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Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year–New Cruises

A very happy New Year to DANIEL HALL at SPEAKERS CRUISE FREE. 

image_thumb[2]And a very Happy New Year to you too.

May this coming year be filled with happiness, success and FREE CRUISES!!!

If you are not already cruising FREE click HERE now to find out how.

Happy FREE CRUISING in 2011,


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

They tried to tell us we’re too young ……..

Donny & Marie may well have been too young, but on so many of our cruises as fare paying passengers (in the old days) the speakers all seemed to be much older than their audiences. We realised that what the cruise companies need is variety, to relate to their very varied passenger profiles.

I greatly admire the wisdom and experience of the great speakers that I’ve had the privilege to travel with – and I also welcome the enthusiasm and fresh thinking of younger speakers. My point is that in the world of cruise speaking there is space – and a genuine welcome – for speakers of all ages, profiles and backgrounds.

imageGot a good story to share in an informative and confident way? Then there is room for you – and the best part of it is you get a FREE cruise!!

Thanks to DANIEL  HALL  at SPEAKERS  CRUISE  FREE  you can cruise free – yes FREE just in exchange for an hour a day on sea days. That is only on sea days – so usually no more than 2 or 3 times a week.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Joy, Peace & Happiness at Christmas


May you find peace this holiday season.

And may you find many FREE  CRUISES at SPEAKERS  CRUISE  FREE.

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Happy holidays


Monday, December 20, 2010


I suppose it rather goes without saying that we should trust the cruise companies. They are the ones who let usimage CRUISE FREE.

They provide clear contracts that explain what they will provide and what they expect from us in return.

I also learned early on trust DANIEL  HALL at SPEAKERS CRUISE FREE. Well of course I did. He did what he said he would do – he got us CRUISING FREE ! Just as he said he would.

Have a great holiday season and get CRUISING FREE  in a very happy New Year.

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Happy Christmas and happy cruising --- FREE !

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


On a cruise earlier this year a fellow speaker asked if I would mind sharing some of my sources with him, as he so enjoyed one of my talks. At first I was both flattered and a little put out – well just think about it, he would get the material that I had labored to produce for no effort.

PA090031Then I thought this thro a bit more. I had also enjoyed his talks. He had a great presentation on emerging markets. And I realised that we could help each other. So we did! I gained great material – and so did he (no point being modest! Smile)

And that principle of learning and sharing is what makes this network of our so good. (Well that and the FREE cruising! Winking smile)

Through Daniel Hall and  SPEAKERS CRUISE FREE we have met some wonderful people, shared great experiences, learned so much – AND cruised all around the world.

If you are not already cruising free click  HERE now!!


Happy cruising FREE


Monday, December 06, 2010

Techno Wizardry

I never cease to be amazed at how easy it can be to impress. I’ve just had feedback from a recent cruise, in which the activities manager reported “outstanding use of technology”!

Apparently the fact that I have insert video clips in my PowerPoint presentations is a bit “cutting edge”. But it is so, so simple to do. Using the insert/movie clip buttons, and choosing the automatic option means it just rVillefrancheuns when I click the next slide. As I use a wireless hand held slide changer it may look good to the audience – but it seems even the staff were impressed.

Well I learned to keep upping my game. I’ve done it all my business life, I’ve encouraged folks I mentor to do the same – and one of the reasons that I warmed so quickly to DANIEL  HALL at SPEAKERS CRUISE FREE was the obviously natural style of his innovation – and the expectation that we, his network, will constantly strive to improve.

So if you are an improver and yet you’re still not cruising free do yourself a favour – NOW – and click HERE  to join us cruising the seven seas for free with SPEAKERS CRUISE FREE.

What have you got to loose?

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Happy cruising FREE!


Sunday, December 05, 2010

Heading off to the publishers office!

If you want to be known as an expert in your field one of the best ways to get there is to publish your own book. And you can get it done quick and find out how to sell it at!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Affordable Luxury

Generally speaking we have accepted free cruises in exchange for speaking – just one hour a day; and ONLY on sea days.

