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Monday, August 31, 2009

Careful use of Humour

I am well aware that speakers risk using very dry material in their talks.

For this reason I always use observational humour throughout my presentations.

For example I love the fun to be had from stupid or error filled road signs. Signs like the STOP sign on the right.

Just a few of these in every talk - always relevant to my topic - help to keep the audience on side and achieve great feedback. And of course good feedback is essential to getting rebooked.

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

VGA Adaptors & Presentations

As I prepare for a SPC facilitated 10-day E. Mediterranean cruise, I'm learning how to use my new MacBook with PowerPoint. Can you recommend the VGA adapter needed or how to find out what will work on the specific ship?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Europe Ancient Empires on The Celebrity Equinox

Tomorrow morning we leave for Europe. I'll be speaking on the Celebrity Equinox (Celebrity's newest ultra-luxury cruiser). I'm so excited because this is the first time I'm actually getting to take my lovely wife Lanette on a cruise sans enfants. We'll be flying into Rome, then to: Naples, Athens, Rhodes, Ephesus, Ashdod, Haifa & Alexandria.

As is my custom: I'll try to check in with cruise speaker tips along the way.

And if you're not already a part of the community, why not start cruising free?

It all starts with my "Speak on Cruise Ships: 8 Easy Steps to a Lifetime of FREE Luxury Cruises" program. Check back frequently and don't forget to leave a comment.

Daniel out...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Favor A Vote... Please

My cousin Will is trying to get a gig at the Austin City Limits Music Festival. You can help by voting for his band -- ENDROIT. Dell Computers is sponsoring a "battle of the bands" competition for an unknown band to play at the event.

Please click the link below. The deadline is THIS Friday. You do have to register to vote...but it just takes a sec.

Dell Lounge: THE SOUND AND THE JURY 2009, Endroit

The band's MySpace page:

The band's Facebook page:

Monday, August 24, 2009


I value greatly the many people that I meet in life. And generally speaking I am not disappointed. The few poor contacts are more than made up for by the many good ones.

Last summer Kathy & I drove to Barcelona to meet Daniel - with whom we were already working successfully - so we had two charming lunch companions (his son was with him) a delightful lunch and of course a stronger relationship. And boy is a relationship with Daniel a good one to have!!

We always make a point of building contacts with other speakers on board - some of whom have to pay for the privilege of "working" on board. I know. I know. It still amazes me that folks will pay up to $75 a day, while the rest of us cruise free.

From those contacts have come new members of this community - how could they resist! and leads to other opportunities. On our last cruise in the Baltic I was destination lecturer and Kathy was running her always popular craft groups. The other enrichment lecturer was an economist, as I am. He lectures elsewhere on destinations and I include economic reviews in many of my enrichment talks. So we obviously had much in common.

When he asked where I source my European material I was delighted to offer him notes and images from some of my talks - but of course I wanted something too. He had just completed a super talk on the recent development of China and impressions of the future for this economy. I have been able to take his research and graphics add in my own research and develop a great lecture "China - Yesterday, Today & Tommorrow".

Add that to my existing portfolio and I reckon I'm a very attractive option for enrichment speaking on cruises with Chinese destinations.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Your Speaking Events Need Poster Promos

Just a quick post here on where to get great quality low cost posters made for your speaking events. I'm talking 18" x 24" posters for two bucks a pop.

Here's where you get this deal:

Obviously this isn't right for your cruise ship gigs (cruise lines don't allow you to post anything and traveling with these is a problem too) but these posters may make a great "at event" promotion shore-side.

God bless and happy cruising....

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Parato Principle... - Self Improvement and Personal Development - Zimbio

The Parato Principle... - Self Improvement and Personal Development - Zimbio

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Selling on board

It took a few cruises to establish a successful formula for sales on board.

My first offering was my Amazon book "Under Latin Skies" about Mediterranean lifestyle - and the challenge of moving from the more "organised" north of Europe. After time we realised that the south is no less organised - it just does it differently!!

Cultural differences are a major plank of my talks on board the numerous free cruises that Kathy & I take - thanks to Daniel. I also talk about a number of Latin topics - from "Flavors of Iberia" to the "Cities of Andalucia" and "Gaudi and Cava" - my take on the fabulous city of

Without a doubt an itinerary that includes Spanish ports ensures stronger sales. Our Transatlantic re-positioning cruise on board the amazing Navigator of the Seas saw our best sales ever - I covered my bar bill!!!

But that was partly because I had been honing the sales offering on other itineraries - I even sold over 40 copies in New Zealand & Australia earlier in the year. So what have I learned -

1) Get the title approved in advance by the line's head office. Ensure the contact there has a personal copy, along with a copy for approval.
2) Give copies to the Activities Manager and Gift Shop Manager at the first opportunity - personalised and signed of course!!!
3) Arrange to have what they call "hard cheques" so that you can sell & sign copies immediately after each talk.
4) Provide the shop with a display board, showing the price and a picture of the product.
5) Request a "signing" table for an hour one evening between dinner seatings, when the shops are busiest.
6) Include a reference in your talk summary when you can legitimately do so - for example
Andrew Johnson, whose Amazon best
seller "Under Latin Skies" is available on board, will talk today about
Copies of the book can be ordered at
If you are not yet cruising for free go now to to find
out what Daniel Hall can do for you!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Over & Out...

