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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Does Your Office Look Like This?

As we watch yet another snowstorm hit Ontario tonight, we drift back to our "office" at sea. Sometimes you will speak in a conference room but sometimes in a beautiful lounge surronded by windows looking out over the sea. Can you imagine speaking in this lounge with fun people in the middle of a green blue sea with temperatures that are actually warm? You can, by following Daniel's advice. We did and now enjoy all of this because of him. Go ahead be sure to sign up for Daniels terrific coach prograam, it is filled with priceless knowledge. Happy Cruising.


One of our favourite ports beautiful and colourful Antigua. In the past 18th months 4 visits thanks to your system Daniel!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

On Board Photos

Hi Daniel, Here is a tip for all the members of the club. When you are onboard you will have an opportunity to have many pictures taken by professional photographers. These are free sittings! We choose to participate in every opportunity for a professional shot. The really great ones are the casual photos like the one we have here.

This one photo cost us peanuts compared to going for a sitting here not to mention the time out of our busy day.

We highly recommend you take advantage of this terrific tool for your business.

Free Copy - How To Pick A Shopping Cart That Makes You Money

Can the shopping cart you use actually make you money?

You bet!

As many of you know I do a lot of my business online. Having a powerful and reliable shopping cart is absolutely critical to success. That's why I have put out a new Amazon book with my friend Tom Antion entitled "How To Pick A Shopping Cart That Make You Money" and you have two options to get the book.

Either you can order it from Amazon below:

Or you can get a free digital version of it as my special gift to you at this link.

How To Pick a Shopping Cart That Makes You Money

Really. Get this book it will open your eyes and put more money in your pocket if you're selling online.

Report from "The Bridge"

We are just home in Spain from a month "Down Under", where we completed back to back cruises around Australia & New Zealand on board Rhapsody of the Seas. Thank you Daniel!!

I was the "Destination" speaker and Kathy ran the craft classes. We both played to capacity crowds - over 40 in every craft class and full theatres for my talks. The link ( shows you some of Kathy's participants at her classes. She had great Aboriginal and Maori themed asctivities as well as the usual bon voyage and cruising items. The feedback was mind blowing - great, positive and unanimous critique.

My talks were based around my standard cultural observation material enhanced with some talks specific to the cruise - Wild about New Zealand, the Lands of Captain James Cook etc. But these are all helping me to develop some new themes around explorers and the silk road for future cruises.

We had wonderful itineraries, great travelling companions and superb support from the staff and officers.

But the highlight was an invitation from the Captain, who we've met on several RCCL cruises before, to give commentaries from the bridge over the PA as we sailed through the fjords of the southern sounds, and a few days later for the evening cruise around volcanic White Island.

After a little rapid research I had some excellent material for these talks. After the first day up there the captain thanked me publicly over the PA fsystem or my "well informed talks" which "made the day for everyone". And on the final night as he gave his farewell to each sitting at dinner in the main restaurant he commended the crew and thanked me once again - saying "I personally very much enjoyed the excellent commentaries of Mr Andrew Johnson as we sailed through the Southern Sounds and around White Island".

Our contact on board and the cruise director were both superb. They both kept in contact with us throughout and reacted positively to every request or suggestion. My talks were broadcast on the stateroom TVs - I was on two channels at once for a few days! And the technical team gave me a DVD copy to bring with me.

So now we are preparing for our next - a Transatlantic on board Navigator of the Seas in April.

As Daniel knows we were sceptical about his promise at first. But a year on let me tell you it works for us!! He and his service have exceeded the promises. Long may you continue my friend.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Barb & Bill are Approved To Cruise Free On Yet Another World-Class Cruise Line: Princess

When your hot your hot... and Bill and Barb Johnson are smokin' just got this email from them. Keep in mind they are already approved on Royal Caribbean.

Hi – hope it is warm & sunny there – a little frigid here in Canada today – which is why we are excited to let you know that we just booked on Princess Cruise Lines for a cruise for New England/Canada (which we specifically asked for). Again Daniel – all thanks to you. We followed up with your contact at Princess (what a great guy!) from that email you sent to him about us months ago and we were approved yesterday for a 7-day cruise in September.

