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Monday, September 28, 2009

Towing the line

We are very careful to abide by our contract with each cruise company.

We always bear in mind that while on board we are on show and representing the company. So we relax, enjoy ourselves, join in the fun - but always keep presentable. We don't smuggle booze on board - but we take advantage of the best offers on board. They're the rules, so we feel it's only fair to abide by them.

We work together with the crew. We get so much more by being pleasant at all times. Being high-handed simply alienates them. Believe me I've seen other speakers burn their boats right there in full view. It's just as easy to get invited back as it is to join the black-list. We intend to keep getting more cruises - and we have a great time doing so. :-)

As a result we get to cruise free - and we get to be invited back - OFTEN!!

We are so fortunate. Thanks to Daniel Hall and good preparation we get free cruises and we get to vacation at someone else's expense.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Planning Ahead

So many cruises and so little time!

At this time of year we find ourselves arguing over the cruise itineraries to choose the ones we want to bid for.

We have been very lucky - 5 cruises a year and every one of them free - thanks to Daniel Hall. However one of those was the result of a call for help from the cruise company's enrichment coordinator just a few weeks before departure. And it was a wonderful itinerary - one that we had not previously considered.

So for 2010 we've bid on 4 itineraries and are keeping a couple of date blocks open. Those I've communicated through the Cruise Speaker Directory (another great initiative Daniel) and to our existing enrichment coordinators in the cruise lines. So who knows? We may well get more very pleasant surprises.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

New Gift Special Report - Getting the Best Airline Seats for Cruise Speakers (or Anyone Else)

Hi Everyone -- I'm back from 18-days in Europe and wanted to give you this new FREE gift. It's a special report I've written just for you called "Getting the Best Airline Seats for Cruise Speakers (or Anyone Else)" If you fly at all you're going to want to read it... I guarantee it!

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Also, you can refer your friends to download it as well. I'll keep this same small banner up and available for the foreseeable future in the top right hand corner.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Marco Polo & The Grand Tour

In a couple of weeks' time Kathy & I set off on our next free cruise adventure. This time we are back in the Mediterranean and I shall tailor my talks to our new destinations.

Well, to be fair, they don't need too much tailoring. I have carefully constructed a set of enrichment talks that can easily be adapted to the ports of call. For example one of my staple talks is about the development of modern day tourism. In Florida I emphasise the roles of Henry Morrison Flagler, who brought the railroad and grand hotels to the south east, and of Walt Disney, who contributed so much to post war tourism in the United States.

In the Eastern Mediterranean I focus on the Thomas Cook "Grand Tours" to Egypt and the wonders of the world.

On this next cruise we will visit Florence, Rome and Naples - so it is easy to re-adjust my presentation, adding material about the importance of Italy as THE chosen destination of "Grand Tourists" in the 18th & 19th centuries.

And this way, with just a little relevant effort, I can keep my talks fresh and relevant, entertain and inform my audiences AND CRUISE FREE!!!

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Sailing Through Time Zones Tip

Hi Everyone -- Still absolutely loving my side trip to Rome but wanted to share this video I made on the ship. A very important tip indeed...

Now if you haven't joined us within the Speakers Cruise Free community. Now is the time... don't look back 6 months or a year from now and wish you would have taken action today. Come join me and so many of my students cruising the world FREE.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Very Special Video

I wanted to share this with you...

I have been interested in Christianity and Judaism (and most
other world religions) for most of my life and consequently
have always wanted to travel to the Holy Land or as the
Italians call it Terra Santa. On my current cruise I got to
spend two glorious days in Israel.

I saw many of the sites of the bible like the actual field
where David slew Goliath and the Wailing Wall in
Jerusalem...I consider myself very fortunate to have spent
time in reflective thought there and leave my prayers.

In Galilee I also got to visit the field where Jesus gave
the Sermon on the Mount. There is a church commemorating
the spot called the Church of the Beatitudes. Perhaps one
of the highlights of the trip (if not my life) was being
asked to read the Beatitudes on the exact hill where Jesus
spoke the actual words.

It moved me then and it moves me now.

Luckily, Lanette had the video rolling so I’d like to share
this very special moment with you.

Spreading the word

We have been so lucky with our table companions on the many cruises that we have been fortunate to take.

The cruise companies ask us speakers to maintain a professional image while we are on board - and part of this is the opportunity to promote our talks amongst those folks with whom we socialise.

We've made some great friends on these cruises, and many have come from the lovely people who have shared our tables. They turn out to be amongst the most regular passengers in my audiences and usually spread the word to bring more attendees with them. And hence the audience grows.

But of course that also gives me a bigger potential market each time for my book sales on board.

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Friday, September 04, 2009

Cruise Speaker Tip From Rhodes, Greece

I'm having a great time on this Med cruise and since leaving
Naples have been visiting brand new places. So far we have
toured Athens and Rhodes. Tomorrow we pull into Kusadasi in
Turkey. This is very close to where St. Paul preached in
Ephesus. In any event, check out this cruise speaker -->

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I invite you to come, let me train you and walk you through
the process. It all starts right here:

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training in the world. Check out this FAQ about the
SCF Club

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