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Friday, July 27, 2012

Difficult Decisions!

From Andrew Johnson

Transatlantic or Transpacific? Difficult choice!split

As the summer season is at its height the cruise lines are looking to fill the final cabins on their pre-winter season re-positioning cruises. And these are the assignments where guest lecturers get the best audiences and the best reception from the cruise directors.

So do you fancy an autumn cruise from Alaska back to Florida, from Europe to a North American base, from the West Coast to Sydney – or somewhere else. The choice is so wide.

And with you could be there enjoying the ship, the passenger cabin, all your meals and great entertainment – PLUS great ports of call.

Your first step is to click HERE to arrange a contact with Daniel Hall. He’s the man who can make it happen.

Happy cruising FREE


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Time….

…. and the living is easy!!St Mark's at night

Indeed on deck right now the living is wonderful; cocktail in hand, sun on our faces, calypso band playing as we set sail from another wonderful port.

Where will you cruise next?

And will you be cruising FREE like us?

To find out if you can exchange a few talks on subjects that interest you for free cruises around the world’s oceans follow this link now to arrange to talk to Daniel Hall. He’s the man who can make it happen.

Happy cruising - FREE … of course,


Monday, May 21, 2012

… and one more for luck!

by Andrew Johnson

When I first met DANIEL HALL he advised me always to carry one or two spare lectures with me on every cruise. That was some years ago. And only a few months later I was one of 2 speakers on a Mediterranean cruise. The other speaker was ill prepared and was not well received by the passengers. The Cruise Director decided to cut his schedule short. He mentioned that he would now have unhappy guests because the program was reduced. I offered to add in a couple of extra talks, all well prepared and researched and all backed by high quality Power Point. imageHe bit my hand off!

I had a wonderful review and an invitation from the head office to choose my future assignments ahead of the rest.

Kathy and I arrived home last night from our latest assignment – 10 days Rome to Monte Carlo via the Cannes Film Festival and Barcelona, on a champagne and caviar 7 star cruise. Unfortunately bad weather meant the captain had to re-schedule the final day and we ended up at sea that morning instead of in port, as he headed for calmer waters. The entertainment program was empty that morning, so I offered an additional lecture. Over 25% of the passengers attended. The captain and cruise director both praised me publicly and the passengers raved over the talk. has introduced us to a world of truly luxury cruising in exchange for talking to nice people about topics I enjoy.

To find out if this is right for you click HERE to arrange a chat with Daniel.

Happy cruising FREE!


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Daniel Hall Teaches Internet Marketing in Spanish

Recently, I have been working with my friend Scott Brown PhD to develop Internet Marketing training in Spanish... I am proud to announce our new training called Haz Dinero Por Internet (see ). Dr. Brown is a tenured finance professor at the graduate school of the University of Puerto Rico and both he and I saw a huge need in the Hispanic and Latin communities for Spanish language education in Internet Marketing. Dr. Brown contributed the language (he is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and English) and logistics and I contributed the Internet Marketing know-how. In any event if you know of any native Spanish speakers who wants to build a profitable online business please do them and us a favor by sending them over to

Friday, April 06, 2012

Holiday Times

From Andrew Johnson

Over here in Europe we are entering the big Easter holiday weekend, when half the population seems to be on the move and there is a run on supermarkets for all the essential (and many non-essential) items that DSC00660have no risk of running out anyway!!

We are at home in Spain this Easter. The first time for a few years. Last Easter we were mid-Pacific on one of a series of free cruises that took us round the world. The year before we were cruising the Greek islands – also free!!

How come? We are part of Daniel Hall’s And, as a result we get to cruise all over the world at the cruise lines’ expenses – all in exchange for a few lectures a week.

To find out if cruising free as a speaker is for you click HERE to arrange to chat to Daniel.

Happy cruising FREE!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

If at first …

We all know the old adage. Keep on trying and you will succeed.

But we also know that try as you might some things just don’t happen unless you know the best way to go about doing them.