On the basis that we pay our own airfares this is an amazingly inexpensive way to cruise the seven seas. But by establishing ourselves with Daniel Hall’s  Speakers Cruise  Free network and through Daniel with the cruise companies we have bookings for next year where air fares, hotels, even transfer to and from the ship are included.

These do not come along all the time, but keep your eyes open and, once you are established, work with the cruise company contacts to know just what they need on particular itineraries.

Next year, thanks to Daniel Hall and Speakers Cruise Free we have a wonderful collection of cruises that will form the major part of a 2 month round the world trip to celebrate a big birthday – and the whole cost of the trip – everything included – is about the normal discounted fare for a two week cruise. That includes side trips to Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef, 3 days in a top hotel in Sydney, 3 days in Vancouver, hotel in New York – and en route we cruise the South Pacific (Fiji, French Polynesia, Hawaii) and the Atlantic, Martha’s Vineyard, The Azores, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.P4150040

Not bad eh?

Thank you Daniel. We couldn’t have done this without Speakers Cruise Free.

If you are not already cruising FREE click HERE now! Why waste any more time.

Happy cruising FREE!!

Andrew & Kathy

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Score Big Money With Real Fast Book

If you want to be a respected author in your field without taking years to write your book, join real fast book. We'll show you how to get your book written fast and published quick at

Thursday, November 11, 2010

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

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Monday, November 08, 2010

My tip for you today

Just a few days before a recent cruise I was told that the line has its own house style for enrichment speakers’ PowerPoint presentations. I had 5 talks with 80 to 90 slides in each!!! And I had two days to pack, put business on hold and re-format all my presentations.

blue_caves_anti_paxosSo my tip for today – always check in plenty of time if the cruise line you are speaking for has any special requirements – such as a corporate template for you slides. That way you’ll have plenty of time to comply!

And if you are not already cruising FREE with SPEAKERS_CRUISE_FREE then I suggest you get yourself signed up NOW to get your FREE cruise vacations planned soonest.

Happy FREE cruising with SPEAKERS_CRUISE_FREE. It works! It really works!! Smile 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saying “Thank You”

At the end of each cruise I always say “thank you” to the team on board.

SPEAKERS_CRUISE_FREE is a network of great speakers and I know that my behavior reflects on all our members. Just as your behavior reflects on me and everyone else.

SPEAKERS_CRUISE_FREE Is a real find. So I try to do the right thing to build up the reputation of all our speakers. If I behave well and say “thank you” I hope that you will get a warm reception next time you step on the same ship for a speaker cruise.

I hope that you will show the rest of us the same respect.DSCF0205

And it is amazing just how far a little courtesy can go. We have had invitations to cocktail parties and even occasionally to the Captain’s table, because we are seen to show respect.

If you are not already cruising free I suggest you click  HERE – and do it now.

And next time you are cruising FREE do please remember to say “thank you”. Smile

Monday, October 25, 2010

Speak on Cruise Ships - New, Updated & Only For A Limited Time

Tomorrow is the big day.

At noon Central time you'll be able to get the newly updated, completely expanded “Speak on Cruise Ships” so you can master how to...

* Cruise free (You even get specific cruise contact details)
* Get Free Shore Excursions (on certain itineraries)

* Sell your products on board
* Use cruise gigs to get paid shore-side bookings
* Build your prospect list
* Do it all without paying agency fees

Here's the video that explains everything...

This is the most complete training on the planet and it could save you tens of thousands of dollars in cruise costs over your career as a cruise speaker.

Good thing the whole training is available to the first 300 speakers for under $200. Next time you hear from me will be tomorrow when you see the email with the subject line “Go, Go, Go”. When you see that email go immediately to...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Speak on Cruise Ships Retiring

That's right...

For more than five years now my critically acclaimed program “Speak on Cruise Ships” has been helping people just like you to cruise free with on board enrichment programs.

But I have retired the program and it is now off the market!

