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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 13 of 28...

Speaking Tip; Dress according to culture. For instance Brazilians under dress on vacation because they are smartly dressed at work. The English dress much better than Americans.

Dress accordingly!

-Doc Brown
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The Galician Country Side

This is Northern Spain. It was formally Lusitania (Portugal) then the Spanish invaded.

Now, the Galicians are the butt of Spanish jokes as being slow minded. Ironically the Portuguese language is much more complex than Spanish. The jokes should be the other way around!

-Doc Brown
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Crypt of St. James

This is where the apostal James' body lies in the cathedral of Santiago de Campostela.

This is one of the three most important locations in the Catholic world along with Jerusalem and Rome.

-Doc Brown
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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Roving Report Day 14...

We're in Lisbon. Speaking Tip: Be very cautious about the "all aboard time." I try to get to the shuttle buses no later then an hour before the last one.

I know this sounds obvious but your companion may go into "lolly-gagging" mode. Don't ever leave your companion ashore alone and be strict... It really is a free cruise for them but if you miss all aboard call you could find yourself in violation of your speaking contract and never get invited back!

-Doc Brown
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Museo Arqueologo do Carmo, Lisboa, Portugal

We're on day 12 of our 28 day FREE cruise. This is an old church. We found it roaming around Lisbon.

-Doc Brown
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Picasso Is Art?

SCF Roving Report Day 11: We're in Malaga, Spain the birthplace of Pablo Picasso cruising as an enrichment speaker on RCCL Indpendence of the Seas teaching investing. Marisol "gets" art so she wanted to see the Picasso museum.

So that bunch of squiggles on paper there in the photo above... that my 2 year old nephew could do with a black crayon and 2 cents of white paper... is something too rich people scream and shout over at auctions (art is a very BAD investment due to its subjective value).

Here's your speaking tip of the day. Notice how the photo above is all dressed up?

(1) Load Photoshop Elements on your computer.

(2). Then make sure you load the BlackBerry desktop software. The you'll be able to shuttle your photos back and forth transforming them in PhotoShop.

(3) Remote post them as I explained before.

-Doc Brown

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Hey Ho Let's Go!

Roving Report Day 10 Cruise Speaker Tip: Last night I did a very cool thing. I held a teleconference with a thousand + of my students.

I did it using a teleconferencing service. I am actually making money online as I cruise Europe with Marisol for 28 days for free.

Let me explain...

Like Daniel I have various online communities bringing in cash. The first is my Futures, Forex and Options course at I normally do a Q&A open call every two weeks.

The students in this course are very proactive so instead of doing an expensive long distance call I am sending out emails via my autoresponder to field questions on the course blog at

When I do use teleconferences I use a great service Daniel turned me on to. Ask Daniel for details on that on his SCF mentoring calls.

My second online community is my stock investing course called "How To Build Your Million Dollar Portfolio From Scratch!"

That course is really my masterpiece. It took 2.5 years to write and publish and pulls together everything we know today in a distillation of what's known at the doctoral level in finance as well as actual practice. Only 6 weeks into launch I have over 1,000 students enrolled at the nominal tuition of $300.

A big part of the marketing is that students get direct access to me on a monthly open call. Last night's call was literally written into the marketing of the 30,000 piece direct mailing and 400,000 email campaign the week before I left.

We scheduled to do it when I was in Barcelona. It was a challenge to do overseas but even Daniel thought it was a cool idea.

Last night's call was for that community. is a branch of Oxford Club with 400,000+ subscribers. I use their formal teleconference service with a live operator. This is nice because I don't have to punch in the conference code on my BlackBerry.

This was really handy sitting last night on the 14th floor of the RCCL Independence of the Seas to ensure optimal signal strength as I did the call from Barcelona.

If you don't have an online business around your speaking topics you're blowing it. You can easily make enough money to cover on board expenses. And, your communities can also grow large enough to support your families as Daniel and I do.

Daniel covers this and much more in his
Speaker's Cruise Free (SCF) open Q&A calls. Enroll today for the ride of your life at...

-Doc Brown
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Speaking Tip From Broadcaster & Master Speaker Joseph C. Bauer

I met Joseph C. Bauer for lunch today and it was great. Joseph is a master speaker and broadcaster and he is also one of my affiliates for .

Joseph for many years was in charge of all the promotions at Cesar's Palaces in Vegas and was even hired by Disney-Orlando to MC the in-park attraction of "Who Want's to be a Millionaire" Just last weekend he was promoting an event where he brought Tony Curtis (the marvelous actor who played Harry Houdini in the big screen version of Houdini's life) to the World Famous Hollywood Magic Castle for a screening of the movie and show. It was also Joseph who arranged my visit yesterday to the Magic Castle which is a by-invitation-only, private club.

