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Monday, May 21, 2012

… and one more for luck!

by Andrew Johnson

When I first met DANIEL HALL he advised me always to carry one or two spare lectures with me on every cruise. That was some years ago. And only a few months later I was one of 2 speakers on a Mediterranean cruise. The other speaker was ill prepared and was not well received by the passengers. The Cruise Director decided to cut his schedule short. He mentioned that he would now have unhappy guests because the program was reduced. I offered to add in a couple of extra talks, all well prepared and researched and all backed by high quality Power Point. imageHe bit my hand off!

I had a wonderful review and an invitation from the head office to choose my future assignments ahead of the rest.

Kathy and I arrived home last night from our latest assignment – 10 days Rome to Monte Carlo via the Cannes Film Festival and Barcelona, on a champagne and caviar 7 star cruise. Unfortunately bad weather meant the captain had to re-schedule the final day and we ended up at sea that morning instead of in port, as he headed for calmer waters. The entertainment program was empty that morning, so I offered an additional lecture. Over 25% of the passengers attended. The captain and cruise director both praised me publicly and the passengers raved over the talk. has introduced us to a world of truly luxury cruising in exchange for talking to nice people about topics I enjoy.

To find out if this is right for you click HERE to arrange a chat with Daniel.

Happy cruising FREE!


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Daniel Hall Teaches Internet Marketing in Spanish

Recently, I have been working with my friend Scott Brown PhD to develop Internet Marketing training in Spanish... I am proud to announce our new training called Haz Dinero Por Internet (see ). Dr. Brown is a tenured finance professor at the graduate school of the University of Puerto Rico and both he and I saw a huge need in the Hispanic and Latin communities for Spanish language education in Internet Marketing. Dr. Brown contributed the language (he is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and English) and logistics and I contributed the Internet Marketing know-how. In any event if you know of any native Spanish speakers who wants to build a profitable online business please do them and us a favor by sending them over to