Good news though... we are launching a brand-new and expanded “Speak on Cruise Ships” this Tuesday, October 26 at 12pm noon Central time.

This video explains the new program...

Go check it out...

You'll be getting more posts over the next couple of days with more details about the program... be looking for them.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Colors of Fall

In the UK and Canada we are celebrating our Harvest Festivals, or Thanksgiving. Earlier than Thanksgiving in the USA, we too take the opportunity to be grateful for the bounty that we enjoy.

On Thursday Kathy & I set off on our next bountiful adventure, thanks to DANIEL_HALL and SPEAKERS_CRUISE_FREE.COM.

This is our last planned cruise of 2010, and I will be speaking on a great itinerary heading to New England and Canada to see the Fall colors. Over on this side of the "Pond" we call Fall "Autumn". But on both sides it is traditionally a time to be grateful for the gifts that we receive.

Amongst the many gifts that we have been given the gift of free cruising is certainly a wonderful one.

If you are not already cruising free click HERE now to find out more.


Happy cruising - FREE,


Monday, October 04, 2010

Liberate Yourself

I was talking to a great potential speaker just the other day, who said to me "I couldn't do that! I'm not worthy"!!!

We cruise free through Daniel Hall's great network scheme SPEAKERS_CRUISE_FREE.COM and I know that this lady would be a very popular speaker. She has great stories to tell and is just so informative. It reminded me of what Marianne Williamson said in her book A Return to Love, published in 1992 -

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us. We ask ourselves "Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented fabulous?" Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn't serve the world. There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that others won't feel insecure around you.

"We are all meant to shine, as children do. .... As we let our own light shine, we subconciously give other people permission to do the same. As we're liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."

I'll do my best to liberate others by demonstrating that I allow myself to be liberated.

Liberate yourself now to cruise the world's waters for FREE by joining the SPEAKERS_CRUISE_FREE.COM network of speakers and friends.

Click HERE to find out more

Happy cruising FREE.


Monday, September 27, 2010

Pack the sunscreen

Cruising is so many different experiences - many things to different people.

Sunshine in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean; scenery in Alaska or Scandinavia; wildlife; history - so very much. And it's there for the taking - thanks to!

Are you cruising free? If not why not? We all cruise free, in exchange for just an hour of our time on each sea day. Yes really.

Click HERE to find out more.

Happy cruising - FREE!

Andrew & Kathy

Monday, September 20, 2010

Plan Early

When we first started cruising for FREE we simply asked "where would you like to send us?" And we had some great cruises.

But over the years we've become a little pickier. Thanks to SPEAKERS_CRUISE_FREE.COM we have cruised all around the world - and all of it has been FREE! We have had some wonderful experiences, many unexpected. We have dined with several captains, been invited onto the bridge for sail aways, entertained by cruise directors, thanked by enrichment coordinators, and (best of all) invited back over and over.

Now we choose where we want to go next and get our requests in early.

Our main cruises for next year are already booked, based mainly on a series of re-positioning cruises that form the major legs of a 2 month round the world trip to mark a "big" birthday. And guess what! The cruises are FREE thanks to SPREAKERS_CRUISE_FREE.COM.

If you haven't booked your FREE cruise(s) yet for next year, do yourselves and the cruise lines a favor and get on with it. Don't worry. You won't upset us. We're already booked. :-)

And if you're not signed up yet with SPEAKERS_CRUISE_FREE.COM do it now and get planning. Click HERE now.

Happy cruising - FREE

Andrew & Kathy

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blow your own Trumpet

On a recent cruise the speakers were given a very warm welcome by the cruise staff. BUT we were warned to expect very small audiences - even in single figures!!!

Well I don't give in that easily. SO - I set about getting folks in -

1) I sent the cruise Director a question or a message to read each day on his TV show. He did!

2) With his permission I put a card on the community bulletin board each day highlighting my talks

3) I got together with 2 of the other 3 speakers to talk up our sessions around the ship.

