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Friday, December 21, 2007

Skeptical About The Cruise Free Program? -- Watch This...

Get your copy of the "Speak on Cruise Ships" e-program delivered through instant download. No waiting!

Note: This is the digital version of the book Jonathan refers to in the video.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cruise Speaking Myths

This is an excerpt from my new book "Speakers Cruise
Free: The Opportunity to Trade Your Talents for Free
Luxury Cruises"
available on



Cruise Speaking Myths

by Daniel Hall

In this article I’m going to cover some of the
common myths in cruise ship speaking.

Myth 1: I have to be a professional speaker to be
an enrichment lecturer.

Reality: No you don’t. You do have to have a
passion for and be enthusiastic about your topics
but most enrichment speakers are just everyday,
normal people with something interesting to say.
Of course, you do have to be a good communicator
but you don’t have to be some slick, silver-
tongued speaker. In fact, even to this day I
stutter, sputter and stammer when I’m giving a
presentation. But it doesn’t matter, I still get
high marks and good evaluations because I love my
subjects and, most importantly, I love my
audiences and it shows. It comes through and your
audience recognizes it.

Myth 2: It’s easy to be approved to cruise free
with enrichment programs.

Reality: It is easy to get approved IF you know
how. Many folks have fallen flat on their faces
because they call the cruise lines having no clue
what to say or what to ask. This type of mistake
immediately identifies you as an amateur and you
will be rejected out of hand; Flat out refused.
That’s one of the reasons why I am glad you got
this book so you better understand the playing
field. And if you need more help you can also
invest in my program, Speak on Cruise Ships: 8
Easy Steps to a Lifetime of Free Luxury Cruises
and get my personal coaching help as part of my
Speakers Cruise Free Coaching Club both of which
are available through this website

Myth 3: I don’t have the credentials to do
destination type programs.

Reality: As I have said all along, you stand your
best chance of approval by delivering destination
type programs. I hear many folks tell me, "But
I’m not an expert or have credentials to speak on
a particular destination."

And my answer is, "Yes, you do have the
credentials and expertise you just have to look at
it from a new angle."

This is what I cover extensively in the Speak on
Cruise Ships program, but the general idea is
taking whatever your expertise is or credentials
are and linking them to the destinations you wish
to cruise. For example, I am fairly proficient in
Spanish (learned it on the streets of Santo
Domingo when I was a teenager) so I developed my
Cerveza Fria:45 Minutes to all the Vacation
Spanish You’ll Ever Need program (see

This program is a great destination specific
lecture anytime I’m on a cruise that includes a
Spanish speaking port. Now, I really did not have
an expertise or credential in Spanish language but
in this case I had a proficiency in Spanish
(having lived in a Spanish speaking country) which
was enough.

Let me give you another example, one of my
destination programs is called, "Reggae Nation:
The Cultural and Religious Roots of Island Music"
which of course is good on any Caribbean
itinerary. And what’s my credential to teach
this class?

1) I love Reggae music and back in my early
20’s I had a music radio show in Jacksonville,
Florida that featured a bunch of Reggae. I knew
the artists, the culture, and learned a little
about what Rastafarians believe.

2) Then later in my 30’s I am invested as a
knight in an Orthodox chivalric knighthood order.
I learn about Orthodox beliefs and practices and
learn about the relationship between the Ethiopian
Orthodox Church and the Rastafarian movement.

With these kinds of credentials I create my
program. But that’s me. That’s how I used what I
knew to develop a destination-driven program.

You have to identify your areas of expertise and
make your own connections. Believe me, they are

Myth 4: Enrichment speakers are treated as
second-class passengers.

Reality: Enrichment speakers cruise as
passengers, not as crew members, so they get all
the passenger perks and sometimes more. But one
of the things that I hear is, "they stick you in a
lousy cabin."

First, all of the cabins that are assigned are
passenger cabins and come out of saleable
inventory. This means that if you weren’t on the
ship the cruise lines would sell your cabin to a
PAYING passenger. While it is true that you will
rarely, if ever, get an outside cabin, all the
cabins I have ever been assigned have been very
nicely appointed and of ample space. I have even
been as high as Deck 8. Usually the higher in
decks you go the larger the cabins. I have even
been in what are known as "concierge class" cabins
which are really nice.

Does it happen every time?

No, but you are always cruising free and your
cabin is always comfortable, at a minimum. So you
go with the flow, enjoy yourself and realize you
are actually luxury cruising by your wits.

You sly dog.

Myth 5: I am not getting paid for my speaking (or
a variation) they are not paying the equivalent of
my current speaking fee.

Reality: So what! This is a strictly a quid pro
quo arrangement. Most cruises I get between
$3,500 to $4,500 in equivalent value for 3-hours
of my time.

I don’t do cruise speaking to make money -
although I have figured out how to do this too - I
do it to save money!

Look at it this way: you get to take vacations you
may not otherwise be able to afford. The money
that you don’t spend goes right to your bottom
line. And is quality of life important to you?

I sure hope so. That’s what cruise ship speaking
does for me - it improves the quality of my life
and the lives of those to whom I’m closest.

As far as I am concerned, I am paid handsomely for
my efforts even if I don’t sell my books onboard,
or create products from my presentations, or get
paid shore-side speaking engagements. Just the
free cruise is enough for me. The extras are just
that, extras.

I certainly hope this clears some things up for
you. I’m telling you, cruise ship speaking is the
BEST gig on the high seas. It’s worth doing and
it’s with your effort.

I hope you agree. Now go get it done.

