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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blow your own Trumpet

On a recent cruise the speakers were given a very warm welcome by the cruise staff. BUT we were warned to expect very small audiences - even in single figures!!!

Well I don't give in that easily. SO - I set about getting folks in -

1) I sent the cruise Director a question or a message to read each day on his TV show. He did!

2) With his permission I put a card on the community bulletin board each day highlighting my talks

3) I got together with 2 of the other 3 speakers to talk up our sessions around the ship.

The result? I was getting 40 plus in my audience. The craft group leader was getting nearly 50. Both beat every record on this itinerary by a mile! Now to be honest I'm not used to audiences that small. But the cruise director and his staff were impressed that we could get audiences that big!! And we had folks stopping us around the ship. New questions kept coming up, and we certainly contributed to enriching the cruise for many passengers.

This was yet another cruise. Once more Kathy & I were cruising for FREE. What a great life.

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Happy cruising FREE!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rainforest & Rum

Today we are in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on board the beautiful Explorer of the Seas.

We've been met by fellow speaker, Dr Scott Brown. He has been a great host, and we have shared some great experiences and new ideas. So excited are we that we also called into leader Daniel Hall.

Make the most of the many, and outstanding contacts you will meet while cruising free.

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Happy free cruising


Monday, August 16, 2010

Keep connected

On a recent cruise I witnessed a fellow speaker die on stage. In truth it was his laptop that died. But, as his audience left the theatre disappointed, he panicked. The battery was flat and he had not brought the cable with him!

He also had no back up copy of his presentation.

He was a great speaker with PowerPoint - but not too hot without.

So a tip - always carry backups of your presentations - DVD, flah drive, memory card - always carry multiple copies; and always keep your laptop plugged in while speaking.

Simple really.

Oh and of course - make the connection with DanielHall at to sign up for a world of free cruising.

Happy cruising - FREE of course!!


Friday, August 06, 2010

Name that Ship!!!

While we are cruising (free of course, thanks to I make a point of taking a good number of photos as we go. You know the sort of thing, port shots, tendering, the local highlights, local markets, ice cream bars - in fact pretty much anything!

Then, back in the stateroom, or back in my office I quickly categorise them into general categories - Italian ports, Caribbean, cruise lines etc., etc.

That way I can enhance my presentations, whether they are enrichment or destination. I always show shots of our ship arriving in, or docked in a few of our destinations - it shows an attention to detail - and it shows a link to the cruise line.

So my tip for today is simple; just keep adding to your talks and your visual support material to make them more and more relevant to the cruise you're on. Why? Well that's simple:- the cruise director's staff notice these things! And so do the passengers.

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Happy cruising - FREE of course!!