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Monday, August 24, 2009


I value greatly the many people that I meet in life. And generally speaking I am not disappointed. The few poor contacts are more than made up for by the many good ones.

Last summer Kathy & I drove to Barcelona to meet Daniel - with whom we were already working successfully - so we had two charming lunch companions (his son was with him) a delightful lunch and of course a stronger relationship. And boy is a relationship with Daniel a good one to have!!

We always make a point of building contacts with other speakers on board - some of whom have to pay for the privilege of "working" on board. I know. I know. It still amazes me that folks will pay up to $75 a day, while the rest of us cruise free.

From those contacts have come new members of this community - how could they resist! and leads to other opportunities. On our last cruise in the Baltic I was destination lecturer and Kathy was running her always popular craft groups. The other enrichment lecturer was an economist, as I am. He lectures elsewhere on destinations and I include economic reviews in many of my enrichment talks. So we obviously had much in common.

When he asked where I source my European material I was delighted to offer him notes and images from some of my talks - but of course I wanted something too. He had just completed a super talk on the recent development of China and impressions of the future for this economy. I have been able to take his research and graphics add in my own research and develop a great lecture "China - Yesterday, Today & Tommorrow".

Add that to my existing portfolio and I reckon I'm a very attractive option for enrichment speaking on cruises with Chinese destinations.

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