced us to free cruising - all over the globe! Daniel Hall has devised an outstanding system that easily allows us and many others to talk about the things we enjoy, while travelling at someone else's expense to places we want to visit.

Check out www.CruiseImprove.Com/FREE to find out how easy it is.

Each year we make a list of the places we want to cruise (last year we took 5 separate cruises visiting 4 continents). Then we use Daniel's contacts, tips and his system to book cruises that match a number of those places.

We travel like kings. You can too. Just visit www.CruiseImprove.Com/FREE.

It is so easy - and you too could travel and live like kings.

Just click this link - www.CruiseImprove.Com/FREE

ENJOY your majesties............

On A Boat In The Sea of Cortez

I am about to cruise for free in the Sea of Cortez. I’ll be speaking on John Steinbeck, marine ecology,

and the political economy of Mexico. This is my fifth free cruise in 12 months after joining Daniel Hall’s Speaker’s Cruise Free club 18 months ago.

I’ll be posting photos and speaking trips as the club roving reporter. This is a very advanced onboard speaking challenge so stay tuned. The speaking preparation took 5 hours per day for over a month!

I joined Speakers Cruise Free after having problems collecting the trip insurance on a cruise with my moth and step father. He had prostate problems and we had to cancel a cruise here in the Caribbean.

Here’s what my family has saved in trip costs:



Savings X 2

Brazil 7 Days

Royal Caribbean

$ 1,598.46

Argentina 7 Days

Royal Caribbean

$ 1,708.24

Mediteranean 14 Days

Royal Caribbean

$ 5,179.36

Mediteranean 14 Days

Royal Caribbean

$ 5,178.54

Sea of Cortez

Cruise West

$ 6,579.05

12 Month Travel Savings:


So if you ask me if Daniel’s program works the only thing we can do is scream YESSS!!! … With a great big family smile!

And…my wife, Marisol, was wondering if there was a way to not only cruise for free AND make some money on the side. Daniel explained to me how effective his new program Travel Making Money is.

I joined immediately when I got his launch e-mail. It took me a small investment of time and energy to get on the VIP onboard speaking list for two major cruise lines following exactly what Daniel taught me in Speakers Cruise Free ( ) so I’m digging in like a tick on this new course to integrate everything into my new sideline as a onboard expert speaker on luxury cruise lines.

If you have any questions or doubts about how fantastic Daniels travel programs are you can contact me through him.

-Scott (Doc Brown)