Jim & Dale April 2006 016I wasn’t interested in months or years of rejection and failure in my plan to become a sought after cruise speaker. I did my research and found DANIEL HALL at SPEAKERSCRUISEFREE.COM. I believe in finding the best route to success, but I don’t believe in instant, no effort success. So I asked lots of questions about the process and the track record.

Satisfied I was not being “sold a pup” (and I take some satisfying!!) I signed up with DANIEL and have never looked back.

We cruise on luxury cruise liners – and we cruise for free!!

To find out if cruise speaking is for you - - - and if you are right for cruise speaking click HERE now to arrange a conversation with DANIEL HALL.

Happy cruising - FREE,


Monday, February 27, 2012

Who Dunnit?

by Andrew JohnsonRoger's SH tankard

Kathy writes and we host murder mystery evenings. We run them as major fundraisers for 100 plus at a time, as team building events and as personal development activities. So why do I mention that here? Well that’s quite simple really. We are both used to working things out and finding the right solution or the best path to our desired results.

When we decided to start cruise speaking we did our research of course. We wanted to find the best way of getting “in” on this deal.

So when I found Daniel Hall at I naturally wanted to be sure that he would deliver what he offered. And, naturally, he wanted to be sure that we would meet the standards expected by the cruise lines.

So we talked!

And satisfied that we each met the needs of the other we set out on what has been a lengthy and very happy partnership.

Find out if free cruising as a speaker is right for you by contacting Daniel by clicking right HERE. 

Happy cruising - FREE


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Who’s in charge of your vacations?


by Andrew Johnsonclip_image001

That may seem to be a strange question. I ask because many cruise speakers are dependent on their agent to find cruises for them. And they have to take what they are offered - or nothing at all!

I didn’t fancy that idea, especially because they can charge up to $70 a day for each cruise booked.

I work with DANIEL HALL at In all the years that we have worked together Kathy and I have planned our own travels and I see no reason to change. So now we approach the cruise line contacts that Daniel has introduced us to and apply direct to them for free cruises that WE want.

Last year alone we travelled around the world, based on three separate but consecutive cruises with 2 different cruise lines. And later in the year we were booked for a wonderful 6 star Atlantic isles and Caribbean cruise. And you guessed it – the cruises were free!!!!

If you’d like to find out if your skills match the cruise companies’ needs talk to Daniel. Click HERE NOW.

Happy cruising ---- FREE.


Monday, February 13, 2012

Making Friends

by Andrew Johnson

We are so lucky. No. No. I mean we are so prepared. As I’ve said before “luck” is when “preparation” meets “opportunity”. NaplesAnd if I feel lucky it must be because I’ve done my preparation.

What do I feel lucky about today? Oh that’s simple. Amongst all the good things in our blessed life we have the added blessing of the many good people we meet while we are cruising for free. We often accept the genuine offers of hospitality and visit some of these wonderful and interesting people when we are on our cruises.

Thanks to Daniel Hall at we cruise all over the world’s seas and oceans – and someone else provides the cruise for FREE!

Are you already in the family? If not click HERE now to find out if this wonderful opportunity is right for you.

Happy cruising FREE,




Saturday, January 28, 2012

Information and Determination

From - Andrew Johnson

I have found in life that making decisions requires information and determination. Without good informAndrew May 2010 v2ation there's no guarantee that the decisions will be wise. Without determination we are more likely to sit on the side lines and watch others succeed.

Have you ever heard folks who say something like "Why does she always get the breaks?" Well let me say - to a large extent we make our own breaks. And determination to succeed is one of the most valuable assets.

When I found Daniel Hall at I had several questions – because I wanted to check out the credentials. And. of course, Daniel needed to check me out too. After all, if he was to recommend me his reputation was on the line.

Today Kathy and I cruise for free several times a year. Great, luxury cruises - FREE.

Get an online appointment now to check if cruising for free is right for you by clicking right HERE.

Happy cruising - free,