...But NOT the end!

Through Daniel Hall's Speakers Cruise Free Community my family just saved $12,000 cruising Southern Europe in a free cabin (and food) aboard Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines mega-ship The Independence of the Seas. And, my wife and mom cruised free to!!!

They really got a free cruise because they didn't have to speak (not that I didn't thoroughly enjoy the speaking limelight on the ship mind you).

I made countless friends from England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, and Brazil. But, I have to admit that when I joined the SCF community I was very skeptical. I'd been ripped off before by on-line marketers.

But, I quickly found Daniel Hall to be a sincerely honest man behind this incredible phenomenon where ordinary people get to be celebrities aboard cruise ships and offer family members experiences they could not otherwise afford.

And, I just had the time of my life for 28 days in the Mediterranean as did my wife, Marisol, and mom, Barbara. If you want to create the most memorable of memories for your family click the link below now...


-Doc Brown

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Ps. This really isn't the end... I'll be speaking on board Celebrity Cruise Line's Millennium in December. So stay tuned for my next SCF Roving Report in a few months!

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Baltic Cultural Break

Kathy and I have just completed our fifth free cruise in 10 months. We have cruised the Greek islands, spent a month "down under" in Australia and New Zealand, cruised Transatlantic back to Spain where we live and just completed a simply wonderful cruise of the Baltic capitals.
We took a break from the amazing cultural sites of the 6 fascinating and very different capital cities when fellow guests suggested a visit to Copenhagen's "Ice Bar". The temperature is minus 5 (celsius) and the walls, the counter and even the "glasses" are made of ice!!!
OK - so it was perhaps the most expensive glass of vodka I've had. But what an experience!
We have had outstanding experiences on these free cruises - glaciers, fjords, sunshine, history, ancient lands and recent discoveries. We've seen St Petersburg and Stockholm, Sydney and Auckland, Athens and Rome, Lisbon and Barcelona. A total of 25 different places spread all over the world. We could not ask for more.
Thank you to Daniel - you're amazing operation makes this possible.
Happy cruising - FREE,
Andrew & Kathy Johnson
To find out more simply visit -

Happy Clean Underwear Day!

SCF Roving Report Day 27 of 28...

MAN I've been on the boat a long time!!! I'm in Vigo, Spain today exploring around. They are famous here for Mussels and Oysters.

Speaking Tip: Pack LOTS of underwear! I should have packed more and laundry is too expensive (it comes down to clean laundry or beer). So I've been wearing my underwear two days in a row.

And... Today's clean underwear day!

So, on the second to last day of my 28 day free cruise I want to wish you a very happy clean underwear day!

-Doc Brown

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Vigo, Spain

Northern Spain has some of the most beautiful parts of and clean. It's also called Galicia.

-Doc Brown

Join the #1 rated

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Fresh Oysters...

In Vigo, Spain.

-Doc Brown

Join the #1 rated ...

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

SCF Roving Report Day 26 of 28...

Speaking Tip: Make friends with the excursion director. That will give you the inside scoop on the best tours. For instance Italy is incredible.

Portugal is boring alongside and the Portuguese tour guides aren't as friendly. Knowing that you lean your more expensive excursions toward Italy and go cheap or not at all in Portugal.

-Doc Brown

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Roman Aqueduct

In Lisbon, Portugal.

-Doc Brown

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Portuguese Countryside

I'm exploring Portugal today...


-Doc Brown

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Lisbon's Version of the Golden Gate...


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I'm in Lisbon...

...And you're not!

-Doc Brown

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

SCF Roving Report Day 25 of 28

What a day I spent exploring Cadiz, Spain! Of course I made friends with this Finnish entrepreneur and his Northern Irish wife. She entrusted me to control his drinking.

Speaking Tip: Do Not EVER try to control the drinking of anyone from Finland!

-Doc Brown

Learn how I'm cruising for free for 28 days at...

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SCF Roving Report Day 25 of 28

What a day I spent exploring Cadiz, Spain! Of course I made friends with this Finnish entrepreneur and his Northern Irish wife. She entrusted me to control his drinking.

Speaking Tip: Do Not EVER try to control the drinking of anyone from Finland!

-Doc Brown

Learn how I'm cruising for free for 28 days at...

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Where's The Party...

In Cadiz, Spain!

-Doc Brown

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The Streets of Cadiz

Yes...those girls are holding hands...Isn't friendship great!

Learn how to cruise for free at...

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Streets of Cadiz, Spain

Wow this is cool! Learn how I am cruising for FREE...

Go right now to
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Monday, August 10, 2009


Esa is a successful businessman from England while the gentleman in the right is from Ireland. But Esa is originally from Finland.

He sneaked a Finnish liquor onboard that tastes like a strong Greek anise. Esa wants to so the "pub crawl" in Cadiz, Spain tomorrow...


Speakers Tip: When in Roman be Roman. I.e. Go with the flow when cruising Europe!