Just wanted to let you know – good luck with your “Celebrity” meeting – hope it goes well

Live Life Dynamically!


Barb Johnston

The Centre For Applied Human Dynamics

If you're interested in Bill and Barb's background check out their site at

Great job you two!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm Ready For The Celebrity Cruise Line Visit

For those of you who read this blog but are not members of the Speakers Cruise Free Coaching Club let me briefly tell you what's going on.

I recently made contact with the new enrichment coordinator for Celebrity Cruise Lines. We set up a conference and ended up communicating at length about how we may be able to help each other. That conference call went great! As a consequence of that call the Celebrity enrichment coordinator and I decided it would be very productive for us to meet to further and more fully develop the terms of our working relationship. Thus, the Celebrity enrichment coordinator is flying out to Corpus Christi tomorrow to further our discussions. Of course, it is my belief that because of the high caliber of speaker the Club attracts that we will be placing many speakers within the Celebrity enrichment program in the months and years to come.

This business of placing speakers in cruise enrichment programs like all business is based on the foundation of a mutually beneficial relationships. I have spent years cultivating and nurturing my relationship with the cruise lines on the behalf of members in the Club. This current opportunity with Celebrity is no different.

Some of you may recall last March when I hosted a cocktail party for enrichment coordinators at the Miami SeaTrade Convention. During that party which turned out to be a raging success I gave away gift baskets filled with books, CD's, DVD's and art produced my Club members. See this post. The gift giving worked as all but two people who contributed to that gift bag got approved to cruise free.

Hence, when I received confirmation that the Celebrity coordinator was flying out for a dinner meeting I instantly got an email out to Club members advising them that I was putting together another gift bag for this meeting. Hint: This is one of the many reasons why you may want to become a Club member because I'm always striving to make these opportunities available for Club members.

In any event, I sent word out to my Club members to send their books and other information products for inclusion in the gift bag. The materials have come pouring in over the last several days and the bag became a new Kenneth Cole overnight bag. See pictures.

Want to be on the inside of opportunities as they present themselves?

Get in the Club!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Your Cruise Speaker Contact in Roatan, Honduras

I received this email from Roatan radio station owner and talk show host Bruce Starr. Word to the wise if you are cruising into Roatan...

Hi Daniel,

I am very impressed by your blog. What a great idea. I hope to be able to take advantage of it soon.

I say soon because I am the first and only English speaking (non-religious) talk radio show host in the Western Caribbean. My station The Wave 101.1 FM is also the first of its kind in the region.

I have been on the air since 2003 and for an outsider (someone born in NY), I could be considered an expert on Roatan and The Bay Islands, one of the hottest tourist destinations in the Caribbean.

My talk show is heard daily from 9 am to 1 pm. At 11 am, I usually do interviews when I have guests available.

I would love to connect with speakers when they come down here to be on the show. I am located only 15 minutes from the dock. I could arrange taxi service for them to come to the station and even show them around when they are here.

I was a member of the National Speakers Association for many years back in the 90's. My subject was relationships, romantic, spiritual, business or just how to get along with anyone. I spoke around North America. I enjoyed it.

Please let me know if you could set me up on your blog to let speakers know I am here. many speakers may even remember me. Please visit my website... to learn more about me or just e-mail me at

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Cruise Speakers Video Postcards

A Cruise Speaker Post Script

A cruise post script from Club member and Australian bestselling author Liliane Grace:

I first heard about Daniel's 'Speakers Cruise Free' opportunity when he was interviewed by Carolyn McCormack in about April 2008, and I was instantly intrigued and keen. I had long wanted to cruise, so this was a telecall that I really paid attention to. I signed up, read the ebook, and started listening to his telecalls. Eventually I had my one-on-one coaching session with Daniel and I found him to be very helpful.

Some months later when the opportunity arose to participate in the Speakers Directory, I sent my first draft material through and then called Daniel to check on some point or other. Imagine my delight when he said, "You've got good timing. I need someone who can depart Sydney - can you?" Being Melbourne-based, Sydney is only one hour away by plane, and I instantly said yes. The opportunity was only about 6 weeks hence so it was all systems go with making my sample video and checking out the cruise itineraries etc. And all of this was happening during the most intense time in my working life than ever.