The result? I was getting 40 plus in my audience. The craft group leader was getting nearly 50. Both beat every record on this itinerary by a mile! Now to be honest I'm not used to audiences that small. But the cruise director and his staff were impressed that we could get audiences that big!! And we had folks stopping us around the ship. New questions kept coming up, and we certainly contributed to enriching the cruise for many passengers.

This was yet another cruise. Once more Kathy & I were cruising for FREE. What a great life.

If you are not yet cruising FREE don't wait click HERE today.

Happy cruising FREE!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rainforest & Rum

Today we are in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on board the beautiful Explorer of the Seas.

We've been met by fellow speaker, Dr Scott Brown. He has been a great host, and we have shared some great experiences and new ideas. So excited are we that we also called into leader Daniel Hall.

Make the most of the many, and outstanding contacts you will meet while cruising free.

And if you are not already cruising FREE click HERE now.

Happy free cruising


Monday, August 16, 2010

Keep connected

On a recent cruise I witnessed a fellow speaker die on stage. In truth it was his laptop that died. But, as his audience left the theatre disappointed, he panicked. The battery was flat and he had not brought the cable with him!

He also had no back up copy of his presentation.

He was a great speaker with PowerPoint - but not too hot without.

So a tip - always carry backups of your presentations - DVD, flah drive, memory card - always carry multiple copies; and always keep your laptop plugged in while speaking.

Simple really.

Oh and of course - make the connection with DanielHall at to sign up for a world of free cruising.

Happy cruising - FREE of course!!


Friday, August 06, 2010

Name that Ship!!!

While we are cruising (free of course, thanks to I make a point of taking a good number of photos as we go. You know the sort of thing, port shots, tendering, the local highlights, local markets, ice cream bars - in fact pretty much anything!

Then, back in the stateroom, or back in my office I quickly categorise them into general categories - Italian ports, Caribbean, cruise lines etc., etc.

That way I can enhance my presentations, whether they are enrichment or destination. I always show shots of our ship arriving in, or docked in a few of our destinations - it shows an attention to detail - and it shows a link to the cruise line.

So my tip for today is simple; just keep adding to your talks and your visual support material to make them more and more relevant to the cruise you're on. Why? Well that's simple:- the cruise director's staff notice these things! And so do the passengers.

And if you are not already signed up to then do yourself a big favor and click HERE NOW!

Happy cruising - FREE of course!!


Saturday, July 24, 2010

P & O and Cunard Meetings

I recently returned from my meetings with P & O and Cunard in South Hampton, UK. Here's what I learned:

1. Both P & O and Cunard are direct booking speakers. (Good news here.)
2. Primarily they are looking for UK and European speakers when in Europe and North American speakers when the ships are in North American waters including Mexico and the Caribbean.
3. They are both looking for more enrichment speakers on longer crossings cruises.
4. They are both looking for destinations speakers when an itinerary is more port intensive.

As always, if you need or want help in navigating the direct booking process check out my program "Speak on Cruise Ships: 8 Easy Steps to a Lifetime of FREE Luxury Cruises" at

Monday, July 05, 2010

My bags are packed ....

On Friday we set sail on our next cruise, with one of the more up market lines.

So I made a point of checking a few things. It's always wise to be prepared - and vital to be flexible. I learned that in my business life and was delighted to hear Daniel say much the same on one of his early coaching sessions at SPEAKERSCRUISEFREE.COM.

There are a few special requirements, but none of them unreasonable -
  • Mix and mingle with the passengers (well of course we do that anyway :-)
  • Talk to the audience, not the notes (obviously :-)
  • Involve the audience
  • Use their PowerPoint template

Yup. That's about it. The rest is really very straightforward - do a first class job and have fun.

The contract is very clear. They'll monitor feedback, and they won't tollerate bad behaviour. Well to be honest I would think not!!

So I've re-formatted my presentations into their style, rehearsed once more in front of the most critical audience (Kathy, my wife); loaded it all on my netbook - and of course, for safety's sake I've backed it all up to flash drive, DVD, memory card and external drive (JUST IN CASE!!)