Daniel Hall is the author of the "Speak on Cruise
Ships: 8 Easy Steps to a Lifetime of FREE Luxury
Cruises" get his program and get started cruising
free with Daniel's personal, one-on-one help see

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Travel Making Money: Live Anywhere, Prosper Everywhere

Here's a recent article I did dealing with my new site Travel Making Money. I know you are interested in cruising free so I thought you'd also be interested in making money while you travel, too. If so, read on...


What if you could live anywhere in the world? Where would you live? Why? My goal, once I get my children educated, is to be a certified vagabond, to live in world class cities a few months at a time. Really soak up the culture and ambiance of the place.

I know that I can do this because I know that I can earn income almost anyplace on the planet. Here are some of the niches which can produce nice income no matter where you reside.

• Selling your photography. Travel photography can produce big results by uploading quality photos to the stock photo sites. Here’s the thing: You don’t have to be a professional photographer to do this. If you can take attractive travel photos that aren’t blurry with at least 4 mega-pixels camera you can start. Essentially, these stock photo sites market your photographs and when one sells they split the take 50-50. Now don’t get too excited, most of the photographs only sell for a dollar. But your income can build into something nice and steady once you have between 100 to 300 images available for sale. It’s all in the “Long Tail” (if you don’t know what I’m talking about check out the bestselling book by the same name).
• Your own travel info-products. With the advent of print on demand technology it is possible to produce all manner of information products (books, CD’s, DVD’s) with hardly any out of pocket expense. I have several of my travel related products up on and earning me passive income month in and month out. In fact, one of these products even made the bestseller list.
• International Mystery Shopping. Mystery shopping is no longer just a North American thing. Market research companies have expanded their horizons and have brought on new international clients. There are also a number of internationally based market research firms who are looking for mystery shoppers throughout Europe and Asia. Some of these assignments can be lucrative vis-à-vis the time and effort involved.

These are but a few of the many travel making money strategies that exist. The one thing I want you to realize is it is possible to live anywhere but prosper everywhere. Yes, you must plan. Yes, you must identify those strategies that you like best or resonate with you.
But the rewards both personally and financially can be tremendous.

Daniel Hall is the co-creator of the Travel Making Money system that reveals many dozens of strategies and techniques for making real money – serious money – no matter where you live on the planet. Get access to the FREE MEMBERS area at

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Your Cruise Presentation Can Hit The Amazon Bestseller List

How Do I Know?

Mine Did! Read the scoop below...

Here's why I'm excited: For years I wanted to be
a bestseller!

And I did it with an unlikely little travel
product. Yep. My first product to make it to the
Amazon bestseller list was a 30 minute video I
shot of one of my onboard enrichment lectures,
Cerveza Fria (Cold Beer): 30-Minutes To All The
Vacation Spanish You'll Ever Need

Here's the thing: I shot the video onboard in my
state room. My only tools were a laptop (with
screen capture software and PowerPoint), a mini
camcorder and a small wireless mouse.

You can do this too with your onboard
presentations. Make products out of them. You

If you haven't already learned this about me, I'm
a big proponent of a repackaging and repurposing
work. In order to cruise free using onboard
enrichment programs you must put together a few
interesting presentations which I teach how-to-do
in Speak On Cruise Ships.

So if you have to make that effort anyway why not
make a product out it?

You never know, it could end up a bestseller like
mine and even if it doesn't it could well be a
great source of "set it and forget it" passive
income (my favorite kind).

Many of you know about my newest venture, Well if you're the least
bit interested in learning how to put together
successful travel information products you should
consider taking out for a
trial spin.

Over there I reveal exactly which software and
hardware to use and where to get it. I tell you
how-to determine if there's a market for your
product before you create it. I even show you
which print-on-demand publishers to use to get
your product up on Amazon within a matter of days
and -- at practically no-cost. (Your only cost
will be ordering a proof to approve).

I'm giddy about being a bestseller so to celebrate
I have a few more 30-day trials available for $20.
But I warn you these are very limited.

Ya, I know, you heard that before. But when I say
it I mean it.

Maybe this will make sense to you: Over at you get one-on-one coaching
from Gina Henry-Cook, me and our trained team.
That's right you get personal help implementing
all the travel income strategies, including how-to
produce travel information products.

There are only so many people we can help at any
one time so we may be forced to cut-off new
memberships. Obviously this site has struck a cord
because we've had a ton of new sign-ups and that's
with almost no promotion!

Here's the really cool thing: There's all
kinds of ways to travel and make good money --
serious money -- no matter where you are on the
planet and lays out all of
the very best techniques (in addition to the
travel information products).

Claim your $20 trial membership to right here. You won't be
sorry you did and you'll kick yourself if you miss

Note: Use the "Secret Link" to get the special
pricing. Scroll to the order box and you'll see
what I mean.

BTW afraid of the membership component of this
offer? Well you can get some of this same
information by getting the Travel Making Money 2-
DVD set over at but you'll pay $117 for
it! (Check it out) You also won't have all the
one-on-one help or new member updates.

The choice is yours.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Success As A Cruise Speaker From Success Sage Joe Vitale

Are you afraid of taking the next step in your
pursuit of approved status as a enrichment

If you are, listen up...

For several months,I had been getting questions
from folks who are afraid of starting. They just
can't seem to take action.

But action is required for success in anything.

Its no different to become approved to cruise
I want all of my students to succeed. I am
completely invested in that. So anytime I can
find a new way to communicate ways to overcome
fear and take action, I am VERY interested.

Joe Vitale, Nerissa Oden & Daniel Hall talking about success as a cruise speaker

Well, recently I had dinner with my friends Joe
Vitale and Nerissa Oden. (See the picture above)

Joe is the author of many #1 bestselling books
including the Attractor Factor and was in the hit
movie "The Secret".