Before I knew it I was booked as a Guest Lecturer on Rhapsody of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean cruise ship heading to New Caledonia and Vanuatu for 10 nights. I don't think I quite believed it until my contract arrived by email - or maybe until I was heading to Sydney with my guest (my sister, Yvette), and cases brimming with summer clothes and books and support material for my presentations...

And then it was just a series of "WOWs!" for 10 days. WOW! at the sight of the ship when we arrived at the dock (running late after a series of mishaps, only to find that the ship had had their own system breakdown and they were backlogged with guests, so it turned out okay that we were late). WOW! as we donned our life jackets for the routine evacuation drill and packed together with all guests on the promenade deck under the life boats. WOW! as we explored the ship that evening. (I'm a dancer, and discovering four dance floors and live bands and then realising that we would be able to attend live Las Vegas quality shows each night was awesome!) WOW! as we enjoyed our first meal onboard - absolutely delicious, and so much of it! and all free!!!! WOW! as we fell asleep that first night in our tiny inside cabin in pitch blackness, being gently rocked by the seas... Then WOW! as I took an early morning walk surrounded by blue skies and endless seas, and literally felt tears of gratitude in my eyes. When my sister joined me she was almost having to pinch herself to make sure this wasn't all a dream.

More WOWS! The endless buffet breakfast, the pool and jogging track on Deck 9... Heading to Conference Room #4 to run my first session (Beginner French) at 10 am. So many people turned up that we had to call for more chairs, and this became a pattern for each of my sessions. In fact, by the final session on Day 10, we had people sitting on the floor, standing at the back, and literally unable to get into the room! It was an absolute blast! I felt very special as guests stopped me throughout the cruise to thank me for my various classes, and I was delighted that I was able to sell all the books I had taken on board (being a self-published author).

The cruise staff were all wonderful and helpful (especially the Store Manager, when I first submitted prices for my books in Aussie Dollars, forgetting that they should be in US$). My books were displayed on the store counter just as Daniel had promised. I was rapt - even though it was the liquor counter and I was wondering how many people would look for kids' books there... (But they all sold!)

I was amazed by how many seasoned cruisers there were - people who have cruised five or ten - as many as 99 times! Here's to that. My first cruise was a wonderful adventure and I am looking forward to doing it again many times, and to bringing my children and husband. (In fact, when my daughters were watching a movie a few nights ago that was set on a ship, I found myself feeling homesick for life on board ship...) So THANK YOU, DANIEL! for providing a bridge into this tremendous new world.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Speakers Cruise Free - Doc Brown Signing Off - Home Sweet Home.jpg

Final Entry: What a mind blower folks! That was the trip of my life. My first cruise ever in my life ends up being FREE for 16 days of bliss.

All thanks to Daniel Hall and Speakers Cruise Free!

I was aboard Royal Caribbean International's Splendour of the Seas on a Brazilian coast cruise for 16 days now signing off blog on Day 16+1 of my 16 day cruise!

-Doc Brown
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Cruise Speaker Update From The Southern Seas

This update comes from Andrew & Kathy Johnson who are currently cruising the Southern Seas around Australia and New Zealand.


Kathy & I are just on the final day of our back to back itinerary around Australia and New Zealand. I talk “destinations” and Kathy is running really exciting locally pertinent craft classes. Today every attendee left with an original canvas Aboriginal style acrylic – that they had painted.

There were some outstanding – and very accurate pieces. The programme manager on board was most impressed by the excitement that Kathy shares with her classes, and by the originality and relevance of the materials she uses and the end result.

I have had great audiences for my “Lands of Captain James Cook” and “So Just Who Did Discover Australia” talks. The questions have been great and the word has spread. The back to back passengers have asked me what topics I’ll cover on the next (14 night) cruise. I have 5 more planned – each one supported by up to 100 fantastic images, supplied, together with descriptive text, by the tourist offices – what a great resource.

Sales of my book are running well. We’re getting the hang of it. A few complimentary copies to the store manager, entertainments manager, program manager – and of course the captain – guarantee plenty of great plugs. And of course signing after every craft class and talk catches a few more. You can buy your copy on Amazon.Com or at It’s a great, gentle read.

