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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Your Cruise Presentation Can Hit The Amazon Bestseller List

How Do I Know?

Mine Did! Read the scoop below...

Here's why I'm excited: For years I wanted to be
a bestseller!

And I did it with an unlikely little travel
product. Yep. My first product to make it to the
Amazon bestseller list was a 30 minute video I
shot of one of my onboard enrichment lectures,
Cerveza Fria (Cold Beer): 30-Minutes To All The
Vacation Spanish You'll Ever Need

Here's the thing: I shot the video onboard in my
state room. My only tools were a laptop (with
screen capture software and PowerPoint), a mini
camcorder and a small wireless mouse.

You can do this too with your onboard
presentations. Make products out of them. You

If you haven't already learned this about me, I'm
a big proponent of a repackaging and repurposing
work. In order to cruise free using onboard
enrichment programs you must put together a few
interesting presentations which I teach how-to-do
in Speak On Cruise Ships.

So if you have to make that effort anyway why not
make a product out it?

You never know, it could end up a bestseller like
mine and even if it doesn't it could well be a
great source of "set it and forget it" passive
income (my favorite kind).

Many of you know about my newest venture, Well if you're the least
bit interested in learning how to put together
successful travel information products you should
consider taking out for a
trial spin.

Over there I reveal exactly which software and
hardware to use and where to get it. I tell you
how-to determine if there's a market for your
product before you create it. I even show you
which print-on-demand publishers to use to get
your product up on Amazon within a matter of days
and -- at practically no-cost. (Your only cost
will be ordering a proof to approve).

I'm giddy about being a bestseller so to celebrate
I have a few more 30-day trials available for $20.
But I warn you these are very limited.

Ya, I know, you heard that before. But when I say
it I mean it.

Maybe this will make sense to you: Over at you get one-on-one coaching
from Gina Henry-Cook, me and our trained team.
That's right you get personal help implementing
all the travel income strategies, including how-to
produce travel information products.

There are only so many people we can help at any
one time so we may be forced to cut-off new
memberships. Obviously this site has struck a cord
because we've had a ton of new sign-ups and that's
with almost no promotion!

Here's the really cool thing: There's all
kinds of ways to travel and make good money --
serious money -- no matter where you are on the
planet and lays out all of
the very best techniques (in addition to the
travel information products).

Claim your $20 trial membership to right here. You won't be
sorry you did and you'll kick yourself if you miss

Note: Use the "Secret Link" to get the special
pricing. Scroll to the order box and you'll see
what I mean.

BTW afraid of the membership component of this
offer? Well you can get some of this same
information by getting the Travel Making Money 2-
DVD set over at but you'll pay $117 for
it! (Check it out) You also won't have all the
one-on-one help or new member updates.

The choice is yours.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Success As A Cruise Speaker From Success Sage Joe Vitale

Are you afraid of taking the next step in your
pursuit of approved status as a enrichment

If you are, listen up...

For several months,I had been getting questions
from folks who are afraid of starting. They just
can't seem to take action.

But action is required for success in anything.

Its no different to become approved to cruise
I want all of my students to succeed. I am
completely invested in that. So anytime I can
find a new way to communicate ways to overcome
fear and take action, I am VERY interested.

Joe Vitale, Nerissa Oden & Daniel Hall talking about success as a cruise speaker

Well, recently I had dinner with my friends Joe
Vitale and Nerissa Oden. (See the picture above)

Joe is the author of many #1 bestselling books
including the Attractor Factor and was in the hit
movie "The Secret".

When it comes to helping others succeed Joe knows
what he's talking about.

So when I met up with Joe, I asked him if he had
any words of wisdom for my customers and
subscribers about overcoming fear and taking
action specifically in the area of cruise ship

He had some interesting things to say which I want
to share with you...

Joe indicated that inaction is a symptom of fear.
Predominantly a fear of failure. He said that
often times we are not clear in our desires to
succeed. That is, deep down we can't believe that
we can be successful and therefore take no action.

I eagerly asked Joe for ways to get clear. We had
a conversation about it, the essence of which is
summarized below:

* Look inward. Find in yourself those limiting
beliefs that are causing you doubt.

* In doing this know that you are a unique and
special person with knowledge, traits and
perspective that ONLY you have.

* That because you have unique things to offer,
cruise lines will be interested in you as an
enrichment lecturer.

* That the only trick is preparing or packaging
yourself specifically for the cruise market.

As I have said many times the primary prerequisite
to success as a cruise enrichment speaker is a
willingness to share your hobbies, passions and
interests. That's it.

Are you willing to share yourself?

Then you CAN do it!

As far as the packaging that's all covered in
Speak On Cruise Ships, so if you have the program
use it. If you don't, get it at

As I reflect and synthesize about my conversation
with Joe, four important thoughts come to mind.

  1. If you're afraid of taking the next step in
    your pursuit of becoming approved to cruise free
    examine why you have that fear.

  2. Take a careful self assessment and add up all
    the things that make you unique.

  3. Understand that it is exactly those things that
    make you unique that also make you attractive to
    the cruise enrichment programs.

  4. Take the steps necessary to package "you" in a
    cruise line friendly way, A.K.A., act!