-Doc Brown
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Sunday, August 09, 2009

SCF Roving Report Day 23 of 28

I'm on the island of Sardinia which is part of Italy. I'm exploring around!

Speakers Tip: Make friends with the excursion manager. He or she knows which is the best excursion regardless of cost. This strategy landed us the BEST excursion ever today!

-Doc Brown

Ps. Of course cost is of no consequence if you're cruising free!...

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Doc Brown's On The Loose!

I'm in Sardinia enjoying a traditional meal.


Crusin free for 28 days...learn how I pulled this off here...

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Sardinian Woman Making Fresh Pasta

I am on the "Flavors and Sounds of Sardinia" excursion. There are Italians in traditional dress serving us food, strong wine and playing music!

Tooooooo cooooool!

-Doc Brown

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Streets of Sardinia...

I'm exploring Sardinia, Italy today!

The great thing about cruise enrichment speaking is that you get all port days off to explore around. So over 28 days I save $14,000 for 8 hours of talks. I learned how to do this when I simply clicked on the link below...

-Doc Brown

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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Who is Bill Gove? If You Want to Make Big Money as a Speaker You Need to Know!

I recently returned from Atlanta where I got to interview Steve Siebold. Steve has an interesting story. He was for 5 years before his death Bill Gove's protege.

Don't know Bill Gove?

Bill was considered to be the Father of Professional Speaking and he trained most of the paragons in the speaking business. For example, he trained such people as Zig Ziglar, Mark Victor Hanson, Brian Tracy & Bob Proctor just to name a few.

Well when Bill died back in 2001 Steve, being very close to Bill, was able to obtain the rights to all Bill's training and content from his estate and continue Bill's workshops and seminars for speakers.

That's why I jumped at the chance to interview Steve to see what speaker tips I could extract for your benefit. We had a great interview and you can watch it in its entirety by clicking the screen:

Also, make sure to watch the second video on the page where I put some things into perspective.

Go watch the videocast now.

As you'll discover Steve Siebold is the real deal. Fact is the day after we shot this interview Steve was interviewed on the Today Show and he describes in our interview how using Bill Gove methods he was recently able to turn one speech into over a one million dollar deal. I'm telling you, this is powerful! Go check it out here:

SCF Roving Report Day 22 of 28

I'm in Rome today.

Speaking Tip: Bring career related materials on ultra-long voyages. I am cruising for a full month. That's even longer than Daniel has done. Pace yourself by taking material related to your career should you get bored.

-Doc Brown

Learn how I cruise free now...
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St. Peters Cathedral

...In the Vatican City!

-Doc Brown
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Friday, August 07, 2009

Day 21 of 28...SCF Roving Report!

We spent the day in Florence, Italy. That's a photo of Michelangelo's "David."

Speaking Tip: Avoid chronic obesity because it will destroy your cruising down the road. Americans are one of the fattest populations. Try to avoid the seated dining when speaking and eat light in the buffet.

-Doc Brown

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Florence, Italy

This is the back of "David" by Michelangelo.

-Doc Brown

Learn how I'm cruising Europe free for 28 days. Go here now...

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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Doc Brown's on the French Riviera!

Taking a 28 day free cruise. Learn how I did it at:
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Cannes, France

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Day 19 of 28

I am giving investment talks.

Speaking Tip: Do NOT give individual investment advice as an enrichment speaker and do NOT seek clients or promote financial services. If a passenger later complains you will ruin it for all of us in finance. Note my words carefully on this as I am a Ph.D. holding finance professor at the doctoral and MBA levels at a major state school.

I.E. I know what I am talking about...approach all financial talks with concern and caution.

-Doc Brown
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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Day 18 of 28..

This is a shot at the end of the siege tunnels in Gabraltar of the airport.

No tips today...too tired!

-Doc Brown
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Day 16 of 28...

My mom is getting a free cruise as my companion. That's her playing bridge...her passion.

Speakers Tip: watch other presentations for ideas. Once you are on-board speaking you have a great opportunity to learn other areas. For instance art professor Ernest Pick is teaching photography with digital camera. I am attending to learn how to give an arts and crafts talk in that area to expand my repertoire.

I am taking a full month vacation compliments of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines just for flapping my lips about something I love to talk about anyway as an enrichment speaker getting a cabin for two for FREE! Learn how you can do it today at:

-Doc Brown
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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Day 15 of Day 28...

Speaking Tip: Make sure you pre-pay your tips the first day on cruises out of England. Here's why.

The English are terrible tippers and the people giving you service know it. By pre-paying, you show up on the crew's radar screen and you'll automatically get the best service.

Learn how I get the very best cruises free and am now on a 28 day free Mediterranean cruise. Learn how I did it here...
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Changing of the Guard

Through SCF I just gave my wife a free 14 day cruise worth $3,200. Now Mom gets a free 14 day cruise worth even more since they upgraded our cabin to a Royal Promenade view room!

Learn how to enrich your family as I do today at

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Baggage Pickup...

I'm going off the ship with Marisol. She's going back to Puerto Rico.

I'm staying on for another 14 days of free cruising...
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