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Monday, June 14, 2010

SCF Roving Report #3: The Vatican's Mysterious Lost Penis Room

We did the "Exclusive Rome" excursion. When we got into the Vatican I noticed that all of the penises (think that's the plural for male genitalia; a word I rarely use) had been knocked off the statues. The tour guide didn't give a good explanation so I asked if there was some mysterious room where they stored all of the lost male organs so painstakingly carved in marble to perhaps one day de-emasculate the stone men. He and the rest of the group found that quite humorous. One cruise passenger commented; "with this new pope's recent behavior (or lack thereof) perhaps they will they put the genitals back on the little boy statues!" Hmmm…

Speak on Cruises Free Tip #3: Develop friendships with other SCF speakers…

I met Andrew Johnson, cruise speaker extraordinaire, in Spain. Andrew is the retired CEO of the European branch of the AAA club. We met them in Toledo, Spain before we joined the cruise. Andrew and his wife Kathy are to extremely high quality people and it was very enriching to compare notes. If you want to advance as a cruise speaker make sure you develop friendships with other top speakers.

-Doc Brown, SCF cruise speaker
Ps. Everybody is hoping that The Vatican's Lost Penis Room will be added to the next Dan Brown book.

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Andrew Johnson said...

It was our great pleasure to meet with Scott and his delightful wife, Marisol. And always rewarding to share top tips with other great cruise speakers. ;-)

Patrick McCormack said...

Actually, the last movie (and I assume his book) referred to the missing appendages as Tom Hanks first walked down the "fig leaf" corridor.