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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How To Pick a Teleseminar Service that Makes You Money

As many of my members know I do a bunch of training, promoting & selling through teleseminars. It used to take me HOURS to set up, promote and post replay audios. It was a hassle but because the teleseminars were so profitable I continued to do them even though they were arduous and time-intensive to set-up.

Then I found a solution!

Want to know how to put on profitable teleseminars quickly and without hassles?

I wrote it all down in my newest ebook "How To Pick A Teleseminar Service that Makes You Money!" Download and read at the link above.

My prediction: You'll thank me later! Enjoy.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Last blog from this cruise

3-18-09 Wednesday, Malta
Nobody’s been able to access the internet & send emails for a few days. To catch you up on my talks, they have been going great. Every evening passengers receive a ship newsletter telling them of the next day’s activities, and my last two classes have had nice summaries included. The result is 66 people for the talk 3 days ago and standing room only for yesterday’s "Paper Clutter" class.

Today’s port is Malta and what a beautiful country. Hard to believe that the forts of the great siege of 1565 are still standing – strong, imposing, magnificent. Also, the Brits at our table have shared many stories their fathers have told them of being stationed here during WW2. Visiting ancient cathedrals and walking the narrow streets lined with colorful flowers feels like we’ve gone backwards in time.

I could weep for the beauty and the history we are experiencing on this cruise.

It was another picture perfect day. Imagine Bruce and me standing with the towers of Fort St. Angelo behind us --- red, blue and yellow fishing boats bobbing in the Grand Harbor alongside us. Brilliant blue sky, puffy white clouds, the sun sparkling like diamonds in the sapphire water. And most important, my hair wafting in the breeze. Wafting. Wafting. Ever wafting.

Late tomorrow afternoon (Thursday), is my last class "Do You Have a Book in Your Heart that You Want to Write?" Then in Barcelona on Friday we sadly leave the ship with fabulous memories of walking the Acropolis AND seeing the pyramids all in the same week, plus so many wonderful places and people and activities. We will tour Barcelona for a few hours, then catch the bullet train to Madrid where we will spend a week with a friend.

I’ve been told to not even try to email this today, the satellite dish on the ship is fixed but won’t be calibrated (I think that’s the word) till tomorrow (Thursday) when I should be able to send off yesterday’s and today’s blog.

So this will be my last message to you. As you probably know, I’ve never blogged before and (hate to admit this) have never even read a blog. So I wrote what I thought would interest you. If this was too long or too boring, please forgive. I have much to learn.
My biggest hope is that sharing this cruise with you will inspire you to move forward in becoming a cruise speaker yourself. For Bruce and me, it’s a blast and we love everything about it.
I bid you "Adios" with a sincere hope that we meet again soon and wishing you every success in whatever journey you choose in life. Via con Dios.
Waftingly yours,
Rita Emmett

St Pat's Day on the Mediterranean

3/17/09 Tuesday Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!
I thought Bruce & I might be the only ones who remembered to pack green clothes to wear & green shamrocks to decorate our cabin doors. But nooooooo. The ship is all a-flutter with shiny green shamrocks and green balloons. Even the elegant grand piano in the atrium is covered with in-elegant shamrocks.

They are serving green beer, and all the bars offer Guinness, Jameson Irish Whiskey, Bailey’s Irish Cream and Irish coffee.

It looks like most of the cruisers remembered to pack green – even people who don’t seem to be Irish. Today in the elevator we met people from Spain, Scotland and Germany – all in green shirts. Except the German guy claimed it was just a coincidence.

One of the delightful side benefits of a cruise like this is meeting fascinating people from all over the world. At least once a day we connect with someone at breakfast or lunch from a different country.
Our long dinner table has eleven people – 7 from England and 4 of us from the US. Every evening we switch seats so we can all have a chance to chat with one another. The other night, we ended up with all the Brits at one end of the table and us "yanks" at the other. So we told them we were planning a revolution – had to do with Boston, tossing tea over board and overthrowing the king. They told us they’ve had a queen now for the past … um … couple of years. We scoffed and bellowed "On with the revolution!!" One of the women said if she didn’t know us better, she would think were’ daft. See what I mean about interesting people? When’s the last time you were called "daft"?