When it comes to helping others succeed Joe knows
what he's talking about.

So when I met up with Joe, I asked him if he had
any words of wisdom for my customers and
subscribers about overcoming fear and taking
action specifically in the area of cruise ship

He had some interesting things to say which I want
to share with you...

Joe indicated that inaction is a symptom of fear.
Predominantly a fear of failure. He said that
often times we are not clear in our desires to
succeed. That is, deep down we can't believe that
we can be successful and therefore take no action.

I eagerly asked Joe for ways to get clear. We had
a conversation about it, the essence of which is
summarized below:

* Look inward. Find in yourself those limiting
beliefs that are causing you doubt.

* In doing this know that you are a unique and
special person with knowledge, traits and
perspective that ONLY you have.

* That because you have unique things to offer,
cruise lines will be interested in you as an
enrichment lecturer.

* That the only trick is preparing or packaging
yourself specifically for the cruise market.

As I have said many times the primary prerequisite
to success as a cruise enrichment speaker is a
willingness to share your hobbies, passions and
interests. That's it.

Are you willing to share yourself?

Then you CAN do it!

As far as the packaging that's all covered in
Speak On Cruise Ships, so if you have the program
use it. If you don't, get it at

As I reflect and synthesize about my conversation
with Joe, four important thoughts come to mind.

  1. If you're afraid of taking the next step in
    your pursuit of becoming approved to cruise free
    examine why you have that fear.

  2. Take a careful self assessment and add up all
    the things that make you unique.

  3. Understand that it is exactly those things that
    make you unique that also make you attractive to
    the cruise enrichment programs.

  4. Take the steps necessary to package "you" in a
    cruise line friendly way, A.K.A., act!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cruise Free Coaching!

I am invested in my students and want them to
succeed. I rarely advertise it but sometimes
I do open coaching and updates to help students

I have scheduled an update and open coaching
session for next Tuesday at Noon, Central
Standard Time. This coaching is an unadvertised
- free bonus for customers of the "Speak on Cruise
Ships" program.

If you decide to invest in "Speak On Cruise
Ships" by Noon on August 6, 2007 you'll get
to participate in this open coaching.

You'll be able to ask me any and all specific
questions related to getting approved to cruise
free as an enrichment speaker.

My advice: Get the Speak On Cruise Ships program
now, go through it so you'll be prepared to make
the most out of your coaching time.

Also, I just came back from another trip to Miami
where I met with another one of my cruise line
contacts. And on this call I'll have important
up-to-the minute updates on --

* Why if you want to cruise Europe free, next year
is going to be YOUR year

* More on selling your products online

* How many cabins are available for enrichment
lecturers next year... and its significance

* Why the cruise lines are clamoring for new
enrichment speakers (which means a HUGE
opportunity for you!)

This is a free call only open to students who have
invested in Speak On Cruise Ships...

Get it here --

Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Kissy-Kissy Review

Quick note...

Speak On Cruise Ships: 8 Easy Steps To A Lifetime
Of Free Luxury Cruises named "Editor's Book Pick"
at Canada's popular site!

Check out the review here --

Its a completely independent review and
has no financial interest in sales -- thus, if you
don't quite believe me, you can believe the folks
over at

Speak On Cruise Ships -- is your ticket to getting
free cruises by trading your talents.

This is no kissy-kissy review either (John T.D.
Keyes only gave me 3.5 stars out of possible 5).
He is the former editor of TV Guide and Vancouver
Magazine but although he doesn't altogether
embrace my writing style he does say that "there's
no doubt that this book really does deliver what
its title promises."

Get on over and check out the review yourself.

Then once you're finally convinced -- get started
on your free cruise odyssey by getting "Speak On
Cruise Ships"

Do it,

Daniel Hall

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Successful Products From Your Onboard Presentions

I'm following up on my last post. Remember
when I said I'm a big fan of repackaging and
repurposing my efforts?

Well, I want to give you another example, which
shows how your cruise ship gigs can be parlayed
into your own products.

Case in point #1:

One of my onboard presentations is titled "Cerveza
Fria: 45-Minutes To All The Vacation Spanish
You'll Ever Need"

During one of my recent cruises I had the
opportunity to video tape that program. The video
was eventually turned into a DVD and now I'm proud
to say that it's available on Check
it out --

What's amazing to me is this DVD has already
started to sell -- without any promotion from me!

Case in point #2:

Then there's my eBay Gold program. This was my
very first onboard presentation. I did it for a
number years before its popularity waned.
Eventually, the content from this presentation got
turned into a product that my friend Gina Henry-
Cook sells in her classes across the country and
on her website --

This too produces income for me.

So here's what I'm trying to tell you...

You too can use the content for your onboard
presentations to create your own products. And
these products, I'm happy to report, can turn into
nice little passive income streams.

Pretty cool, huh?

Well it all starts by getting approved to cruise
with enrichment programs. Seize your opportunity,
get the critically acclaimed "Speak On Cruise
Ships" program here --

s/ Daniel Hall
Author, "Speak on Cruise Ships: 8 Easy Steps To
A Lifetime of Free Luxury Cruises"

P. S. Here's the beauty: Once you have products
related to your onboard presentations, its
possible to then sell them in the onboard gift
shop. I cover how this is done in my Miami Update
bonus which you'll get when you order "Speak On
Cruise Ships" --

P.P.S. If I've cruised with you and you've seen
me do my Cerveza Fria program live or if you
purchased the Amazon DVD -- I would very much
appreciate you reviewing the product over at


Thursday, July 05, 2007

Cruising - Approved Once, Approved Forever

I'm always looking for ways to repackage and
repurpose work.

