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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How Your Business Can Explode in Profit Without Costing You a Dime: Unabashed Copycatting

I have been in business since 2005 and it has
progressively gotten more profitable every month
since the beginning. I attribute this fact to a
number of things. However, there is one key habit
that I want to share with you that costs nothing
to implement but yet can help you increase your
profit exponentially.

Want to know the habit?

Here it is:

Constant and discerning observation.

What do I mean?

Simply this, I am on many, many lists mostly in
the niches of speaking, Internet marketing,
writing, publishing, information marketing, etc
and attend many conferences and seminars in these
areas as well.

I closely monitor what other successful business
are doing and more importantly how they are doing
it. What I look for are trends and new
applications or new uses for old applications. Obviously,
I'm not advocating plagiarism. I just follow what is
working and adapt (change) it to my own purposes.

In this process I constantly find new ideas that I
can profit from. Here's a short list of some of
the things I look for (and now perhaps you can

* Technology - Is there something I already have
or have access to that can be better used to
market my products and services. Quick example:
Screen capture video. Several years ago I saw how
Jim Edwards used these types of videos to sell his
programs. It quickly dawned on me that I could do
a free 6-part video program that I could then use
as a list building incentive and for the past
couple of years it has worked like a charm.

* Design - I carefully evaluate the web design
features of successful marketers. What colors and
fonts do they use? How is the page laid out? What
is the first thing I see when I go to their
web site? Do I naturally start reading the
headline or copy? I then incorporate those design
features that seem to stand-out to me and that
seem to fit for one of my web sites.

* Copy - I love to read the work of a really good
copywriter. When I find a page that seems to move
me or resonate with me particularly well I .pdf
the site and put it in my swipe file. I'll then
go back and pick apart how the copy was sequenced.
Example: Pre-headline, headline, sub-head, story,
benefits, testimonials, more benefits, more
testimonials, another story, competition
comparison and so on. I'll also pay very close
attention to how things are said. Is there a
particularly effective turn of a phrase. Then I
ask, can something similar be used somewhere in my
own copy? I make changes and test the response.

* Offer - Vitally important is how successful
marketers structure their offer. Is it time
limited, do they offer a payment plan, do they
offer one-on-one help, is there an up sell, when
is it made, how many times is the offer made. Are
there any bonuses? What are they and how are they
offered. And most importantly do they have a risk
reversal guarantee. I have never seen a better
risk-reversal guarantee than the one made last
night by Carolyn McCormick. To listen to this
masterful guarantee go listen to the replay of the
call Carolyn and I did. Its near the end of the
call but the recording is well worth listening to.

Can you make a similar guarantee? Can you emulate
the offers of the top marketers?

By observing and then copycatting the best
practices of the folks who are really succeeding
you too can increase profits... and it doesn't
cost you a dime to observe. Just watch. Use what
make sense and your profits will soar.

Want to learn the very best practices for top
selling businesses?

You absolutely must check out this interview with
Carolyn McCormick. Carolyn has been the behind
the scenes strategist for some of the biggest
names in the personal development business. Names
like Tony Robbins, Mark Victor Hansen, Bob
Proctor, and John Gray.

True to form Carolyn makes a compelling offer for
her boot camp (notice how she uses a 24 hour fuse)
can you do something similar.

If Carolyn can teach so much in just one hour,
what else can she show you?

Go see. There are bonuses and the clock is

Monday, May 05, 2008

Adding "Magic" to Your Onboard Presentations

One of the best ways to insure that you are approved to cruise with enrichment programs is to demonstrate to the cruise lines that you can engage and entertain the audience while at the same time delivering your content.

Consider: Can you incorporate a magic trick or two into your program?

They don't have to be fancy... just well done.

Well I wanted to give you some free resources where I'll bet you can find some ways to make your presentations more magical.

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