Another secret benefit of a cruise is that – to me --- it is a writer’s retreat. I feel that one hour of writing on a cruise equals four hours of writing at home. There’s no laundry screaming to be done, no grocery shopping, no worry about what to cook for dinner, no phones interrupting. This must be what it feels like to be a full time writer. It’s magnificent.

Each afternoon that we’re not touring, I write for an hour or two and Bruce curls up with a book. On our last cruise, I wrote an entire book proposal and it was accepted. By the way, if you want to write a book, don’t let yourself get all anxious about writing book proposals. In "The Procrastinator’s Guide to Authorship" ( we give you the same step-by-step "recipe" that I used for all four of my proposals that have been accepted. It’s not scary and doesn’t take long to do. I think sometimes people read a whole book about writing a proposal and get terrified that it will take longer to write the proposal than it took to write the book. Nope, not at all.
Anyway, writing for a couple of hours in the afternoon doesn’t take any time away from us doing all the ship activities – touring, swimming every day, going to the ship’s shows, meeting fun people, eating (did I mention that they feed us every 14 minutes???) dancing together in the late evening and – of course – presenting my programs. And there’s still time to relax and even nap.
We would love to take some of the other speaker’s programs but they’ve been scheduled at the same time as mine. I’ve met two of the other speakers (both are cool guys), Dr. Ted who gives destination programs and Dr. Don who talks about "Black Belt Haggling at the Market On Shore". I really wanted to learn about that but the timing doesn’t work.

Interesting coincidence. Ran into Don yesterday and he said, "I just connected the dots. I was reading a blog that mentioned ‘Brilliance of the Sea’ and thought it was a coincidence that I was on that ship. Then I noticed the dates and realized the blogger is on THIS ship on THIS cruise. It’s YOU!!"

So Daniel, two out of the 3 of us speakers on this cruise are part of your program. Isn’t that awesome? Life is good. And now, 14 minutes have gone by. It’s time for them to feed us again.
Cruising along,

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Pyramids

Monday, March 16 Egypt
Nothing compares with seeing the pyramids in person. I’ve seen photos and the Field Museum in Chicago has a fantastic re-creation of ancient Egypt, but nothing compares to the real thing.
We’ve just returned from a 14 hour tour. Took a shower and had room service for our dinner. We’ve gone for a swim almost every day of this trip, but are skipping it today. Have been up since 6 this morning, did a lot of walking, and are going to bed early tonight.

We took a bus from Alexandria to Cairo and on the way saw a great deal of how people live. It is a much simpler, slower life style. As each child in a family grows up and marries, the parents build another "apartment" on top of their house for them to live in --- permanently. So all the family lives in one house, as a community helping one another with child care, cooking, and finances. If you don’t get married, you stay living with mama and papa your whole life.

We toured inside a beautiful Masque, learned a bit about Islam and the five pillars of Islam. In the US, we mostly know about extremist and fundamentalist Muslims, It was touching to hear the practices and beliefs from a devout peace-loving Muslim.

Then we floated on a barge down the Nile, and didn’t just SEE the Sphinx and the pyramids --- we were there. We touched them. We were overwhelmed by them.
It was a picture-perfect day with a vivid blue sky and puffy white clouds. People in colorful clothing of Egypt and camels in brightly colored rug-saddles and decorations. A camel spit at me but missed, so I behaved myself and didn’t spit back:)

We’ve taken some fantastic photos. You might wonder why you’re not seeing any. Well, this trip I’ve learned to blog. Last trip I learned how to work a digital camera. Next trip I’ll learn how to SEND photos. For now,you’ll just have to use your imagination – picture me slender & svelte, mid-thirties, standing in front of the Sphinx with my blond hair wafting in the breeze.
Daniel, I can hear you thinking, "Wait a minute. This is a brunette overweight grandmother of nine."