And while we are away we are building our new websites – and We are now on a roll. 5 cruises over the first 12 months, in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Transatlantic. As Daniel knows I was openly sceptical of his offering originally. Now, like most of you, Kathy & I are active advocates. What a wonderful way to see the world, in luxury, and for just our air fare.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cruise Speaker Dashboard

It's finally here! The Cruise Speaker Dashboard!

As many of you know my son Jamey and I did a 12-day Med cruise with two side trips to Paris and Amsterdam this past summer.

While there I shot tons of video describing EXACTLY what to do once you're approved as a cruise speaker. I then took the best of that video and organized it into this first ever Cruise Speaker Dashboard (see picture insert).

I mean everything you need to succeed once you've been approved is described in the Dashboard. From traveling so you arrive rested, to signing onto the ship and setting up your presentations; from ingratiating yourself with the cruise director's staff to making sure you get great evaluations from your audience. The entire ACTUAL cruise speaker experience is described and outlined so you, the new cruise speaker, can maximize the opportunity.

In fact, Jamey(my camera man) and I shot these videos on location in Houston, Barcelona, Florence, Rome, Venice, Dubrovnik, Croatia, Monaco, Paris and Amsterdam. It was an absolute BLAST! And we captured some great video tips that will help you succeed once you're approved.

The Dashboard is only available to members of the Speakers Cruise Free Coaching Club. So if you're a member you've got to go check it out ESPECIALLY if you have a cruise scheduled soon.

And if you haven't yet been approved to cruise free as an enrichment speaker then you need my Speak on Cruise Ships program.

Effectively, the Speak on Cruise Ships program shows people how to get approved in the first instance and now the Cruise Speaker Dashboard lays out how to capitalize on the opportunity so the speaker gets invited back.... again and again and again.

If you're already in the Club log-in to the Club site and access the Dashboard under the "Resources" tab. If, however, you're not yet a member I suggest you get in now .

Speakers Cruise Free - Red Alert - Splendour of the Seas

Speaking Tip: in yesteryears the scourge of the seas was pirates. Today its the Norway Virus.

Think of it as Montezuma's Revenge on the high seas.

Last week a competitor, and inferior, line to Royal Caribbean here in Brazil had an outbreak making 200+ passengers violently ill on MSC cruises. That initiated a yellow alert on Splendour, the highest rated line in South America, in part BECAUSE they are so careful about the Norway virus.

Royal had a family with similar symptoms returning from shore in Buenos Aires. It's almost certainly from a bad restaurant but the crew acted immediately moving to red alert and placing the family in quarantine.

This photo is of the hand sanitation station all over the ship they require EVERYONE to use!

These kinds of first world quality and sanitation standard have made Royal Caribbean the most popular cruise among Brazilians.

I'm aboard Royal Caribbean International's Splendour of the Seas on the southern Brazilian coast on Day 16 of my 16 day cruise!

-Doc Brown
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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Speakers Cruise Free - Ilhabela - Splendour of the Seas in Clouds

Speakers Tip: In the last few days of an 8 day or longer cruise you can spend more time one-on-one with guests who want to learn more by offering to create a club around your topic. For instance I have been able to help more English speakers have more fun by creating an English speaking club. You do this by talking it over with your cruise director.

I'm aboard Royal Caribbean International's Splendour of the Seas on the southern Brazilian coast on Day 15 of my 16 day cruise!

-Doc Brown
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Speakers Cruise Free - The New Village People - Splendour of the Seas

Speakers Tip: Respect the Cruise Director! A cruise director works 6 months straight with no days off coordinating up to 300 events onboard daily. The position requires such dedication that directors frequently forego family events such as weddings, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Baptisms because of the honor of becoming a cruise director.

That's Leo Papa in the sailor uniform at 1 AM. He's the Cruise Director of the Splendour of the Seas. Considering the fact that I met with him at 9:30 AM, you do the math on his work load, stamina, and dedication. That's why I call Leonardo Papa the Cruise Director Extraordinaire!!!

I'm aboard Royal Caribbean International's Splendour of the Seas on the southern Brazilian coast on Day 14 of my 16 day cruise!