My family motto is "Never unprepared". I like to be prepared for every eventuality. I certainly want to do a good job on behalf of everyone else in the SPEAKERSCRUISEFREE.COM community.

Are you already cruising free? If not click HERE now.

Happy cruising - FREE,


Monday, June 14, 2010

SCF Roving Report #3: The Vatican's Mysterious Lost Penis Room

We did the "Exclusive Rome" excursion. When we got into the Vatican I noticed that all of the penises (think that's the plural for male genitalia; a word I rarely use) had been knocked off the statues. The tour guide didn't give a good explanation so I asked if there was some mysterious room where they stored all of the lost male organs so painstakingly carved in marble to perhaps one day de-emasculate the stone men. He and the rest of the group found that quite humorous. One cruise passenger commented; "with this new pope's recent behavior (or lack thereof) perhaps they will they put the genitals back on the little boy statues!" Hmmm…

Speak on Cruises Free Tip #3: Develop friendships with other SCF speakers…

I met Andrew Johnson, cruise speaker extraordinaire, in Spain. Andrew is the retired CEO of the European branch of the AAA club. We met them in Toledo, Spain before we joined the cruise. Andrew and his wife Kathy are to extremely high quality people and it was very enriching to compare notes. If you want to advance as a cruise speaker make sure you develop friendships with other top speakers.

-Doc Brown, SCF cruise speaker
Ps. Everybody is hoping that The Vatican's Lost Penis Room will be added to the next Dan Brown book.

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Friday, June 11, 2010


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SCF Roving Report #2: Heresy in St. Peters!

I decided to do promotional videos in St. Peters. Marisol is Catholic and started chiding me for heresy. I had to sneak off to cut videos on my own but she caught me.

Speak on Cruises Free Tip #2: Give Brand Promoting Gifts

Assistant cruise director Gina told me today that she would have RCCL pens and key chains for me to give away at my onboard talks. This increases the likelihood people will like my talks. Here's how you increase the probability you'll get gifts. Tell the assistant cruise director the gifts will increase brand loyalty.

Then give the gifts away in response to your Q&As at the end of your talks- win-win-win!

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Wednesday, June 09, 2010


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SCF Roving Report #1: A Redneck Wakes Up In Cannes… France that is!

Marisol and I woke up in Cannes, France. Being born and raised redneck this is extra special. We flew straight over from San Jaun to Madrid, then kinda like somebody popped our old family camper (the one that pops on an old pickup truck). And wham bam up we wake off the coast of France!

Yup it's ol' doc Brown here again to give you roving eye's view of what it's like to cruise FREE!

This is our 6th free cruise in 2 years an we've saved $34,562.21 in total travel fees. That's a big pile of money we've been able to invest elsewhere even while we cruise and awaken in place you, your family, or friends have never imagined.

I know you're expecting the SCF famous extra special cruise free tip so here it goes…

Speak on Cruises Free Tip #1: Strangers Bearing Gifts Are Best Received

I met with the assistant cruise director Gina yesterday in the evening after boarding in Barcelona. She explained all the procedures. Importantly RCCL wants you to start and stop your presentation promptly. Don't chew the fat with folks in the conference center. Offer to talk with them afterwards at their convenience.

Anyhow, when she finished as we sat at the champagne bar on the Brilliance of the Seas, I opened up the black bag I'd carried up. I pulled out 5 CDs of the hottest Latin hip-hop, salsa, and pop to share with the cruise director and the captain. Then I handed her Spansh vocabulary and phrase cards since she had mentioned how she has to learn Spanish. I topped it of with saffron from Toledo, Spain.

She was extremely touched explained that NOBODY who speaks on cruises had EVER given her a gift. What kind of goodwill do you creates for less than $100? Think carefully in light of the fact that we've already saved $5,152.98 in that we got our cabin, food and all amenities for FREEEEEE!!!!