In law school, for example, I wrote a paper for a
class. I then took the same paper and submitted it
for publication in a scholarly legal publication.

To my amazement, it was published. (Note: this is
a big deal for a law student).

I then took the same paper and submitted it for a
legal writing contest. Guess what? It was
published yet again!

Now that's mileage!

There's a parallel in cruise ship speaking. Once
you're approved to cruise by one line, you are,
generally speaking, approved forever.

This means you can then pretty much cruise when
you want as long as you give enough advance

I did a teleseminar with marketing guru and
speaker, James Malinchak and in talking to James,
I realized that many people were unaware that you
only have to be approved once by the cruise lines.

BTW James calls me the "King of Cruise Ship

The fact of the matter is cruise ship speaking is
unlike many other forms of professional speaking.
That is, with most forms of speaking each new
booking requires a new approval -- with all the
same prep work and rigmarole.

Not so with cruise speaking.

If you are cruising with the same cruise line --
once you're in, you're in for life (unless you do
something to screw it up).

So take that step. Do what you need to do get
approved today. And here's the thing I want you
to realize...

... the benefits you get once you're approved will
likely last the rest of your life!

It starts with going through the steps in "Speak
On Cruise Ships"

Get your copy here --

s/ Daniel Hall
Author, Speak On Cruise Ships: 8 Easy Steps To A
Lifetime of Free Luxury Cruises

P.S. This is the real-deal. No smoke and mirrors,
no upselling you into higher priced products --
everything you need is in "Speak On Cruise Ships"

If you're serious about doing the cruise speaker
thing, go get it --

Sunday, July 01, 2007

"I'm So Proud Of..."

....Speak On Cruise Ships Students

You know, when you birth a project like "Speak On
Cruise Ships" and send it into the world you hope
for the best. You hope that your work helps
people and changes lives.

I have been fortunate with "Speak On Cruise Ships"
its been very popular and my students have been
very happy with it... because it works!

From time-to-time my students contact and tell me
how they're doing. For instance, I recently heard
from Julie Pech who used my techniques to start
cruising with NCL spreading the gospel of daily
chocolate eating (yes, chocolate).

She's getting famous. She wrote a book called the
Chocolate Therapist (available from
The Chocolate Therapist
) and was recently featured in the Sunday
Denver Post see --

Great job Julie, keep up the good work!

Then there's Tweed Scott who is the author of the
three-time national award-winning book "Texas In
Her Own Words" Tweed and I met up recently to
break bread and he had this to say about the
Speak on Cruise Ships Program --

Tweed's book is a fabulous and very entertaining
read and it too is available at - Texas in Her Own Words

Oh, just so you understand, Tweed's book
is excellent whether or not your a Texan.

Why am I telling you about Julie and Tweed?

Because they are pursuing their dreams and seeing
great changes in their life...

You can too.

If you're on the edge wondering whether you can
cruise free... I'm here to tell 'ya, "you can!"

I've laid it all out for you. There is no guess
work, no wondering what to do next. My program
"Speak On Cruise Ships" spells it all out for you.

Don't believe me?

Check out this review from another happy student.

BTW, all of these folks ponied up their $97 to
invest in their program. So don't think I gave
them copy in exchange for their words.

The Speak On Cruise Ships program is the real deal
-- give it a try, give it a whirl -- you're always protected
by my guarantee. What do you have to lose?

Thursday, May 31, 2007

U of Texas Austin Class

Quick note...

If you are anywhere near Austin, Texas on
June 16, I am teaching my "Cruise Free" class at
the University of Texas, Informal Classes.

You can register through this link --

The class is listed under the "Language, Culture &
Travel" category, Activity # 7458.901.

If you missed the Speak On Cruise Ships Open
Coaching & Miami Update call, I have added a
recording of the call to the bonuses of the "Speak
On Cruise Ships" program.

I've received VERY positive feedback on the call
so if your serious about cruising with enrichment
programs you can invest in your copy here --

God bless & happy cruising,

s/ Daniel Hall

Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day's Meaning

If you have been following this blog you've no
doubt read about my Grandfather (he sometimes
cruises with me and always lives with me).

He is one of my heroes.

And like many others of his generation he was a
hero of World War II. I thought this Memorial Day
would be a great time to tell you some of his
story and his sacrifice.

I start by saying he is reticent and humble about
his military service. Despite this, I asked him
if I could share some of his war time experiences
with you. He agreed.

Grandpa was in the Army and part of the third wave
to invade the shores at Normandy Beach. He tells
the stories of how his landing craft maneuvered
close to the beach careful to avoid the bodies
floating in the water.

He tells the story of jumping into the surf and
making his way onto the beach as the waves lapped
the shore with the blood of fallen soldiers.

He tells of the enemy fire from German machine gun
nests still perched on the hills.

He tells me of how for over a year he marched
across Europe -- cold and wet. How he and his
buddies would sleep standing up, leaning on each
other to form a tripod.

How he lost good friends in the fight. How there
were many days he wondered whether he would come

How as the Germans retreated he and his unit were
one of the first to liberate the Buchenwald
Concentration Camp in Weimar, Germany.

He spoke reverently of the interactions he had
with camp survivors -- many gaunt and with active

He also told me how he, as the European theater
closed, shipped out to the Pacific theater. How
he was sailing into the Caribbean Sea two days
away from the Panama Canal when Japan announced
its surrender.

He tells of the unmitigated elation he and his
shipmates felt as the news of the war's end was
announced over the ship's P. A..

He tells of the happy day his ship made its way
into New York City and of his trip back to his
hometown, Chicago.

