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Thursday, May 31, 2007

U of Texas Austin Class

Quick note...

If you are anywhere near Austin, Texas on
June 16, I am teaching my "Cruise Free" class at
the University of Texas, Informal Classes.

You can register through this link --

The class is listed under the "Language, Culture &
Travel" category, Activity # 7458.901.

If you missed the Speak On Cruise Ships Open
Coaching & Miami Update call, I have added a
recording of the call to the bonuses of the "Speak
On Cruise Ships" program.

I've received VERY positive feedback on the call
so if your serious about cruising with enrichment
programs you can invest in your copy here --

God bless & happy cruising,

s/ Daniel Hall

Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day's Meaning

If you have been following this blog you've no
doubt read about my Grandfather (he sometimes
cruises with me and always lives with me).

He is one of my heroes.

And like many others of his generation he was a
hero of World War II. I thought this Memorial Day
would be a great time to tell you some of his
story and his sacrifice.

I start by saying he is reticent and humble about
his military service. Despite this, I asked him
if I could share some of his war time experiences
with you. He agreed.

Grandpa was in the Army and part of the third wave
to invade the shores at Normandy Beach. He tells
the stories of how his landing craft maneuvered
close to the beach careful to avoid the bodies
floating in the water.

He tells the story of jumping into the surf and
making his way onto the beach as the waves lapped
the shore with the blood of fallen soldiers.

He tells of the enemy fire from German machine gun
nests still perched on the hills.

He tells me of how for over a year he marched
across Europe -- cold and wet. How he and his
buddies would sleep standing up, leaning on each
other to form a tripod.

How he lost good friends in the fight. How there
were many days he wondered whether he would come

How as the Germans retreated he and his unit were
one of the first to liberate the Buchenwald
Concentration Camp in Weimar, Germany.

He spoke reverently of the interactions he had
with camp survivors -- many gaunt and with active

He also told me how he, as the European theater
closed, shipped out to the Pacific theater. How
he was sailing into the Caribbean Sea two days
away from the Panama Canal when Japan announced
its surrender.

He tells of the unmitigated elation he and his
shipmates felt as the news of the war's end was
announced over the ship's P. A..

He tells of the happy day his ship made its way
into New York City and of his trip back to his
hometown, Chicago.

Unfortunately, Grandpa did not make it through the
war physically unscathed. During his discharge
physical, Tuberculosis was found in both lungs.
Army doctors speculated that it was from his time
at Buchenwald.

His infection was severe and he ended up having
parts of both lungs surgically removed. He spent
a total TWO and HALF YEARS in a VA hospital.

I know that Grandpa's story is not unique. But it
is a history of which I am proud. There were many
who paid the price for our freedoms. Many as of
this very moment still do.

On this Memorial day, I salute and applaud my
Grandpa Bob and all those who paid (and pay) the
price for liberty.

God bless and happy cruising,

s/ Daniel Hall

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

BIG News From Miami

I'm back from Miami with BIG NEWS for you.

I connected with some of my cruise line contacts
and have a bunch of new information and updates to
help you succeed with onboard enrichment programs.

To get you this important information I'm going to
do an unannounced bonus training call for all my
students who've purchased the Speak On Cruise
Ships program.

Also, I plan to open this call up to questions and
coaching... so get yourself prepared.

If you're one of my customers look for an email
this week with details on how to register.

Not a customer yet?

If you have been on the fence as to whether to
invest in Speak On Cruise Ships now is a great
time to act.

Don't miss out on this chance to get some personal
coaching and training and hear updates from Miami.