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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Finding the Key

By Andrew Johnson

We all know that to unlock a door you need the correct key. Even in this digital age, where the key could be a pin number or an iris scan, if it is nor correct the door will not open.

Several years ago, sitting in the theatre on a Celebrity cruise ship Kathy and I listened to an excellent lecturer. Professional photos Alaska cruise 206 007Over the years, on board various cruise lines we've seen lots of average cruise speakers, a few very poor speakers and a handful of great ones - like that man. As we left that theatre, simultaneously we said something along the lines of "We can do that!"

But where to find the key?

I did a lot of research, spoke to a few cruise line contacts and agents. The message seemed to be - "Pay an agent $50 to $70 a day to get booked".

Well I don't give in that easily!! I kept at it and found DANIEL HALL at

He has introduced us to most of the major cruise lines - because he has seen our work, had great feedback and trusts us to deliver. This year alone Kathy and I have cruised across the South Pacific, twice across the Atlantic and are now cruising (free of course) with 6 star cruise lines, where we are treated like royalty.

If you want to find the key contact DANIEL HALL now at to see if you are one of the people that the cruise lines are looking for.

Click HERE NOW to find out more.

Happy cruising - FREE.