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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mt. Shasta

I was born and raised in sight of Mt. Shasta in Fall River Mills. A dormant volcano it is the most beautiful mountain in California.

Speaking Tip: Use time zones to your advantage. I'm not morning person but since my home in Puerto Rico puts me 3 hours ahead I just sleep as I normally would and get to enjoy morning views I normally wouldn't see!

-Doc Brown

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Upper Fall River

The upper Fall River is in the top 5 areas in the US for rainbow trout. I'm visiting y family here in Northern California.

Speaking Tip: The speaker's cruise free is a multifaceted opportunity. It's not just about free cruises. Daniel's speaking in Los Angeles and I'm speaking in San Deigo. The cruise speaking reinforces the land based speaking that literally feeds our families.
My community in investing and has grown greatly from cruise speaking as Daniel said it would.

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-Doc Brown
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Thursday, April 16, 2009

We had a wonderful day in Aruba today. It’s a beautiful island with wonderful inhabitants who are very friendly and eager to please. We took a 4 hour bus tour called “The Best of Aruba” It was a lovely tour in a comfortable air conditioned bus. Cost $42 per person. The tour covered about half of the island and the most popular tourist attractions.
First up was the Natural Bridge. There is photo showing the Bridge which was carved out by the beating of the waves against the rock. There is a second photo of me standing atop that bridge. Behind me is where there was an even larger natural bridge that collapsed a couple of years ago. Carved out by the ocean and then brought down by those same relentless waves. We drove by the Gold Mill Ruins which was a gold mining operation that started in 1824 when gold was first discovered .
Next stop was the islands Aloe factory. It is an impressive operation. Aruba used to harvest the plants and send the raw materials to the US and other countries to refine and manufacture. Since the 1950’s Aruba took over the processing and refining and now produces all of its own finished products which are shipped all over the world. In the company store you will all kinds of Aloe Vera products from shampoo, soaps, skin conditioners, as well as medical salves.
After that we visited the California Lighthouse, sight of one of the most famous shipwrecks in Aruban waters. The ship of course was the California.
Final stop on our tour was the Casibari Botanical Gardens with its interesting rock formations. In the gardens you will find many species of the most prolific of all of Aruba’s wildlife, the Lizard. The brown one that you see on top of a rock was shot from a distance of a good 200-250 feet. I would estimate his size at about 4-5 feet. Picture up close is a neon colored lizard another of among about a dozen or so that I saw in 15 minutes time. The one I did not see was of course the most famous “Iguana” but these other guys were quite interesting to see up close in their natural habitat.
After that in route back to our ship we drove by miles and miles of spectacular white sand beaches. The beaches and the waters beyond were quite busy with sunbathers, snorkelers, water skiers and parasail enthusiasts. We also drove by several world class hotels including the Marriott, the Westin etc and a few others. Also passed along the way were numerous restaurants with familiar names such as Ruth Chris, Tony Roma’s, Senor Frogs. Pix not included at this time. Got to figure out how to upload them, Tomorrow- Cartegena, Columbia

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Second full day at sea

Hi. Here we are after two full days at sea. We are still steaming towards Aruba, our first port of call. Yesterday I gave my first presentation. I had an audience of about 30. I have kept my lecture very humorous and educational. The audience was doing a lot of laughing and asking and answering questions so I know that I had them very well engaged. Today I had about 50-60 attendees. People seem to be more in stride and able to get a better handle on the activities to see what they want to do throughout the day. As long as I have people laughing and not taking things too seriously (remember I am talking about the stock market and the economy) I think I will have great ratings from the passengers.

I have talked to the Assistant Cruise Director again about being considered as a “Tour Escort” He told me that the Excursion Director is inundated right now and can’t deal with me on that issue. He said that he may be able to when we get to Grand Cayman. Will keep you posted on how that goes. Meanwhile tomorrow

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jewel of the Seas from Miami to the Panama Canal

Well it’s finally here! April 13th, It is day one of my cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Jewel of the Seas out of Miami to the Panama Canal. Getting aboard became a small adventure. I checked in with the Shore Supervisor, gave him my paperwork and he gave me a cabin assignment. I tagged my bags with the cabin number he gave me which he also wrote down on my paperwork. Following his instructions I left the bags and proceeded to the security access to begin the boarding process. The security guard checked my cabin number against his boarding list and informed me that The Shore Supervisor wrote down the wrong cabin number. He told me to hurry and get back to where I had left my bags and get the correct cabin number written on it. Fortunately I arrived back there just as they were loading my bags. I had the Shore Supervisor recheck the passenger manifest and sure enough, he saw where he had accidentally written down the cabin number of the next name on the list which happened to be 7 decks away from mine. Once that was corrected the rest of the boarding process was a breeze.
The Jewel is a magnificent ship. She is not quite five years old. I have an interior cabin. Of course I would have liked an outboard cabin but this cabin is nicer than the outboard cabins that I had when I cruised with Celebrity. It is very spacious and well layed out.
We got underway promptly at 5 p.m. and our first port of call is two days out. Oranjestud, Aruba. At 5:30 I met with the Activities Director, Glen Osburn, a very nice young man who is new to the Jewel. I asked him about contacting the Excursion Director to for potentially being an excursion escort. He said he will talk to them in my behalf and get back to me. I give my first lecture later on today. More later.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Frances Pineros Cruise Director Of Barefoot IV

Daniel Hall considers Barefoot IV Excursions the BEST of all one day excursions on the planet! You pick this one up in Fajardo, Puerto Rico...

Get the mega scoop on a lifestyle many dream of but few aspire to at

-Doc Brown
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AND We Caught Conch!

Mmm mmm good! These quickly became SUSHI! Learn more about the world around you radically enhancing the experience of those who save and pay for cruises!

-Doc Brown

Ps. Although animals were hurt in this snorkel-mentary Daniel and I took no direct participation.
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Conch Man Daniel

Conch is a delightful Caribbean seafood dish. Just another of life's pleasures available to those who have learned to cruise free!

-Doc Brown
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Big fish caught!

Our catamaran catches a nice fish!

Live the worry free life at

-Doc Brown

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Daniel Hall's Snorklin' in Puerto Rico Experience!

Imagine melding Jacque Crusteas' Undersea World with... The booze cruise!

For more on Cruising Free go to:

-Doc Brown
Ps. Misspelling of the old dead diving guy's name are intentional. Doc Brown expressly refuses to speak, read, or write French!
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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Daniel Goes Simply Bombastic On Puerto Rico Red 96 FM!

My friend and colleague Omar Sanchez interviews Daniel Hall on his radio show Mr. Tech. The response on was overwhelming...sign-ups poured in for the entire day after Daniel talked about his innovative online community!

-Doc Brown
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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Casa Seralles Says Thanks!

The company that makes the best rum in the world...Don Q... gave Daniel a FREE bottle of RUM for introducing YOU to this outstanding adult beverage!

Again, just another perk of being part of the FUN of


-Doc Brown
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Don Q True Puerto Rico Rum!

Smiles and smiles to go as Daniel hall ezperiences one of the 5 finest rums in the world...Don Q Gran Anejo!

All part of the experience!

-Doc Brown
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Friday, April 03, 2009

A Very Happy Daniel!

Daniel just finished speaking here at the University of Puerto Rico. He explained how you can cruise free.

For more information sign up

-Doc Brown
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