Unfortunately, Grandpa did not make it through the
war physically unscathed. During his discharge
physical, Tuberculosis was found in both lungs.
Army doctors speculated that it was from his time
at Buchenwald.

His infection was severe and he ended up having
parts of both lungs surgically removed. He spent
a total TWO and HALF YEARS in a VA hospital.

I know that Grandpa's story is not unique. But it
is a history of which I am proud. There were many
who paid the price for our freedoms. Many as of
this very moment still do.

On this Memorial day, I salute and applaud my
Grandpa Bob and all those who paid (and pay) the
price for liberty.

God bless and happy cruising,

s/ Daniel Hall

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

BIG News From Miami

I'm back from Miami with BIG NEWS for you.

I connected with some of my cruise line contacts
and have a bunch of new information and updates to
help you succeed with onboard enrichment programs.

To get you this important information I'm going to
do an unannounced bonus training call for all my
students who've purchased the Speak On Cruise
Ships program.

Also, I plan to open this call up to questions and
coaching... so get yourself prepared.

If you're one of my customers look for an email
this week with details on how to register.

Not a customer yet?

If you have been on the fence as to whether to
invest in Speak On Cruise Ships now is a great
time to act.

Don't miss out on this chance to get some personal
coaching and training and hear updates from Miami.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Interested In A Cruise Ship Job?

Hello --

I promised you in my last email that I would be
back in touch with an audio interview I did with
the leading expert on getting a cruise ship job.

So if you're not interested in this -- you can
stop reading here and go back to your day. Thanks
for checking in.

If, however, you have ever had the slightest
inkling of working on a cruise ship then you need
to listen to this interview that I am providing

Check it out Part 1 --

Part 2 is here --

and Part 3 here --

You can either listen online or download the
files to you mp3 player.

As always, I appreciate your feedback. Was it
interesting, helpful? What kinds of topics do you
want covered in the future?

You can either email me with that or leave your
feedback here at the Speakers Cruise Free blog.

God bless and happy cruising,

s/ Daniel Hall

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Aruba Shipwreck Pictures

I finally got my underwater pictures developed of
my snorkel experience of the shipwreck "Antilla"
off Aruba.

Check them out --

Welcome to all my new subscribers. To catch you up
- I've been writing about my last free cruise
experience: 11 night cruise of the Caribbean.

You can check out my Grand Cayman pictures here --

I still have to share pictures of Panama and Costa
Rica with you... but one project at a time.



I have received a couple of questions recently
which ask:

Can I take someone along with me when I cruise as
an enrichment speaker?

The answer: Definitely.

Every enrichment program I know of allows you to
bring along a traveling companion free of charge.
And your traveling companion has no work
obligations at all. Its a complete "no strings
attached" deal for them.

You, on the other hand, are expected to deliver
three to four 1-hour presentations on a typical 7-
day cruise. And, get this, you're presentations
are only on sea days. So everyday you're in port
you're completely off. Days when you're at sea
you're only expected to work for an hour.

Can you hold up under the strain?

See what I mean when I say this is a great gig?

Of course, the trick is getting the cruise lines
to approve you -- that's the exact reason I
created my multimedia "Speak On Cruise Ships"
program -- See


Oh, one other thing... knowing that some of you
may be interested in working for the cruise lines,
I arranged to interview the world's expert on
getting a cruise job. I'm editing the audio now.
So be on the look out for that.

'Til next time God bless and happy cruising,

s/ Daniel Hall

Monday, April 16, 2007

Cruise Photos & Answers To Your Questions

Back from my 11-day adventure. I always sink into
a short funk after a cruise. (Always sorry that
its over.) But on the other hand, I'm also very
happy to get back to my wife and kids. So it evens

I have my first installment of pictures to show
you. Check out some of my Grand Cayman images
here --



I have recently received some very good comments
and questions about cruising free with enrichment
programs that I want to share with you.

Its almost tax day here in the United States so I
thought I'd start out with a tax question.

* One subscriber wanted to know about the tax
consequences of cruise ship speaking since it is a
quid pro quo arrangement.

I shared the fact that I am about the furthest
thing from a tax expert as is possible -- however,
I do have good advice related to the question:
ask your tax accountant or CPA. Your situation is
different than mine (or anyone else's) so ask the
person who intimately knows your financial

* Another subscriber wanted to know whether you
always get an inside cabin when you cruise free
with the enrichment programs.

Actually where your cabin is located depends on a
number of factors including: which cruise line
you are on, the time of year you are cruising, the
size of the ship, etc.

Be that as it may, my experience varies widely.

Most of the time I have been in an inside cabin.
This cabin has been as low as deck 2 mid ship to
high as deck 8 forward. BTW the higher your
cabin, usually the more prestigious its
considered. Most of the time I have had inside
cabins on deck 3 or 4 mid ship.

The only cruise I've have gotten an outside
stateroom is this last cruise. We had a nice big
window and we were on deck 3. I have never had a
cabin with a balcony.

Should you worry about where your cabin is?

Absolutely not. You're cruising free and won't
spend much time in your cabin anyway. Just sit
back and enjoy the cruise that you probably would
not be taking if you were paying for it out of
your own pocket.

* And a natural follow up question: Can I request
a different cabin if its available.

Short answer: No.

Take what is offered and be happy with it. Your
cruise line contact will always place you in the
best available accommodations for what you are
doing. They will do their best to keep you happy
within the parameters and policies of their
particular enrichment program. If you become a
burden (or a pain in the rump) for sure you will
not be asked back.

We had a saying during the dog days of law school
(when there was no end in sight):

"Cooperate and graduate." In other words, don't
make waves and you'll make it easier on yourself.

