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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cruise Free Coaching!

I am invested in my students and want them to
succeed. I rarely advertise it but sometimes
I do open coaching and updates to help students

I have scheduled an update and open coaching
session for next Tuesday at Noon, Central
Standard Time. This coaching is an unadvertised
- free bonus for customers of the "Speak on Cruise
Ships" program.

If you decide to invest in "Speak On Cruise
Ships" by Noon on August 6, 2007 you'll get
to participate in this open coaching.

You'll be able to ask me any and all specific
questions related to getting approved to cruise
free as an enrichment speaker.

My advice: Get the Speak On Cruise Ships program
now, go through it so you'll be prepared to make
the most out of your coaching time.

Also, I just came back from another trip to Miami
where I met with another one of my cruise line
contacts. And on this call I'll have important
up-to-the minute updates on --

* Why if you want to cruise Europe free, next year
is going to be YOUR year

* More on selling your products online

* How many cabins are available for enrichment
lecturers next year... and its significance

* Why the cruise lines are clamoring for new
enrichment speakers (which means a HUGE
opportunity for you!)

This is a free call only open to students who have
invested in Speak On Cruise Ships...

Get it here --

Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Kissy-Kissy Review

Quick note...

Speak On Cruise Ships: 8 Easy Steps To A Lifetime
Of Free Luxury Cruises named "Editor's Book Pick"
at Canada's popular site!

Check out the review here --

Its a completely independent review and
has no financial interest in sales -- thus, if you
don't quite believe me, you can believe the folks
over at

Speak On Cruise Ships -- is your ticket to getting
free cruises by trading your talents.

This is no kissy-kissy review either (John T.D.
Keyes only gave me 3.5 stars out of possible 5).
He is the former editor of TV Guide and Vancouver
Magazine but although he doesn't altogether
embrace my writing style he does say that "there's
no doubt that this book really does deliver what
its title promises."

Get on over and check out the review yourself.

Then once you're finally convinced -- get started
on your free cruise odyssey by getting "Speak On
Cruise Ships"

Do it,

Daniel Hall

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Successful Products From Your Onboard Presentions

I'm following up on my last post. Remember
when I said I'm a big fan of repackaging and
repurposing my efforts?

Well, I want to give you another example, which
shows how your cruise ship gigs can be parlayed
into your own products.

Case in point #1:

One of my onboard presentations is titled "Cerveza
Fria: 45-Minutes To All The Vacation Spanish
You'll Ever Need"

During one of my recent cruises I had the
opportunity to video tape that program. The video
was eventually turned into a DVD and now I'm proud
to say that it's available on Check
it out --

What's amazing to me is this DVD has already
started to sell -- without any promotion from me!

Case in point #2:

Then there's my eBay Gold program. This was my
very first onboard presentation. I did it for a
number years before its popularity waned.
Eventually, the content from this presentation got
turned into a product that my friend Gina Henry-
Cook sells in her classes across the country and
on her website --

This too produces income for me.

So here's what I'm trying to tell you...

You too can use the content for your onboard
presentations to create your own products. And
these products, I'm happy to report, can turn into
nice little passive income streams.

Pretty cool, huh?

Well it all starts by getting approved to cruise
with enrichment programs. Seize your opportunity,
get the critically acclaimed "Speak On Cruise
Ships" program here --

s/ Daniel Hall
Author, "Speak on Cruise Ships: 8 Easy Steps To
A Lifetime of Free Luxury Cruises"

P. S. Here's the beauty: Once you have products
related to your onboard presentations, its
possible to then sell them in the onboard gift
shop. I cover how this is done in my Miami Update
bonus which you'll get when you order "Speak On
Cruise Ships" --

P.P.S. If I've cruised with you and you've seen
me do my Cerveza Fria program live or if you
purchased the Amazon DVD -- I would very much
appreciate you reviewing the product over at


Thursday, July 05, 2007

Cruising - Approved Once, Approved Forever

I'm always looking for ways to repackage and
repurpose work.

In law school, for example, I wrote a paper for a
class. I then took the same paper and submitted it
for publication in a scholarly legal publication.

To my amazement, it was published. (Note: this is
a big deal for a law student).

I then took the same paper and submitted it for a
legal writing contest. Guess what? It was
published yet again!

Now that's mileage!

There's a parallel in cruise ship speaking. Once
you're approved to cruise by one line, you are,
generally speaking, approved forever.

This means you can then pretty much cruise when
you want as long as you give enough advance

I did a teleseminar with marketing guru and
speaker, James Malinchak and in talking to James,
I realized that many people were unaware that you
only have to be approved once by the cruise lines.

BTW James calls me the "King of Cruise Ship

The fact of the matter is cruise ship speaking is
unlike many other forms of professional speaking.
That is, with most forms of speaking each new
booking requires a new approval -- with all the
same prep work and rigmarole.

Not so with cruise speaking.

If you are cruising with the same cruise line --
once you're in, you're in for life (unless you do
something to screw it up).

So take that step. Do what you need to do get
approved today. And here's the thing I want you
to realize...

... the benefits you get once you're approved will
likely last the rest of your life!

It starts with going through the steps in "Speak
On Cruise Ships"

Get your copy here --

s/ Daniel Hall
Author, Speak On Cruise Ships: 8 Easy Steps To A
Lifetime of Free Luxury Cruises

P.S. This is the real-deal. No smoke and mirrors,
no upselling you into higher priced products --
everything you need is in "Speak On Cruise Ships"

If you're serious about doing the cruise speaker
thing, go get it --

Sunday, July 01, 2007

"I'm So Proud Of..."

....Speak On Cruise Ships Students

You know, when you birth a project like "Speak On
Cruise Ships" and send it into the world you hope
for the best. You hope that your work helps
people and changes lives.

I have been fortunate with "Speak On Cruise Ships"
its been very popular and my students have been
very happy with it... because it works!

From time-to-time my students contact and tell me
how they're doing. For instance, I recently heard
from Julie Pech who used my techniques to start
cruising with NCL spreading the gospel of daily
chocolate eating (yes, chocolate).

She's getting famous. She wrote a book called the
Chocolate Therapist (available from
The Chocolate Therapist
) and was recently featured in the Sunday
Denver Post see --

Great job Julie, keep up the good work!

Then there's Tweed Scott who is the author of the
three-time national award-winning book "Texas In
Her Own Words" Tweed and I met up recently to
break bread and he had this to say about the
Speak on Cruise Ships Program --

Tweed's book is a fabulous and very entertaining
read and it too is available at - Texas in Her Own Words

Oh, just so you understand, Tweed's book
is excellent whether or not your a Texan.

Why am I telling you about Julie and Tweed?

Because they are pursuing their dreams and seeing
great changes in their life...

You can too.

If you're on the edge wondering whether you can
cruise free... I'm here to tell 'ya, "you can!"

I've laid it all out for you. There is no guess
work, no wondering what to do next. My program
"Speak On Cruise Ships" spells it all out for you.

Don't believe me?

Check out this review from another happy student.

BTW, all of these folks ponied up their $97 to
invest in their program. So don't think I gave
them copy in exchange for their words.

The Speak On Cruise Ships program is the real deal
-- give it a try, give it a whirl -- you're always protected
by my guarantee. What do you have to lose?