In any event, not only is Joseph a huge talent himself but he is great teacher of speech at such Universities as UNLV and USC. So when I cajoled him into to giving you a tip I was thrilled. Check out the video (the sound quality is bad but the tip is GREAT!):

If you're not cruising free, why not?

Go here now and get on board -->

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Barcelona, Spain

SCF Roving Report Day 9 on RCCL Independence of the Seas Meditrennean Treasures Voyage For 28 Days:

HOW IT BEGAN... I paid $3,400 for a balcony on Princess in 2007. My father in law had a prostate problem when it came time to sail...this was all a year and a half ago.

I got clipped and ripped for two hundred bucks by the trip insurance company when we had to cancel. I was getting emails from

Really bummed out one of Daniel's emails caught my eye.

So I clicked over to find the cost of his course. It was $97 bucks which I thought was worth a try... After all I was peeved at the whole (1) pay big bucks for a cruise then (2) get clipped and ripped by insurance racketeers thing. Plus I noticed SCF had a solid money back guarantee so I took the plunge.

My wife, Marisol, thought it would be another waste of time and money... Especially now that she was thoroughly disgusted with the thought of cruising.

Then the miracle... Daniel had me on a Royal Caribbean speaking gig out of Brazil immediately! It went well and RCCL wants me back for's a big win for them too.

Now I'm cruising the med for 28 days giving investment talks. This year allone I have already saved $15,000+ in vacation costs.

That's a big win for my family... It's more money I've stuffed into this "Steal of a Century" stock market where I've been buying great stocks for pennies.

So my advice to you is to get the SCF course right now, wrap your arms around it mastering every detail. Then do EXACTLY what Daniel teaches you to do.

A year and a half after being enraged at the cruise industry I'm now an important part of the cruise industry ... Royal is very pleased with my speaking. I can't imagine EVER paying for a cruise again and my family is ALL smiles!

To Have All Give All...

-Doc Brown
Enrichment Speaker, Royal Carribbean Cruise Lines and Celebrity Cruise Lines
Ps. I'm writing this following Marisol around the fanciest shopping mall in Barcelona (She's promised to pay me in beer)!
Pps. Join the free cruiser club today at
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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Friendly is as Friendly Does...

...We were escorted down highway 1 behind scenes of the Independence...


-Doc Brown
RCCL & Celebrity Enrichment Speaker
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On the Red Carpet In Cannes...

Why can't this be you?!


-Doc Brown
RCCL & Celebrity Enrichment Speaker
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Marisol in Cannes...


-Doc Brown
RCCL & Celebrity Enrichment Speaker
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On the French Riviera...


-Doc Brown
RCCL Enrichment Speaker
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Onboard Independence Of The Seas

SCF Roving Report Day 9 of 28: The first enrichment opportunity for me was onboard Splendour in Brazil. I set out to do my best and gained the confidence of RCCL. This cemented my relationship with corporate who I now deal with directly exactly as Daniel said it would happen.

I'm on for 14 days with my wife Marisol and then another 14 with mom - before she kicks the bucket or just gets too feebly.

The big payoff is that we're saving $12,000+ this month alone. Then we save more when I speak on Celebrity in Dec because I have a good speaking reputation from RCCL.

I'll post a few good photos from Cannes yesterday and a few from Barcelona as we go.

Don't hesitate to do this by simply enrolling at;

-Doc Brown
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Cannes, France

I know this is hard to believe but some French people are nice!

SCF Roving Report Tip Day 8: Restarting A Blackberry...We're on a 14 day mediterranean cruise on the ginormous Independence of the Seas! There has been a time gap because my Blackberry stopped transmitting.

A cool shopkeeper here in Cannes showed me how to take out and put back in the battery. This resets the system.

Then you can:
1. Set up your online business blog at
2. Find the email for remote posting in your dashboard.
3. Set up your remote post blog email in you BlackBerry Contacts.
4. Shoot neato photos and direct post the photo with text you type in using the "send as email" option by pressing the Blackberry key.
5. Don't forget to get an intermational data package from AT&T.
6. Don't forget to yank and replace the battery if you find you can't send messages. This happens when you lose reception ... The device occasionally fails to reset.

Here's an example of my online community that helps to pay for the trip...the course blog keeps me in contact with my online students as I cruise;

-Doc Brown
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On Da Train!

The Train got us to Southampton. There we spent the night in a GREAT bed and breakfast owned and operated by James and Josie Dean.

It's called the Hunter's Lodge and I highly recommend it.

