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Friday, June 12, 2009

Dr. Nick - Tips from Caribbean Cruise

I’m Nick Lazaris and I just returned with my wife from a
fabulous cruise to Bermuda and the Caribbean. I have been a
speaker/coach for 30 years but this was my first FREE
cruise! Thanks to Daniel’s program and coaching I have 3
cruises booked within 6 months - all of this only months
after joining his Speaker Cruise Free Program.

I was the only enrichment speaker on board and presented 3
Destination talks. My sessions had between 80-275 attendees.

I thought I’d pass on some of my observations/tips from the

~ I decided (last minute) to listen to Daniel’s Dashboard
Videos and I am so glad I did. There were little nuggets
interspersed throughout which were invaluable throughout my
cruise. Make sure to review them as everything he talks
about happened just as he said they would.

~ Make a list of EVERY question you can think of to ask
your contact during the first meeting you have on board (AV
issues, product sales, your preferred order of
presentations, etc.). That way you aren’t bugging them
throughout the trip. My contact was so appreciative I had
thought out most issues (thanks Daniel!).

~ If you are going to sell products or do a book signing,
stay persistent with the gift shop manager. My contact for
book sales didn’t appear very interested in helping me, so
it was up to me to gently ‘push’ to have my books on display
and arrange a book signing. If I had left it to her, I would
not have had the success I did.

~ Take an up to date laptop and USB Presenter for your Power
Point slides. The AV guy told me stories of old laptops not
being compatible with the ships equipment and of presenters
begging for a remote presenter.

~ Make your presentation titles succinct and enticing - you
may only get a brief listing in the daily newsletter.

~ Videotape your presentations. You will be so glad you did
when you return.

~ Clearly promote you next presentation - you are your best
promoter on the ship - build a loyal following!

~ Build in examples in your presentation of what you do
when you are not cruising - I had many great discussions
with passengers throughout the cruise about my work as a
Business Psychologist and Speaker back home.

~ If possible, take a thank you gift with you for your
cruise contact on the ship. I made the mistake of waiting
until the final port to find a special thank you gift and,
luckily, found something she loved. Next time I’ll be more

Hope the above helps you on your next cruise. Thanks again,
Daniel, for your guidance and caring. Can’t wait to do it

Happy Cruising!


Monday, June 08, 2009

Mega Mini Tips

Hi Everyone --

Back from Mark Victor Hansen's Mega Book event in Orlando this past weekend (Yes, I was home exactly one day from my Baltic cruise before leaving again). If you missed Mega I have some great video from some of the speakers below. If you made it, you know how great it was.

Let's get started with our first tip from my friend and fellow Club member Bill Barnett. Bill is a great speaker and a big friend of Mark. In fact, it was Bill that was able to secure 10 Mega Book tickets for Club members. And I appreciate it very much. If you were one of the ten who received a ticket it would be appropriate if you thanked Bill and Mark Victor Hansen by leaving a comment for Bill and Mark on this post.

I also got Rick Frishman to give us another great tip whether you're a speaker or an author.

Also, fellow Club member Doug Bench was speaking at Mega about brain science and he had a great tip on how to augment your memory. Watch his tip now...

Next up was Joe Williams who did a splendid job MC'ing the event. Joe's tip was really great if you are having problems getting your book finished.

Also in attendance was book marketing expert and friend Warren Whitlock with yet another great tip...

Last but certainly not least is a tip from my friend James Malinchak.

OK... with all these great tips do you feel like you actually went to Mega or at least had a little taste about how great it was?


Now if you haven't already joined the Speakers Cruise Free Coaching Club community -- so you can cruise free -- then get on down to and get going. You say you don't understand what the Club is all about well you read the FAQ on it here:

Also, if you have not yet finished (or even started) your book and are having issues finding the time or the motivation, you really need to check out Rita Emmett's Procrastinator's Guide to Authorship Program --

Just so you know -- Rita and I really try to take care of our members in that community too. We were able to give away five tickets Mega Book for members of this community again with the help of Bill Barnett and the generosity of Mark Victor Hansen.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Tip & Daniel Freakin' Out

Are you ready for your next cruise speaker tip?

It's an important one all about the power of gifting. Check out this video about it:

Wanna see me kinda freakin' out? Check out this video from the top spire of Our Savior Church in the Christianhavn district of downtown Copenhagen.

And if you have not yet signed up for my program, why not?

It's a glorious way to see the world -- in luxury, I may add -- and my Speak on Cruise Ships program shows you the exact step by step details...

Here's more proof...