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Friday, May 27, 2011

Big ship? Small ship?

by Andrew Johnson

We are now on the final leg of our cruise speaking round the world tour – free cruises thanks to

This a ship with only 600 passengers and I’m getting much better promotion on board than I’ve ever seen before.

So my tip to you is to have a selection of descriptions of your talks of different lengths – a single punchy sentence for use on the really big ships, through to a 4 line paragraph giving more description for use on the 800 passenger or smaller ships.

And if you are not already cruising free click here now!

Happy cruising


Monday, May 23, 2011

See Inside the Real Fast Book Program

See what Real Fast Book is all about by somebody who actually owns it and gives you a sneak peek at what many others have found to be a great system for getting their book published and selling.

Monday, May 16, 2011

My first time

by Andrew Johnson

Tomorrow we board a ship with a new company – well new to us. This will be our first cruise with them. Thanks to Daniel Hall at

Kauai Wailua FallsNaturally I want to do a good job. I want them to invite me back – and I want to leave a good impression to reflect well on all the rest of you in this free cruising network of ours.

So I did my homework. I listened to Daniel’s advice (I always do). I checked with the enrichment officer at the line’s HQ to see if they have a preferred or (mandatory!) style for PowerPoint presentations, and what else they expect of their speakers. Some have very clear guidelines. So it’s always important to check. Winking smile

I have a good reputation. Speakers Cruise Free has a good reputation. Every time any one of us cruises free the reputation of the rest of us depends on how well we do.

I intend to do well – for my sake – and for yours!

To find out more about cruising free click here.

Happy cruising FREE,



Friday, May 13, 2011

Where in the World

by Andrew Johnson

Where would you like to go?

No really – where in the world would you like to visit?

Does it have a port city? If so there’s a very good chance that cruise ships call – and that Daniel Hall’s can get you there – FREE!!Vancouver Gastown Steam Clock

We are now in Vancouver, well into our round the world trip. We are cruising (some would say “bumming”) our way back from Sydney and are now in Vancouver.

Fancy joining us?

Click HERE  to find out more

Happy cruising FREE




Saturday, May 07, 2011

On being flexible

By Andrew Johnson

Today is day 7 of our cruise from Honolulu to Vancouver. The second leg of our Trans-Pacific adventure and our round the world cruise free travels.

Kailua Kona 2But tomorrow, day 8, will be our first sea day. We  have spent the last wonderful week touring the islands of Hawaii. So, apart from Seattle we have already had all our port days.

This posed a scheduling problem for the destination talks. So we agreed to present Pacific islands relevant talks on port days and have them run on the ship’s stateroom TV system.

To make that work well I re-jigged a number of Honolulu 2my images and added more bullet points.

The feedback has been outstanding!

Flexibility – that and knowing your subject are the keys to good preparation.

Are you already cruising free the way?

If not – click here NOW!

Happy cruising – Free!



Vote For Your Favorite Speakers Cruise Free Contest Entry

Just got up... was up late reading entries in the Speakers Cruise Free contest which closed at midnight last night.

We really got some fabulous entries... in fact I am very impressed with the quality of some of them.

I am interested in your opinion too... if you go to you can "like" your favorite entries by clicking on the "like" icon at the bottom of each comment. Thanks.