In fact if you're cruising out of England I strongly recommend staying at a bed and breakfast since it's (1) cheaper than a hotel and (2) you get to interact with the local English. Then you can take it easy and rest up before you board the cruise ship in Southampton.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Julian Stoddart Cruise Program Administrator Independence of the Seas

SCF Roaming Report: Day 1 Aboard RCCL Independence of the Seas

Julian is an incredibly dedicated and astute program administrator. People don't realize the time and dedication it takes to serve in a top position aboard any Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines ship.

Hey folks!

I'm back giving the roaming report to the Speakers Cruise Free community.

Marisol and I arrived in London. Then we took the "Tube" to the Waterloo train station.

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

I’m back out on RCCL’s Explorer of the Seas...

Hello Everybody I hope this find you well?

Well I’m back out on RCCL’s Explorer of the Seas. I am traveling with my 17 year old Son and we have a bunch of great adventures planned ranging from zip lines to riding ATV’s on the beach. I love this Gig!

Again, want to thank you Daniel for teaching me this program. I have been fortunate enough to travel throughout Europe, South America and the Caribbean creating lasting memories with my loved ones that I NEVER would have be able to do in the past.

And as an added bonus Speaking on Cruise Ships has significantly increased my business bpth online and off. I've made contacts that have become friends, clients and even referred me business.

Back to this Cruise…

On this trip I am scheduled to give 4 different lectures. Yesterday I had my first lecture and another first since I have been an Enrichment Lecturer. This is my 5th Cruise as an Enrichment Lecturer and yesterday I did not have one person show up for my lecture. I have noticed in the past that the Summer Cruises usually do have a lower attendance and I always promote my lectures on board every chance I get. I was at a loss because this particular lecture always draws a good crowd. So I thought Hmm what should I do? Well I thought the show must go on. I presented my lecture like I had a room full of people. I thought since I had a great place to present and I video all of my lectures I may as well take advantage of the opportunity.

The lesson here is that there is an opportunity in every situation. I now have another great video to use for self promotion and I plan on turning this particular video into a product I can sell.

We arrive in Bermuda this morning and we are spending the day snorkeling and relaxing on the beach. Then we are off to St. Maarten, St. Thomas and San Juan before heading home.

Happy Cruising everyone and Thank You Daniel!!

Peace & Power,

Vic Maranto

Friday, July 03, 2009

Portofino Dreamin'

Hi, fellow speakers... I'm Mark Oristano, an actor/photographer/writer/sportscaster from Dallas. And believe me, all those titles come in handy on my cruise talks! (One is about how to watch football, based on my book A SPORTSCASTER'S GUIDE TO WATCHING FOOTBALL. One is about scene study for film and theater, and one is about being a better writer. I'd love to do a photography talk, but the cruise ships don't want you competing with their photographers.)

My wife, Lynn and I were out on the Azamara Journey in May, cruising the western Med, and it was beautiful. We went from Rome, to Florence, Portofino, Monte Carlo, Bonifacio, Tunis and Barcelona on a gorgeous ship with a great crew.

And that great crew included Kelsey, our entertainment director, who made perfect contact with me the moment we boarded the ship via a lovely note waiting for us in our stateroom. Later that night we met with her and set up a basic schedule, and then got to meet John, the cruise director, who was equally great to work with.

Most all of what Daniel discusses in his speaker videos came true for us. Our one, interesting shift was that since we only had one full sea day, I did two of my three talks on port days, usually about an hour after we set sail again. The talks were well attended, but it probably would have been better on full sea days. Next cruise, I'm looking for one with lots of sea time.

The tech guy was superb, stringing up everything I needed in the three different rooms I worked in. My computer video always worked, and I never had a problem.

I can encourage you to make certain that you act as your own best PR person on board. Give out your card to everybody you meet, everybody you dine with, let them all know you're there, and you're there to speak. The blurb you get in the daily ship's news probably won't fully explain the brilliance of your talk!

All in all, it's a great way to travel.

And here are a few snaps we took. The shot of the Roman forum is by my wife. The others are mine. And the one of the harbor in Portofino has a special meaning. Not just because we both fell in love with Portofino, but because after I got back on the ship, I threw this shot into my computer, did it up the way I wanted it to look, and took it to the photo people, who made me two lovely 8x10 prints. I gave one each to Kelsey and John as a way of saying "thanks." People love getting beautiful photos, and, egotistically, I love giving them out.

Mark Oristano

(Note From Daniel: Thanks Mark for a great post. Mark had a great gift idea here. If you have a nice photo from your cruise, have it printed and give that away to the cruise director and activities manager.)