-Doc Brown
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Friday, January 09, 2009

Cruise Speaker Medical Insurance

Lady Carolyn Loftis is a cruise speaker who sent in the following tip from a cruise she is speaking on now...

Make sure you have good medical coverage before you go. How to invoice your insurance company or the travel insurance you may have bought.. The ship will NOT bill any insurance company so make sure you have a large enough credit card to cover the expenses when you leave the ship.A sample bill --- 3.5 hours in sick bay IV fluids, IV antibiotic, pain medicine, medication to take after leaving sick bay (antibiotic and Ibuprofen) $1,233.00

Having a great time traveling to and through Panama

Thanks for the tip Lady Carolyn. I have listed one travel insurance company link below.

International Health Insurance

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Speakers Cruise Free - Punta del Este - Splendour Of The Seas

SPEAKING TIP: Group and layer your on-board presentations. My presentations are in two groups:

1. Language
2. Foreign Culture

Cruise Director Leo Papa has requested language classes. This has given me the opportunity to layer within that group.

Initially I had:

-Portuguese for Americans
-Spanish for Americans
-English for Brazilians

Now I have layered in two new language courses. Both involve more complicated grammatical treatment:

-Portuguese for Hispanics
-Spanish for Brazilians

This gives me a stronger enrichment offering in the future.

I'm aboard Royal Caribbean International's Splendour of the Seas on the northern Brazilian coast on Day 13 of my 16 day cruise!

-Doc Brown
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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Speakers Cruise Free - Buenos Aires Cityscape - Slendour of the Seas

SPEAKING TIP: Use the time on your first voyage wisely. There are a number of onboard lectures that are best developed overseas. Books on a foriegn country and language materials are much more accessible when ashore in the target country of your talk(s).

Also you have direct contact with the cruise director as a guest speaker. This gives you the rare opportunity to listen intently to additional lectures he or she would like to have in the future.

For instance I am developing a new talk entitled Portuguese for Spanish Speakers "Portugues Para Epanolhablantes" as per the desire of Splendour of the Seas Cruise Director extraordinaire Leo Papa!

I'm aboard Royal Caribbean International's Splendour of the Seas on the northern Brazilian coast on Day 12 of my 16 day cruise!

-Doc Brown
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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Pizza & Beer in Buenos Aires

SPEAKING TIP: Guest speaking and alcohol. Always remember that you are a respected expert when aboard. If you are in formal dining and everyone at the table is having a glass of beer and wine by all means feel free to do so as well...but only one.

DO NOT meet at or hang around the bar. You are expected to behave in a manner expected of an intellectual, of which, drunken debauchery is not included. If getting drunk on-board cruise ships is your game, guest speaking is not for you!


The pizza ROCKS in Buenos Aires!

I'm aboard Royal Caribbean International's Splendour of the Seas on the northern Brazilian coast on Day 11 of my 16 day cruise!

-Doc Brown
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Monday, January 05, 2009

Cruise Speakers With Their Families: Roatan, Cozumel, Costa Maya

First, a big thank you to Doc Brown for his roving reports on his first 14-day Brazilian cruise as cruise ship speaker. Excellent tips.

In coming months you'll be seeing reports from other SCF speakers as they cruise the world in luxury - free - just for using their mouths and sharing their hobbies, passions and interests as enrichment speakers. (If you haven't yet signed up for my Speak on Cruise Ships program you can do that here).

Now on to today's post...

I have not written a bunch on the subject of cruise speakers bringing their family with them. Usually, I speak about how cruise speakers get to bring one traveling companion with them who also cruises for free. But if you wish for more than one other person to cruise with you, you'll probably have to buy another cabin.

If this is the case, my advice is to:

1. Ask your cruise line contact whether the cruise line has any in-house travel agencies who can usually get you the best deal.

2. If the particular cruise line you're working with doesn't have an inhouse agency then it is best to find a cabin with a cruise consolidator who buys blocks of cabins at a large discount and then resells them at cut rates.

You might try CruiseDirect Home Page" src="" width=100 border=0> or even Luxury Cruising at

Either way you'll spend MUCH less on your cruise even if you have to buy another cabin. At least the cost of two passengers will be covered by your enrichment activities.

