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Monday, August 29, 2011

Divided by a Common Language

George Bernard Shaw is credited with this phrase and Churchill once said that “The United States of America and the United Kingdom are two great nations divided by a common language”. As the son of a wealthy New York heiress and as an international statesman he should know.

I have seen many cruise speakers who make no concessions at all to this difference. An English academic who talks in Oxford code or a New Jersey life coach who makes no concessions to his international audience will get poorer ratings than the speakers who find out the nationality split of the passengers and talks to them rather than beyond them.

Many cruise directors give an idea of the nationality split at the welcome on board show – even if you don’t attend the show it’s worth watching the relevant bit of the stateroom TV showing to find out.

And always use words and phrases that the whole audience will understand. Remember that a part of your audience will be the dozens of nationalities of crew, who get the chance to watch the TV re-runs on their cabin TV service when they finish work – often in thimagee early hours.

Oh – and watch what you do with your hands! While Governor Schwarzenegger’s cheery “thumbs up” might seem innocent enough, in some parts of the world this is just plain offensive! Whatever you don’t give this sign to a traffic cop in Rio!!!

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Happy cruising free!


Monday, August 22, 2011

Fly the way the sailors do!

When crew join, leave or rejoin a ship they often have to fly to get to or from the relevant port. Recognising this a number of specialist travel agencies exist that negotiate special air fares (maritime or marine fares). These fares are very well priced, more flexible that most advancSlide74ed purchase fares; they usually inlclude additional baggage allowances (commonly a 2 piece allowance) AND, as contracted speakers on board cruise ships we are usually entitled to these excellent offers.

There are several specialist agencies. We have traveled with both and

You will need to register and demonstrate that you are travelling to join a ship on a contract. And you should have your speaker contract or letter of engagement with you when you check in.

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Happy cruising FREE!



Monday, August 15, 2011

Where do your neighbors go?

Where do your neighbors spend their vacations? We live in sunny Spain and many of our neighbors head for local beaches – or even to cooler northern climes. In winter they may go to the Canary Islands or the Spanish Caribbean. Or they may seek out the culture of Europe’s many cities.barcelona_sightseeing

They are often amazed by our vacation plans. Not surprising really. A number of other expats enjoy cruising. Often a couple, or even more a year. But of course, even with the best deals around, they end up paying far more than we do.

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Well let me tell you – we cruise several times a year. And we really do cruise for free.

I’m just putting the finishing touches to my talks for a “six star” standard cruise in a few weeks time. We haven’t had to save for months (or years!) we don’t have to go into the red, and we don’t have to trim back on the rest of our lives.

We just get out there and cruise free.

Daniel will tell you that I was sceptical at first. I doubted the claim that we could cruise for free.

I was wrong. We can. And WE DO!!! ?

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Happy cruising free,