Nuf said…this rednecks headin' ashore to DO FRANCE!

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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Use the Team

A few weeks ago another member of the SpeakersCruiseFree.Com network, Dr Scott Brown, called to say that he and his wife, Marisol would be in Toledo, en route to a cruise assignment out of Barcelona. Kathy and I jumped at the chance to meet and we headed off to this beautiful medieval city in the hot centre of Spain.

We met up on Sunday evening for dinner and chewed over a whole host of lessons we've each learned - not just in cruise speaking, but also in publishing, webcasting, revenue generating - and life enjoying. All the sorts of things that Daniel advises on in SpeakersCruiseFree.Com.

I have had an active, varied and successful career. But I have also learned so much from Daniel and the folks like Scott who I have met through Daniel.

And of course Kathy and I have also had some wonderful vacations - cruising the world free. We are getting over $15,000 worth of free cruising each year at the moment (that's based on discounted prices - not brochure price!!). All in exchange for doing what I enjoy - talking about things that interest me. Thanks to SpeakersCruiseFree.Com.

If you are not already cruising free and meeting great folks click HERE now!!

Happy cruising FREE!!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Know your Equipment

We're just back from another great itinerary - another free cruise. 14 nights of relaxation and exciting ports of call - and all in exchange for just 5 talks of under an hour each! All thanks to Speakers_Cruise_Free.Com.

I was up against a destination speaker who frankly was totally unprepared. The sad thing is he did know so much - BUT - He talked to the screen instead of the audience!! He mumbled!! and worst of all he seemed incapable of holding a mike!!

As his head (and hence his mouth) went one way it seemed his microphone went the other.

The audience deserted in droves - from 160 on day 1 to under 20 on day 5!!

The Cruise Director's staff recognised what was happening and asked for help. Flexibility is the name of the game - so I beefed up the destination content in my talks and we spread the word that the second lecture each sea day had destination information. I've learned plenty from a life in business - and, of course, from Speakers_Cruise_Free.Com!!

My audience grew. My book sales soared!! and the officers made a point of thanking Kathy and me for the flexibility and support.

We will be welcomed back anytime.

The other guy will probably struggle now to find any cruises - and he's with an agency that charges him to cruise!!! In fact I've been assured that this line will not book him again - and are telling his agent why!!

To cruise free click HERE. That's what we did. :-)


Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Secret

Lots of people in business and in their private lives follow the teachings of this very popular lifestyle guide, by Rhonda Byrne, based on the law of attraction.

My own secret of success shares these princples.

1) If I don't believe in myself why should anyone else believe in me?
2) If I am confident in my appearances I will gain legitimate confidence.
3) If I set clear goals in which I believe I have a greater chance of achieving them.

So far in this enjoyable life of mine these rules have served me well. When I moved out of the 80 hour corporate sector and into my own consulting and mentoring practice I wanted to build around me a team of strong and competent professionals - but I wouldn't choose to work with anyone who didn't truly believe in him or her self. That's not to say that I choose over confident people or just folks who talk a good fight. I will only select people who show that their confidence is well placed - a degree of modesty should not be mistaken for lack of confidence.

Similarly when I chose to work with Daniel Hall's SPEAKERS_CRUISE_FREE.COM I wanted to be sure that we were both contributing success to our relationship. I was very pleasantly surprised by what I found in Daniel. SPEAKERS_CRUISE_FREE.COM is built on success. Daniel's own success and the success of the network members. Team sharing ensurers ongoing support and mentoring - and contributes to repeat cruise - FREE!!

If you are not already part of this success network then let me tell you a secret - just click HERE - I'm sure you won't regret it!

Happy cruising FREE,


Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Nearly Packed and Ready to Go. :-)

Our next cruise departs a week on Saturday. Here in Europe we're still facing disruption from the Icelandic ash cloud that closed our airways for nearly a week. So we have an alternative plan to get to the port in plenty of time.