Well a variation of the saying is apropos to this

"Cooperate and recreate."

Same idea. You want to keep coming back for more
free cruises so don't identify yourself as a
problem or a brat.

* One subscriber commented that the cruises
really were not free because you had to pay the
cruise speaker agency a small fee.

While it is certainly true that you can use cruise
speaker agencies to book your cruises (assuming
you can get on with them in the first place) you
certainly don't have to go this route. In fact,
that's what makes "Speak On Cruise Ships" so
special. In the program you'll learn how to book
directly through the cruise lines and thereby
circumvent the agency fees.

See --

N.B. For those of you who are interested in using
the cruise speaker agencies I have included a
bonus section of the program in which I cover how
to get on with these agencies (all of them are
quite picky about who they accept on to their
talent roster). In fact, included with the
program are over three hours of mp3 audio
interviews with each of the owners of these
agencies in which they tell you exactly what they
are looking for in new speakers and how best to
contact them so you get priority consideration as
student of mine. Yes, membership has its

* Another question I received was who pays for
your transportation to and from the ship or
departure and arrival port(s)?

Generally, you do.

Now I do know of some enrichment presenters who
have been offered special incentives like an
airline ticket. But this is not the norm and
generally these folks are either semi-celebrities
or celebrities.

* Do you get other perks as an enrichment

An overwhelming BIG TIME YES! -- Here's a short
list of some of the things I've received:

-- Bottles of wine, Champaign

-- Fruit baskets

(See the first picture here -- )

-- Free shore excursions

-- Free cruise line merchandise like shirts,
coolers, leather luggage tags, luggage locks,
hats, toys, underwater money carriers, beach bags

-- VIP tender tickets

-- Deep discounts at the bar, gift shop, photo
shop, laundry

Will you get stuff like this? Maybe. Every cruise
is different. But I usually get a little
something extra out of a cruise as an appreciation


Well, I hope this answers some of the questions
you've been having.

This is still a wonderful, life enriching gig,
well worth considering in your life...

I hope you decide to take the plunge.

Enjoy the pictures of the Caymans

Also, stay tuned to future cruise photo

To your success,

s/ Daniel Hall

Down To The Banana Republic

Note: There is a several day lag time to these
blog posts. Sorry. But Blogger was difficult to
access when I was on the ship.

Better late than never....

Costa Rica

Hello and welcome to all my new subscribers. To my
current subscribers thanks for sticking with me.
To bring you up to date, I'm on an 11 night
Caribbean cruise. I'm cruising free using the
same techniques I teach in "Speak on Cruise Ships"

See --

At each stop I'm checking in with a travel log and
a tip on how you can start cruising free using
onboard enrichment programs.

Costa Rica has been my most recent stop. As is
usual when I travel to a new place I learn a
tremendous amount about it.

Costa Rica is fascinating and beautiful. Among
other things, I toured a banana processing plant
and learned that Costa Rica is the world's leading
exporter of bananas.

Chiquita and Dole are based here. And this
country takes its bananas VERY seriously. You
might say in a literal sense that it is a "Banana

What makes Costa Rican bananas so special is the
industry is very concerned with quality. And they
go to great lengths to produce and export only
"perfect" bananas.

For example, I learned that while growing, each
banana bunch is covered with a plastic mesh to
help keep the perfect temperature. This procedure
promotes the growth of the long, slender and
unblemished bananas that we are used to seeing in
the United States, Canada and Europe.

Quality is also a very big part of Costa Rica's
other major export, coffee. Much of the world's
truly primo coffee comes from Costa Rica. I
sampled some... delisioso!

When it comes to Costa Rica's exports they are
always fixated on quality. And it has been like
this almost since the country's independence.

Perhaps its has been this focus on quality that
has made Costa Rica one of the most prosperous
and politically stable countries in Central

This discussion about quality calls to mind
another important cruise free tip.

Tip #6

All the cruise lines that have enrichment programs
are also fixated on quality. Accordingly, any
enrichment program they offer likewise must be of
high quality.

What does this mean to you, the aspiring
enrichment speaker?

You too must take the quality of your onboard
programs seriously.

What do I mean?

Here's a list --

* Your knowledge base in your topic area should be
sound. You don't necessarily have to be an expert
but you should know more about your topic area
than the average cruise passenger.

* You should use the various devices and tools
that professional speakers use to sound, well,
"professional" -- "Speak On Cruise Ships"
teaches what these tools are and how to use them
so you sound prepared and polished every time.
See --

* You must always be mindful of creating a
quality experience for passengers who attend your
programs. This extends beyond the time you're

You must give these folks a few moments of your
time and attention after class time. Let me give
you an example.

Yesterday, I gave my Origami class. Many of the
attendees wanted to fold more models than we had
time for so I offered to continue the class in a
lounge. We did and we had a blast.

The extra time allowed me to give a little extra
attention and help to those who wanted it. It
also allowed me time to connect and create
stronger relationships with some members of my
audience. This always results in higher
evaluations and I thoroughly enjoy myself too.

I hope you're finding these tips helpful. But
you need to get started enjoying the great life
cruising free with enrichment programs can

If you're serious about it, get "Speak On Cruise
Ships" and learn the shortcuts.

s/ Daniel Hall

Panama Surprise

You know one of the great things about cruising
free with onboard enrichment programs is your
ability to pick and chose which itineraries you
wish to cruise.

For example, I choose the cruise I'm on now
because it included stops at three ports I've
never visited: Aruba, Panama & Costa Rica.

I've always wanted to see the Panama Canal. And
this cruise was my chance.