Here’s the thing Danny boy – it’s time to put on your "Let’s imagine hat".
Can you imagine a leprechaun sitting on a mushroom?
Can you imagine a unicorn frollicking among rainbows?
OK Bucko – then it shouldn’t be hard to imagine me looking slender & svelte like "a wood nyphe in yon sylvan glen". And don’t forget the wafting hair. When women want to look beautirul, they waft. It’s a Universal Law.

But I digress. Back to our tour – we’ve been lucky to have terific tour guides. This one gave us a flavor of life in Egypt with stories about daily life, the work place, religious practices, way of dressing, the economy, history, legends and myths of this mysterious place. The traffic is beyond belief. It made rush-hour in Chicago look like slowpokes going for a Sunday drive down a country road. There are few traffic lights and only one traffic law "Just keep going."

Stores have no set hours. They open when they want and close when they decide to, except everyone is open on Friday.

I could go on & on. This has been the trip of a lifetime. I sincerely hope that all of you get to experience this type of dream-come-true cruise one day soon.
And now, beddy-bye time.
Cruising along,

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Athens and Rhodes

Friday, March 13, 2009
Most of today was a magnificent tour of Athens, with a sensational tour guide who told stories of history, politics, architecture, mythology and culture.
For example, she pointed out that most people think the Acropolis is the beautiful building that we have seen in photos. But it is the high hill that the buildings sit on. She said that many towns have an Acropolis. The Greek word acra means "high" as in acrobats and acrophobia, and "polis" means city or community of people as in police, politics or metropolis. So it is the high hill within a community. The beautiful building of pillars that we are familiar with is the Parthenon.
We had 2 hours to spend at the Acropolis and I thought that was going to be way too much time. But it flew by and I wished we’d had many more hours to spend.
Walking around the Parthenon felt like a mystical, meditative moment. The beauty of the buildings plus the majestic view of the city were both exciting and serene at the same time.
As we were leaving, I turned back to look once more at the Parthenon, and still could not believe I was actually here. I felt totally present, a bit choked up and hated to leave. It was a moment I’ll always remember.
Then as our bus drove through the city, we paused and looked up at the view of the Acropolis. The view of the city from up there was breath-taking, and now, the view of the ruins from down here were equally awesome.
I thought how it must feel to live in Athens, go to the grocery store and glance up to see this inspiring sight. And I wondered if they just take if for granted and stop noticing it, or if Athenians daily marvel at the sight up on that hill. OPAA!!

Saturday, 3/14/09
Today we are in Rhodes, Greece, home many centuries ago of the Knights of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem. At dinner last night, a fellow diner said, "Does anyone know the difference between the Knights of Rhodes and the Knights of Malta?"
I love learning about this era, know a bit about it, so I explained to him that the Knights Templar were a different order, but the Knights of the Order of St. John
Were first called Hospitaliers because they provided health care for the pilgrims who traveled to Jerusalem. When they went to Rhodes in 1309 after the crusades, people called them the Knights of Rhodes but they were still the same order. And after being defeated by the Ottomen of Suliman’s Empire, they traveled to different countries for 7 years and finally were awarded Malta. The fee they had to pay for Malta was (can you guess?) one Maltese Falcon per year, to be paid on All Souls Day (Nov. 1 or 2 – I can’t remember which it is). So the Knights of Malta are the same order also.
Both the Knights Templar and the Knights of the Order of St. John were "warrior priests". They were highly trained & highly disciplined military men, and they also took vows of poverty, chastity and obedience and lived the spiritual life of a monk.
Going to Rhodes and seeing their fortification, hospital and the palace of the Grand Marshall (the head honcho of the Knights) was a fabulous chance to experience history. Walking down the cobblestone "Street of the Knights" had my imagination spinning with thoughts of what it must have been like 700 years ago.
And actually being in their hospital seemed like a sacred space. It turns out that they had one special area of the building for the sick and injured, and the other areas were to provide rooms for weary travelers. The Knights would give them a warm bed (back then, it was a mat of straw) and meals and people could stay in their hospital until they felt "recharged". That’s where the word hospitality comes from.
Well, we haven’t been able to access the internet for several days. I’m off now with hopes that I can send this to you. If you love history, you would love this cruise. This is beyond my wildest dreams. Magnificent. Bruce and I are having a great time….
Cruising along

