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Monday, January 30, 2006

Tune in...

Howdy Everybody,

Had a great class at U.T. Austin this past weekend. Thanks to everyone that came. Also, tune in and hear a brand new radio interview with me the play date is February 8, 2006 go to ("Truth Radio") on their home page is a shield. Click on it @ 5:45PM EST and hear the interview.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Dottie Walters, Rita Emmett & Claude Diamond Chime In On "Speak on Cruise Ships"

I have been blessed with a recent trio of endorsements for my book from paragons in their respective fields: Dottie Walters, Rita Emmett and Claude Diamond. I'm almost speechless (I said "almost") but am truly humbled by it all. Here's what they had to say...

Dottie Walters --

Dottie Walters has been a hero of mine for many, many years -- long before I began speaking. For over 25 years she has been a world-renown motivational speaker, author of "Speak and Grow Rich" and is considered the grand-dame of the speaking business. After I completed my e-book "Speak on Cruise Ships" I wrote Dottie on the outside chance that she would review my book and honor me with an endorsement. Below please find the relevant portions of an e-mail reply I received from Dottie:

Hello Daniel,

Here is the endorsement [set out below] for your new book that you asked me to do. It is a pleasure because this is the finest book I have ever read on this topic. In fact, I believe it is the first one ever written on the topic. When you think of all the beautiful pleasure ships that sail the "7-Seas," I wonder why someone has not written this important book before! Here it is at last!


Great job, Daniel!

Dottie Walters

"Speak on Cruise Ships: Eight Easy Steps to a Lifetime of Free Cruises" by Daniel Hall is a magical book. My thought was, "Why hasn't someone written this before?" It is clearly presented and covers any problems that might come up.

This book outlines every detail necessary for you to treat your family to a cruise, while you instruct and teach your subject in a magical environment.

Dottie Walters, President. CEO
Walters International Speakers Bureau

By the way, as I've said at other times on this blog, any of Dottie's products or services are treasures especially if you're in the speaking business. Check them out at:

Rita Emmett --

And if that were not enough, I am honored to have received this review from best-selling author and all around great person, Rita Emmett who is herself a frequent cruise ship speaker (so she really sees the value of the book for would-be cruise speakers and arts and crafts leaders). Thanks so much, Rita.

"If you've always wanted to cruise all over the world and you think that doing it for free sounds impossible, you've got to read this book.

People who would never guess that they had something to speak about will be astounded with what you'll read. Daniel teaches you step-by-step how to turn your hobby or special interest into a talk, shows you how to format the talk, and even guides you to making an easy to follow lesson plan and handout. Don't put off reading this - it can make your dreams come true."

--- Rita Emmett, author of The Procrastinator's Handbook

And if procrastination is a problem in your life, YOU NEED Rita. No, not a Margarita! Listen. Do yourself a favor and check out Rita's website at she has the tools to transform you into a super-productive yet balanced and contented "mover-and-shaker."

Claude Diamond

I've known Claude for a number of years. He is an expert and author in real estate and sales and I have personally used his materials to make thousands of dollars in my own real estate investing. Claude is also a highly sought after platform speaker appearing nationally. Here's what Claude had to say about "Speak on Cruise Ships"

I love this book! This is the way all how-to books should be written. Daniel Hall has truly captured a unique way for anyone with the inclination to cruise free by giving interesting talks or conducting simple arts and crafts classes! And he lays it all out as easy as A-B-C.

Claude Diamond, The Mentor

Claude's stuff is great too and I commend it to you. Check him out at

There you have it. If you were on the fence thinking whether or not to buy this book, I hope these comments help you in your decision-making. You can get the book at or if you haven't already signed up for my FREE 6-Part video course "Introduction to Cruise Ship Speaking" at that would be a good first step.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

You Know Cruising is Hip When...

Hello, everyone. I'm back from a week of skiing in Ruidoso, New Mexico. It was very warm and the only snow was man-made. The good part: we had the town practically to ourselves. When I was gone, I received an e-mail ad promoting a music cruise. These are not too unusual. This ad got my attention because of who was promoting it: Dave Matthews.


Dave is a major figure in the pop-rock world and has a huge following (this accounts for the two large ships they're using). What piqued my interest is I've never seen a cruise being promoted by such a major celebrity. Cruising truly has become hip among thirty-somethings and younger. This is proof. All the better for cruise-ship speakers or those aspiring to be because the industry will continue to grow leaving even more opportunities for free cruising.

Also, don't forget you can sign up for my "Cruise for Free" workshop sponsored by the University of Texas at Austin on January 28. Register here:

Go to "View Courses" and then I am the first class listed under the "travel & culture" category.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

A New Year Call Into The Future

Happy New Year! ... and what a great one 2006 will be!!

I've got to tell you what happened to me on New Year's Eve.

At 5:28 p.m. I received an e-mail from a customer who was having problems ordering my book. She then ended her message with what I recogized as a non-US/Canada or European telephone number. (At the time this was happening I did not know where the order was coming from.)

So in an effort to provide the best customer service I can, I decided to call the number using a new IP telephone service that we have been using to record my new internet radio show "Secret Information Revealed." (I'll keep you posted when this goes live). With the service you can call any other computer (who signed up for a free account) for FREE!!!! And you can call any other landline in the world for very low cost (2 cents a minute to most places).

So I rang up my customer. She was a little surprised. I asked where I was calling and she said South Africa, Happy New Year!!

That's right...I was calling 8 hours into the future, into the new year! How wild is that? I felt like I was in the movie "Back to the Future"

Anyway, we got her problem solved. And I got my very first order from South Africa. By the way, the techniques in the book will work for anyone, anywhere in the world.

In case your wondering how to sign up for this service so you can call around the world free, its called Skype and you can sign up through the banner below.