I enjoy planning and make a point of having my talks complete and loaded on my webbook way ahead. I carry back up copies of my PowerPoint presentations on DvD and flash drives - just in case. And I have my speaker notes filed and ready to roll.

When I take on a new SPEAKERSCRUISEFREE.COM assignment as an enrichment speaker I always like to tailor my talks to the itinerary. I will look at the links to our ports of call and ask for a rough indication of the nationality mix. That way, when I talk about cultural differences, life in the sun, the development of modern tourism, lifestyle improvement or economic overviews I do so with a talk that is tailored to my audience and to their cruise.

I'm not suggesting that I re-write every talk. But I do make a point of offering advice that is relevant. When I talk about the days of the Grand Tour, if we are calling into Rome I will point out the importance of the city as a Grand Tour destination a couple hundred years ago. When warning about the cultural pitfalls to avoid, if we are calling into the UK, with a largely North American audience I'll point out (with a smile) that over here a bathroom is a room with a bath tub in it and a restroom is a room with comfortable chairs in it. A lavatory, a toilet, a WC are what they say - but to be polite you might like to ask for the "loo"!! Or in Spain for "los servicios".

Kathy & I have got so much out of our free cruises since we signed up to SPEAKERSCRUISEFREE.COM. Great vacations and lots of wonderful new contacts.

If you are not already part of this outstanding network then do yourself a big favour and click HERE now.

Happy cruising - FREE,


Monday, April 26, 2010

Same old same old

We have many friends whose idea of a vacation is back to the same beach or ski slope every year. They are comfortable there and know what to expect.

Well since we signed up to SPEAKERSCRUISEFREE.COM we know what to expect too -

* Luxury cruises provided free of charge by some of the very best cruise lines

* Different and exciting destinations to choose from

* Some wonderful and inspiring travelling companions

* And the familiarity of good, caring staff, comfortable accommodation, outstanding entertainment AND

* The professionals take care of the scheduling.

After years of travelling on business around the globe I relish the idea of unpacking once, yet visiting 4 or 5 contrasting ports a week.

If you fancy exploring the world in comfort and luxury check out SPEAKERSCRUISEFREE.COM NOW.

Happy cruising - FREE!!


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cruise Ship Speaker and Becoming a Mini-Celebrity

I wanted to share this video I made for you. It was shot in my stateroom on a recent cruise but I think you'll like it. It's all about one of the many benefits of cruise ship speaking. Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments.

Now, if you are not already a member of the posse, what are you waiting for?

Go now -- your path to mini-stardom -->

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Know your limits?

Do you reckon that you know the limits of your own capabilities? Most of us do. But let me share a little secret with you - most of us undervalue our own ability. Even those bores who talk all the time about how wonderful they are, have no real idea just what they are capable of.

So many people that I meet would make great public speakers - yet they've become conditioned to believe that they can't do it.

Well if you are one of those folks let me encourage you to picture yourself on stage and imagine the audience in raptures at what you have to say. See the fun, feel the thrill, hear the applause - and squeeze together the thumb and middle finger on your right hand. Now see the image that you probably repeat to yourself far too often. I don't know what you think will go wrong - but conjure up that image - now squeeze together the thumb and middle finger on your left hand.

See the image of failure on a large screen infront of you, as you squeeze together the lefthand thumb and finger - and in just one tiny pixel in the top lefthand corner place the image of it going well.

Now alternate the images. Make the success image larger pushing aside the picture of failure, as you squeeze together the righthand thumb and finger. Repeat this 5 times, each time making the success image larger, so that by the third swap it is one third the size of the image of failure and pushes it further away. By the fourth swap make success just over half the total size and watch the image of failure disappear as you make the switch for the fifth and final time, as it gets sqeezed out completely. Squeeze together the thumb and finger on your righthand.

Now you will have a strong trust in your own ability to succeed.

And succeed you can. Click HERE NOW. You can join the fantastic network that is SPEAKERSCRUISEFREE.COM.

Cruise for free? Yes you can. Click HERE now, before you miss your chance.

Happy free cruising,