Friday, March 13, 2009

You, Tony Robbins & Mark Victor Hansen -- Carolyn McCormick Replay

We had a great call last night with Carolyn McCormick and I have had literally a dozen people email to ask for the replay mp3.

It's no wonder.... they know that Carolyn has helped titans in the industry like Tony Robbins, Mark Victor Hansen, Bob Proctor and John Gray to build their businesses so it stands to reason that Carolyn has the know-how to help you!

Below I have posted the streaming audio as well as a downloadable mp3.

Listen to this ASAP because there is a time-sensitive announcement at minute 44. Your going to want Carolyn's telephone number after hearing this announcement so here it is: 303-683-1041.

Download the mp3!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Palermo, Italy

Wednesday 3/11/09
Greetings from Palermo, Italy. We’ve had a beautiful, sunny day visiting colorful little fishing villages, a breath-taking 600-year old cathedral, and gorgeous scenery. If you like travel, you will love this type of cruising. We will stop at seven different ports – tomorrow we are at sea, Thurs. is Athens, Greece.
I figured out how to send my communications to you, but I might not be able to send these the same day I write them, because the ship is having great difficulty getting air waves or whatever that mysterious thing is that sends out emails.
As you may remember, I’m a low tech woman in a high tech world, so I’m just stumbling & bumbling through this process of sending blogs. Sometimes Daniel will be discussing computer stuff with me and he’ll say, "Oh that program is super simple to work. Anyone can do it – even you." I can never tell if that’s an insult or a compliment:)
So now I’ll catch you up on working on the Brilliance of the Sea. I think every ship is different. Here instead of working with the Cruise Director, I work with the Cruise Program Administrator. There are 3 other enrichment speakers on this cruise and she hasn’t met in person with any of us. Instead she communicates via voice mail and notes left on our door.
On this cruise, I will present 5 programs:
Secrets to Blast Away Procrastination
Clutter Clutter Everywhere
Is Trying to be Perfect making you & Everyone you know crazy?
Want to get rid of paper Clutter Fast?
Do You Have a Book in Your Heart That You Want to Write?

Hmmmmm, guess what I forgot to do? I never did introduce myself, did I?

Hi There,
My name is Rita Emmett and my husband Bruce & I live in Des Plaines, IL.
I’m a Recovering Procrastinator, a professional speaker and author of several best-selling books:
The Procrastinator’s Handbook
The Procrastinating Child: A Handbook for Adults to Help Children Stop Putting Things Off
The Clutter-Busting Hand book
and my latest book was published and released to book stores just last month:
Manage You Time to Reduce Your Stress: A Handbook for the Overworked, Overscheduled and Overwhelmed
(Do you think anyone will relate to that last title??)

So when I talk on cruise ships I speak about my books. Daniel knows that a lot of you have a book in your heart that you want to write, and don’t know how to get started. I told him that was a huge problem for me at the beginning also – how the heck to get started and how the heck do you write a book and how the heck do you get it published.
After a lot of time, study, learning and expense, I completed my first book and it sold 100,000 copies in the first 14 months, landed me an interview with Katie Couric and is now published in 32 countries.