This last Sunday I returned home from a cruise with my wife Lanette and two sons Jeremy (Jem) and Jamey. I have uploaded a bunch of those pictures for you below. We cruised out of Galveston for Roatan, Honduras, Cozumel, Mexico and Costa Maya, Mexico. It was wonderful and we had blast both on and off the ship. Check it out...

We cruised on Royal Caribbean's Voyager of the Seas. When it was launched back in 1999 it was the largest cruise ship in the world. As such it has tons of extra features that most of the smaller vessels do not, ice skating for example. Here Jem gets ready to strut his stuff on the onboard rink. Yes, it is real ice.

And if ice skating isn't your thing you can try your hand at inline skating on the Voyager's outdoor track. Here Jamey (the consummate family athlete) does his thing. Oh, and you don't have to worry about bringing skates with you. The Voyager has a full stock of both ice and inline skates available for your use.

Here Jamey scales the rock climbing wall. Most of RCL's ships have this feature and it sure is nice to have activities like this when you have your children along.

Another unique onboard activity is a production ice show. One of the cool benefits of cruise speaking is all the little perks you get. For example, I got 4 VIP tickets to the ice show. (Start getting your perks.)

The show was fabulous, too. Most of the performers are from Russia. We were talking to a few of them and they told us that they had to practice months before actually arriving onboard on a tiny rink (the size they had on the ship). Once they perfected their performance on a much smaller than regulation rink they applied to skate for RCL.

Along with the extra activities like ice and inline skating and rock climbing RCL also offers more traditional activities like ice carving demonstrations. Here Jem poses with a swan ice sculpture that was created from a huge block of ice in 6 minutes!

Most of the master ice carvers come from the Philippines. The art is past down from generation to generation and it takes 8 years of apprenticeship to become a master carver. Hmm... master carver or law school? Its about the same time commitment after High School.

The ice carver also does all the other food carvings onboard. I thought that this was particularly adorable rabbit carver from a water melon.

Of course, almost all cruise ships have swimming pools. But comparatively few have...

...onboard water slides. Yes, that's me with arms flaying as I slip slide away.

Of course, fine dining is big part of your onboard experience. Here the family and I pose for a photo on the first of three formal nights.

Jem and I in the dining room. I believe this is on New Year's eve. Our waiters were great. Every night they had a glass of chocolate milk on the table for my Jem before we arrived. Jem was only allowed to drink it after finishing his vegetables (our rule, not the waiters).

Lanette and I under a moonlit sky. Jamey took this picture while we're out on deck playing a game of shuffle board. That's the other thing about cruise speaking because you essentially only work one hour on each sea day you have tons of extra time to bond with family.

Jamey and I goofing on one another.

Jamey has quite the photographic eye. On my cruises I take lots of promotional shots for future products and services. I thought I'd share this goofy shot taken on the helipad at the bow of the ship. Maybe I'll use it for a product called "Cruise Crazy". What do you think?

Of course, while the onboard activities are wonderful I love to cruise because I love to visit new places. Here Lanette and I take time out for a Cerveza Fria as I enjoy a fine Honduran cigar. On Roatan (an island 31 miles off the coast of Honduras) the family and I snorkeled a ship wreck. It was tons of fun...

Roatan has an interesting history. It was once a part of British Honduras (now Belize) but became a part of Honduras when Belize became independent. Subsequently, most everyone on the island is bilingual English/Spanish and most all the signs are in English.

We also made a stop in Costa Maya where we spent the day on the beach. Toward the end of the day showers broke out and a double rainbow broke out over our ship. Can you see them?

Apropos for my profession in cruise speaker education don't you think?

Oh yeah, and every night your state room attendant will leave little critters like this bat for you.

I'd really like to help you with becoming approved as an enrichment speaker. The first step is getting my Speak on Cruise Ships program and becoming a member of the Speakers Cruise Free Coaching Club.

Also, if you are already a member I want to remind you about the special training we have coming up on January 28 on becoming an enrichment speaker with the specialty line Cruise West. Watch your email for another reminder.