I did in fact have a wonderful time in Panama and
got to experience new and exciting things that
even I, the experience cruise traveler, have never
experienced before. For example --

* On a cruise of Gatun Lake I saw (and heard) wild
Holler Monkeys and Sloughs climbing through the

* I visited the Gatun locks and witnessed a cruise
ship slowly going through the canal -- the canal
is truly a spectacular engineering marvel

* I sampled the local brew (my custom) named
"Cerveza Panama"

* While drinking my beer a native folklorico
dancing girl asked if I wanted to dance -- I did
and am told by other passengers that I "looked
pretty good out there" Hats off to Cerveza

* I also bought some handmade jewelry from a
Panamanian Indian tribe named the Embria. They
have beautiful handicrafts. But perhaps what's
most unique about them is both the men and women
are topless and fully tattooed.

(I hope to have pictures for you soon after my

This brings me to my next tip.

Tip #5

Take a chance.

Take a chance on yourself. Take a chance on the
"Speak On Cruise Ships" program. You have nothing
to lose.

Look -- You can create rich experiences like these
for yourself. But first you must learn how to
cruise free with onboard enrichment programs.

Dare to do it.

I have provided the tools for you.

You can cruise free too -- my program guarantees

Stop wondering and start doing....

s/ Daniel Hall

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Aruba Shipwreck Dive & Tip # 4

Aruba was fantastic! We did our own shore
excursion and saved a bundle.

See the "Shore Excursions On The Cheap" free bonus
to learn the inside tips of putting together low
cost, high quality shore excursions at --

In any event, I snorkeled the Bay of California
and a World War II German shipwreck called the

To say the time spent snorkeling the Antilla was
awesome is an extreme understatement!

This ship is a massive 400+ foot hulk lying in
shallow water. Parts of the ship even break the
surface of the water.

I've never snorkeled a shipwreck before and it was
errie and wonderful at the same time.

The story of the Antilla is interesting as well.
At the outbreak of World War II the Antilla, a
German supply ship, found itself right off Aruba.

On Aruba were stationed a small group of Dutch
Marines who ordered the Captain to either
surrender or be blown out of the water.

The Captain did not like either option so he
ordered the destruction of his own ship.
Apparently he accomplished this by first getting
his boiler as hot as he could. He then flooded his
boiler room with cool sea water. The difference
in temperatures caused a massive explosion which
blew a hole in the side of the Anitlla and down
she went.

The Captain and crew swam the short distance to
Aruba and spent the duration of the war at a POW
camp on Bonaire.

Knowing this history as I made the dive made my
experience all that much richer and it is a
perfect example of what you're trying to do with
your onboard enrichment programs.

Tip #4

All successful enrichment programs do one thing:
they enrich the cruise experience of passengers.
Many times the easiest way to accomplish this is
with a destination driven lecture or activity.
That is why you should have at least one lecture
topic that is related to a port or ports you'll be


To cruise free by learning how to take what you
already know or have an interest in and molding it
into a captivating onboard destination program
see --


Hey -- you owe it to yourself to seize this
opportunity to cruise free.

Imagine how much richer your life will be when you
can cruise anytime, anywhere free with onboard
enrichment programs.

Get goin --

s/ Daniel Hall
Author, "Speak on Cruise Ships"

Monday, April 09, 2007

Grand Cayman Lesson

This is day 3 of the cruise. I'm in the onboard
Internet cafe. I spent the day in
Georgetown, Grand Cayman -- had a great time
engaging in a favorite activity -- snorkeling.

Absolutely gorgeous tropical fish and coral

We also toured the turtled farm. The new one is
much better -- bigger and prettier -- than the old
one that was blown away in Hurricane Ivan.

But hey -- I want you to plug into to the same
wonderful cruise enrichment opportunities that
allow me to have experiences like this.

And you can.

To that end, I want to share another tip with you.

Tip #3

Your success as a cruise enrichment speaker will
depend on the reception your topics receive

That is, you will be evaluated onboard by both
passengers and cruise staff each and every cruise.

But not to worry because there is a great way to
insure your onboard programs are well received.

And here's the secret -- you must choose topics
for which you have a passion. Your passion, your
enthusiam will filter through and your audience
will feel it and respond positvely. You will get
good reviews.

The trick is taking what you know and what you
have a passion for and matching that with what
cruise lines want and need.


If your serious about cruising free with onboard
enrichment programs there is an easy choice see


Next, port of call is Aruba.

To your success,

Daniel Hall

Sunday, April 01, 2007

I Love This Gig!

To all my subscribers - WELCOME!

Plane leaves at 5:30 AM for my current cruise.
Getting ready for it brings to mind another
important tip about cruising free using enrichment

Tip #2

Before approaching cruise lines have your topics
well thought out and make them applicable to the
specific itinerary you're cruising.

For example, my topic lectures for this Caribbean
cruise which also includes Spanish speaking ports
like Panama, Costa Rica and Mexico are perfect for
my specific itinerary.

They include the following:

Reggae Nation: The Cultural & Religious Roots Of
Island Music

Miss Jolly Roger: The Caribbean's Most Notorious
Female Pirates

Cerveza Fria: 45 Minutes To All The Vacation
Spanish You'll Ever Need

Here is what I want you to understand very

I have a personal interest in each of these
subjects but I am not, by any means, an expert in
these topic areas.

That's the beauty -- YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE.

That's what I teach you to do in "Speak On Cruise
Ships" - take what you already know and like and
mold it into great onboard activities and
lectures. These topics are perfect for the
particular itinerary I'm cruising.

Which itinerary do you want to cruise?