So Daniel and I put together an easy inexpensive program called The Procrastinator’s Guide to Authorship ( to help with all those questions. If you want to write a book, this will help you side-step having to take a ton of expensive, time-consuming classes and seminars to figure it all out.
As you can imagine, when you pitch ideas to a cruise line AND send them a copy of your book, it gets their attention.

The reason I gave you all those details is because usually you suggest only 3 topics for a cruise. But because I’m a professional speaker and have these programs (with Power Point and hand outs) already put together, and since I love doing this, I gave them suggestions for 5 topics and they want all five. They are happy and I’m happy.

Tuesday was the "Blast Away Procrastination" program, and we had great fun. One of the people attending said "Good title. This class is a blast." Tomorrow I’ll present "Clutter, Clutter Everywhere".
And now I’m off to see if the ship is capturing that mysterious stuff that sends off emails so I can send this to you.
Cruising along,
Rita Emmett

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

First Day on The Brilliance of the Seas

Tuesday 3-10-09
Dear Blog readers,

We are cruising the high seas
Barcelona was magnificent – beyond my wildest dreams. Food, people, scenery, cathedrals, architecture, sitting at sidewalk cafes watching the world go by – all so wonderful.
Now we are on the Brilliance of the Seas heading for Palermo, Italy. In between stopping at ports, we will have 4 and a half days at sea, and I will be giving 5 presentations.
I’m not going in to great detail today because after I type this, I have to figure out how to send it and that might take the whole cruise. I practiced doing it from my home, but this is trickier.

Once I figure this out, I will tell you more about speaking on this cruise ship.

One thing before I forget. My previous cruises were all on Celebrity and they sent us detailed info on what to do once we get on board. Royal Caribbean (and many other cruise lines) send only a contract with no other instructions.

Luckily, we knew to go to the restaurant and ask for a table assignment. (Speakers usually don’t get a table assigned ahead of time.) So we are at a lovely table with other English speaking passengers.

However, one of the other enrichment speakers didn’t know about this so he was one of the last ones to get a table. He and his wife ended up all alone at a table for two. His wife is extremely cranky about this. She says "This man is a speaker but he never talks to me at dinner. So now I’m stuck with him not talking to me for the whole cruise." She offered to switch places with me. I graciously declined.

Too bad they don’t have a Daniel Hall. We are all so lucky to have him take us by the hand and lead us step by step through this whole list of things-to-do at the beginning of a cruise.
By the way, Daniel, your tip about going to the Pier Coordinator worked perfectly. We just breezed past all the people in line and zipped right on board.

I’m off to the computer room to figure out how to send this. Hopefully you will receive it before Christmas.

Cruising along,
Rita Emmett
Author of the Procrastinator's Guide to Authorship

Friday, March 06, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Dear Blog Readers,
Daniel’s advice really, really works.

Tomorrow my husband Bruce and I will fly to Barcelona. We will tour on Sunday and Monday morning, then at noon we will board Royal Caribbean’s Brilliance of the Sea where I’ll give talks about my books. We are so excited.

Here’s how we got here. As Daniel says, these cruise people are very kind and generous. They don’t tell us when and where we HAVE to speak. Instead, they ask us for our "Wish List". (When is the last time someone asked you for your Wish List?)

So we sent Royal Caribbean a list of about 18 choices. They wrote back "I’m so sorry, but we cannot accommodate any of your requests. However, we can offer you these two cruises."
They gave us the name of the ships and dates of departure, but nothing else.

When Bruce looked it up, he called out, "Rita, come here. I think there’s been a BIG mistake." We both were astonished looking at the itinerary --Spain, Italy, Greece, Malta and Egypt. I immediately called Royal Caribbean and asked if that cruise was a mistake. She said "no".

"How could you possibly apologize for offering such a dream-come-true trip?"I asked.
She said, "Well, it isn’t what you asked for."

I burst our laughing. "I didn’t ask for it because I didn’t have the audacity to ask for such a FABULOUS trip."

And that’s how it came to be that we are leaving for this incredible cruise through the Mediterranean, to give talks about my books.

