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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

SCF Roving Report #1: A Redneck Wakes Up In Cannes… France that is!

Marisol and I woke up in Cannes, France. Being born and raised redneck this is extra special. We flew straight over from San Jaun to Madrid, then kinda like somebody popped our old family camper (the one that pops on an old pickup truck). And wham bam up we wake off the coast of France!

Yup it's ol' doc Brown here again to give you roving eye's view of what it's like to cruise FREE!

This is our 6th free cruise in 2 years an we've saved $34,562.21 in total travel fees. That's a big pile of money we've been able to invest elsewhere even while we cruise and awaken in place you, your family, or friends have never imagined.

I know you're expecting the SCF famous extra special cruise free tip so here it goes…

Speak on Cruises Free Tip #1: Strangers Bearing Gifts Are Best Received

I met with the assistant cruise director Gina yesterday in the evening after boarding in Barcelona. She explained all the procedures. Importantly RCCL wants you to start and stop your presentation promptly. Don't chew the fat with folks in the conference center. Offer to talk with them afterwards at their convenience.

Anyhow, when she finished as we sat at the champagne bar on the Brilliance of the Seas, I opened up the black bag I'd carried up. I pulled out 5 CDs of the hottest Latin hip-hop, salsa, and pop to share with the cruise director and the captain. Then I handed her Spansh vocabulary and phrase cards since she had mentioned how she has to learn Spanish. I topped it of with saffron from Toledo, Spain.

She was extremely touched explained that NOBODY who speaks on cruises had EVER given her a gift. What kind of goodwill do you creates for less than $100? Think carefully in light of the fact that we've already saved $5,152.98 in that we got our cabin, food and all amenities for FREEEEEE!!!!

Nuf said…this rednecks headin' ashore to DO FRANCE!

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