Sea Day Enroute To Buenos Aires on Splendour of the Seas

SPEAKING TIP: Be a connector. Some people want to cruise quietly to themselves but many eagerly want social interaction. As a guest speaker you are in the unique position of knowing many people because of your presentations.

Always remember that it is your duty to help the cruise director enhance the experience of paying guests. A simple way is to go to seated dining after requesting to be seated with people your talks cater to.

In my case I would normally sit with a table of Brazilians to chat about life in Portuguese. Of course, that would not help the Americans on board learn about and embrace Brazilian culture - the friendliest and most hospitable in the world.

As such, I requested a table of Americans. They ask me many questions about Brazil and we have integrated the conversation with a Brazilian accountant from Salvador who also wants to learn more English.

The short and sweet of it is that you should wake up every thinking of ways to help the cruise director without getting in his or her way. Stay out of the crew's way but help wherever possible inter connecting the passengers you connect with!

I'm aboard Royal Caribbean International's Splendour of the Seas on the northern Brazilian coast on Day 10 of my 16 day cruise!

-Doc Brown
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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Speakers Cruise Free - Portobelo, Brazil

Speakers Tip: America used to be the strongest middle class economy. International services were geared to attract and retain American demand.

This meant that foreigners had to adapt to American culture...a concept we readily and arrogantly accepted. Today Brazil has a wealthy middle class with more discretionary income than the US middle class.

Because of this, South American routes are 90% foreign tourists - in the case of the cruise I am speaking on...Brazilians.

This creates a problem for American cruise lines that are now forced to cater to Brazilians to attract and retain their vacation spending power. Americans are angered when they find themselves in the awkward position of adapting to an alien society on vacation...ironically something they thought nothing of forcing expatriates and foreign tourists to do over prior decades.

This creates an opportunity for language and foreign culture speakers as the cruise lines seek low cost ways to integrate the now minority participation aboard cruise ships into all the fun given in a non-English language. Word of warning though. This is the big boys sand box where you have to be tight on your language and culture game or you won't be invited back.


The photo is from my BALCONY! I was upgraded last night by surprise to a Junior Suite moving from the 3rd to the 8th floor! I'm aboard Royal Caribbean International's Splendour of the Seas on the northern Brazilian coast on Day 9 of my 16 day cruise!

-Doc Brown
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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Speakers Cruise Free - Santos.jpg

Speaker's tip: Santos is the port that serves Sao Paulo and is where cruises in Brazil begin. If you are doing a back-to-back you will be staying aboard.

I don't recommend you leave ship on the transition day from one week to the next. If you do you will have to wait in the very large line to get back on.

I'm aboard Royal Caribbean International's Splendour of the Seas on the northern Brazilian coast on Day 9 of my 16 day cruise!

-Doc Brown
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Friday, January 02, 2009

Day 8 - Ilhabela

Speaker Tip - Sometimes the ship has to anchor and ferry people back and forth from shore. If there are a lot of people going ashore the line to the lower really backs up. Ship policy in these situations is that the employees have to wait. As a guest lecturer you SHOULD wait biggee...just go to the pool or have a cup of tea or coffee in the buffet watching the incredible view until the lines die down!

I'm aboard Royal Caribbean International's Splendour of the Seas on the northern Brazilian coast on Day 7 of my 14 day cruise!

-Doc Brown
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Guest Speaking Tip: If you are on a country immersion experience where all programming is in a foreign language and culture... with a predominance of foreign nationals (in this case Brazilian Portuguese)... make sure you get the cruise schedule in all available languages. If you speak the foreign language you will probably get the foreign schedule which may not list your talk. So get all schedules in all languages at the pursers desk to confirm your talk!

It ABBA night in the lizard lounge rocking away aboard Royal Caribbean International's Splendour of the Seas on the northern Brazilian coast on Day 7 of my 14 day cruise!

-Doc Brown
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Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Streets of Copacabana

Speaker Tip: If you are a language based speaker pay attention to American families who want to self explore port towns. Offer to go with them to keep them from getting ripped off, mugged, or otherwise harmed as easy targets for ne'er do wells.

Aboard Royal Caribbean International's Splendour of the Seas on the northern Brazilian coast in Rio de Janeiro on Day 6.

-Doc Brown
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