Start cruising free now --

and experience the freedom of cruising where and
when you want!


O. K. I'm going to try to get more tips for you
during this cruise -- be on the look out. Next
stop Fort Lauderdale, Florida -- all aboard by
2:30 PM.

I always get so excited before a cruise!

s/ Daniel Hall

P. S. If you're new to my list here's the news --
I am off on another free cruise using the same
system I teach in "Speak On Cruise Ships" -

So during the next 12 days expect more tips and
perhaps a juicy piece of info now and then to keep
things interesting. ;-)

Monday, March 26, 2007

Cruise With Me?

I know that you want to pick up and cruise free
when and where you want.

Afterall, that's why you signed up on my e-mail
list or reading this blog. And its for you that I created my "Speak On
Cruise Ships: 8 Easy Steps To A Lifetime of Free
Luxury Cruises" program.

See --

I want you to experience the same kind of freedom
I do cruising free with onboard enrichment

The very programs "Speak On Cruise Ships" shows
you step-by-step how-to break into.

So here's what I'm gonna do.

I'm taking a cruise starting April 2 for 11
nights. My traveling companion and I will visit
these great ports....

George Town, Grand Cayman, Oranjestad, Aruba,
Cristobal Pier, Panama, Puerto Limon, Costa Rica,
Cozumel, Mexico,

...I'm so excited! (Did I mention the huge
benefit of being able to bring a traveling
companion along free? Yep, this is a very sweet

So I am going to try to write you (depending on
spotty Caribbean Internet access) with my exploits
and tips.

You can vicariously cruise with me.

Tip #1

Make sure that your onboard topics relate as much
as possible to the itinerary you are cruising. As
I teach at least one should be should be
destination driven.

See Step 1 for examples.


Get "Speak On Cruise Ships" and get started
cruising free with onboard enrichment programs.


I want to make one thing clear. The same
techniques I use to cruise free with prestigious
cruise lines are the same exact techniques and
steps I teach in Speak On Cruise Ships.

I'll be in touch. Let's have some fun!

s/ Daniel Hall

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Agloco -- Genuine Opportunity Or Plot To Brainwash You?

I know this is a blog for and about cruising free by using the cruise line enrichment programs. For a new free report on this opportunity check out my last post.

Be that as it may, I bet the below article will be of interest to you as well. Its about a residual income opportunity that I really like... so I wrote an article about it. So before it gets syndicated to a bizillion different sites I wanted you, my readers to have a "first look" As you will read time is of the essence. Here it is...

Agloco -- Genuine Opportunity Or Plot To Brainwash You?

Stop for a moment and consider the number of marketing messages you've seen in the last twenty-four hours.

No. You don't have to go back that far. What about the last twenty-four minutes?

I thought so. I'll bet if you've really analyzed it you've seen multitudes of messages designed to influence or get you to act. Maybe even brainwash your thinking, even if only subtly.

Even as I sit at my desk drafting this article, there are four marketing messages I identify without moving my fingers from the keyboard: a blank note pad with a hotel emblem and the words "reserve now" with a phone number sitting on my desk; a business card from my wonderful Chiropractor reminding to make an appointment taped to the side of my monitor; a television ad for car lot I can hear in the
background; and the free .pdf du jour I have open behind my word processor from an Internet marketing "guru" offering a new money-making "system".

That's just a glance, a split second of time.

Let's face it many messages are constantly competing for our attention, our consideration. But here is the pivotal question: How much is your attention or consideration worth to the marketers that target you?

Plenty, I can assure you.

Now how much are these marketers paying you for your attention or consideration?

That is to ask, when was the last time you were paid to watch a commercial or read some marketing message?

Really? Me either.

I have NEVER been paid. And I think I should be paid. My attention and consideration are valuable commodities and so are yours.

Now there finally may be a company that agrees with this seniment. They're called Agloco. And they have come up with a way to pay you to have a small viewbar open in your web browser.

Yes, pay you on the off chance that you might pay attention to what the viewbar is displaying.

It gets better. Not only will they pay for the time the viewbar is open on your browser but they will also pay you for the time other people who you referred have the viewbar open. And it goes a total of five layers. In other words, this thing can be very viral and profitable. Plus, what I REALLY LIKE is its a potential source of residual income.

Now this viewbar thingy is still in beta -- and nobody has made a dime yet.

So much the sweeter! That is,there is still an opportunity to build a huge network before it launches. Many of the "guru" types are quietly building networks and its no wonder. It cost nothing to join or participate. This means anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can enroll. Further, it means this is a no-risk, no-brainer proposition.

Here is the thing: Now is the time to act! Once the viewbar launches its going to be huge. Especially, when people start getting checks. Those that have networks started are in the best position to profit and take advanatge of the viral nature of this thing.

Thus, is Agloco a genuine opportunity? Probably, although at this point they are completely unproven. And NO, they are not launching a plot to brainwash you. In fact, I predict that this model will change the way Internet advertising works. At a minimum with Agloco there is at least a potential for real people to profit.

Look at this way: some marketer is going to get your attention, you mind as well get paid for it.

Daniel Hall is the webmaster at a site that reveals ways to develop passive and residual income. He recently produced a video review of the Agloco opportunity which you can view online free at

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Cruise Free With The Top 5 Cruise Lines Enrichment Programs


As a reader I wanted to give you first access
to my new Special Report>>

The Top 5 Cruise Lines Enrichment Programs and How
You Can Exploit Them To Get Free Cruises

This report is free and chock-full of information
on using enrichment programs to cruise free.

Go pick up your copy at --

God Bless and Happy Cruising,

Daniel Hall
Author, "Speak on Cruise Ships"