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Monday, August 17, 2009

Selling on board

It took a few cruises to establish a successful formula for sales on board.

My first offering was my Amazon book "Under Latin Skies" about Mediterranean lifestyle - and the challenge of moving from the more "organised" north of Europe. After time we realised that the south is no less organised - it just does it differently!!

Cultural differences are a major plank of my talks on board the numerous free cruises that Kathy & I take - thanks to Daniel. I also talk about a number of Latin topics - from "Flavors of Iberia" to the "Cities of Andalucia" and "Gaudi and Cava" - my take on the fabulous city of

Without a doubt an itinerary that includes Spanish ports ensures stronger sales. Our Transatlantic re-positioning cruise on board the amazing Navigator of the Seas saw our best sales ever - I covered my bar bill!!!

But that was partly because I had been honing the sales offering on other itineraries - I even sold over 40 copies in New Zealand & Australia earlier in the year. So what have I learned -

1) Get the title approved in advance by the line's head office. Ensure the contact there has a personal copy, along with a copy for approval.
2) Give copies to the Activities Manager and Gift Shop Manager at the first opportunity - personalised and signed of course!!!
3) Arrange to have what they call "hard cheques" so that you can sell & sign copies immediately after each talk.
4) Provide the shop with a display board, showing the price and a picture of the product.
5) Request a "signing" table for an hour one evening between dinner seatings, when the shops are busiest.
6) Include a reference in your talk summary when you can legitimately do so - for example
Andrew Johnson, whose Amazon best
seller "Under Latin Skies" is available on board, will talk today about
Copies of the book can be ordered at
If you are not yet cruising for free go now to to find
out what Daniel Hall can do for you!!

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