I am thrilled at where the books I’ve authored have taken us. Writing that first one wasn’t easy. I didn’t know anyone who is published, didn’t know if I should self publish or not, didn’t know how to find an agent or publisher. And after taking tons of classes and spending many bucks, I finally wrote The Procrastinator’s Handbook, and it sold 100,000 the first year.

Daniel & I were talking about this one day, and together we decided to develop a program to help people who want to write a book but don’t know how to get started, "The Procrastinator’s Guide to Authorship" has all the info I wished I had when I first started writing. If you want help to get going writing a book that’s in your heart, go to You will love it and will feel sensational once you’ve become an author. And now --- we’re off.
Rita Emmett

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A Gift - Capturing & Using Images On Your Computer Screen

I really appreciate you being on my list, being in my Club and/or reading this blog.

From the bottom of my heart...

Thank You!

As a way to express my thanks I wanted to give you this gift. It is a video and tool you can use to capture images (any images) on your computer screen. My idea for you is it will make it easier to capture images for use with your onboard PowerPoint programs.

Go watch the short video here. Once you watch the video go here and download Snapashot.

And if you're not already approved to cruise free, why not?

I've provided all the tools you need here ==>

Why should you do it now?

Because tomorrow I'm doing a special training on getting approved with Cunard Lines in the UK.

Don't miss this training if you want to cruise Europe this year or next.

God bless and happy cruising.

RCCL Panama Cruise

Hello Everyone,

It is Day 3 of our cruise.
We’re just passed Cuba and heading for Aruba.

The check-in process went smooth. On the first night I received a call from the Activities Manager and we met to discuss my lectures and what assistance I would need from them.
At that time they inform you of when and where you will be speaking.

I had a little curve ball thrown my way when they advised me that I would be presenting on a port day. On this particular cruise we have a total of 5 sea days which usually means that is how many presentations I would be required to do. As another first on this cruise there are actually 3 other Enrichment Lecturers.

Tomorrow we arrive in Aruba around 6:15am and Dabney and I planned on going on a Catamaran Sailboat tour which is 5 hours long. We leave Aruba at 2:30 and I have to present at 3:30pm. I have a presentation called Karaoke Confidence which usually draws a big crowd and is usually my first presentation. On all of the cruises I have been on so far Karaoke is huge and takes place almost every night. I was surprised to see that on this particular cruise there are only 4 nights out of 11 scheduled to have Karaoke. So to kick off the first night they wanted me to do my lecture as we leave Aruba.

I guess I better re-think the day of partying on the Catamaran? Nah, who am I kidding!
I can do this particular lecture with my eyes closed which is a good lesson here.
Since I have started Cruising for FREE which this is my 4th Cruise this is the first time I’ve been asked to speak on a port day.

My lesson here is like the Boy-Scout motto, “Always be Prepared”.
I am always am prepared to do more than what is originally scheduled and I always let the Cruise line know that I am willing to step in anytime they need me.

I had my first of 6 lectures yesterday which was “How to overcome any fear of phobia in 8 minutes or less. (No matter how long you’ve had it)

This lecture always brings a crowd. I’ve seen helped fellow cruisers overcome everything from a fear of snakes to germs. I had about 17 people attend and received rave reviews from all that attended. How do I know that? I always (with the Cruise lines permission) get written or video testimonials from the attendees. I do this by offering them a free gift. Sometimes it may be a copy of the PowerPoint presentation or a free download but I always make sure I get testimonials. I carry a small scanner so that I can get a copy for myself and then I give all of them along with a Thank You card to the Activities Manager / Cruise director before I leave the ship. This is a good way to assure that they know their passengers enjoyed your presentations while cruising.

Well that’s enough for now. The Men’s Sexy Legs contest is getting ready to start and I have another presentation today at 3pm.

Thanks for reading and I’ll update everyone again in a few days.

Peace & Power,

Vic Maranto