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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Agloco -- Genuine Opportunity Or Plot To Brainwash You?

I know this is a blog for and about cruising free by using the cruise line enrichment programs. For a new free report on this opportunity check out my last post.

Be that as it may, I bet the below article will be of interest to you as well. Its about a residual income opportunity that I really like... so I wrote an article about it. So before it gets syndicated to a bizillion different sites I wanted you, my readers to have a "first look" As you will read time is of the essence. Here it is...

Agloco -- Genuine Opportunity Or Plot To Brainwash You?

Stop for a moment and consider the number of marketing messages you've seen in the last twenty-four hours.

No. You don't have to go back that far. What about the last twenty-four minutes?

I thought so. I'll bet if you've really analyzed it you've seen multitudes of messages designed to influence or get you to act. Maybe even brainwash your thinking, even if only subtly.

Even as I sit at my desk drafting this article, there are four marketing messages I identify without moving my fingers from the keyboard: a blank note pad with a hotel emblem and the words "reserve now" with a phone number sitting on my desk; a business card from my wonderful Chiropractor reminding to make an appointment taped to the side of my monitor; a television ad for car lot I can hear in the
background; and the free .pdf du jour I have open behind my word processor from an Internet marketing "guru" offering a new money-making "system".

That's just a glance, a split second of time.

Let's face it many messages are constantly competing for our attention, our consideration. But here is the pivotal question: How much is your attention or consideration worth to the marketers that target you?

Plenty, I can assure you.

Now how much are these marketers paying you for your attention or consideration?

That is to ask, when was the last time you were paid to watch a commercial or read some marketing message?

Really? Me either.

I have NEVER been paid. And I think I should be paid. My attention and consideration are valuable commodities and so are yours.

Now there finally may be a company that agrees with this seniment. They're called Agloco. And they have come up with a way to pay you to have a small viewbar open in your web browser.

Yes, pay you on the off chance that you might pay attention to what the viewbar is displaying.

It gets better. Not only will they pay for the time the viewbar is open on your browser but they will also pay you for the time other people who you referred have the viewbar open. And it goes a total of five layers. In other words, this thing can be very viral and profitable. Plus, what I REALLY LIKE is its a potential source of residual income.

Now this viewbar thingy is still in beta -- and nobody has made a dime yet.

So much the sweeter! That is,there is still an opportunity to build a huge network before it launches. Many of the "guru" types are quietly building networks and its no wonder. It cost nothing to join or participate. This means anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can enroll. Further, it means this is a no-risk, no-brainer proposition.

Here is the thing: Now is the time to act! Once the viewbar launches its going to be huge. Especially, when people start getting checks. Those that have networks started are in the best position to profit and take advanatge of the viral nature of this thing.

Thus, is Agloco a genuine opportunity? Probably, although at this point they are completely unproven. And NO, they are not launching a plot to brainwash you. In fact, I predict that this model will change the way Internet advertising works. At a minimum with Agloco there is at least a potential for real people to profit.

Look at this way: some marketer is going to get your attention, you mind as well get paid for it.

Daniel Hall is the webmaster at a site that reveals ways to develop passive and residual income. He recently produced a video review of the Agloco opportunity which you can view online free at