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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Gift That Keeps On Giving...

2006 has been a great year and I have you to thank
for it. As a token of my appreciation I wanted to
send you a gift for the Holidays.

The gift I have decided on has lots of different
benefits all rolled up into one package.
For example --

==> If you would like to know how to create ebook
.pdf files without spending a mint buying the
Adobe Acrobat product ... then this is a
perfect Christmas gift for you! Remember
eBooks are highly profitable and they can be
used to enhance your credibility for getting
cruise ship speaking gigs. My gift will help
you make them.

Go get it:

==> Whether you are a cruise speaker or
entrepreneur or both if the success or failure
of your online business depends precariously
on the whims of the search engines .... then
you must download my Holiday gift to you and
cut the search engine cord!

Here it is:

==> If you have been searching for a way to get
free, responsive traffic to your site. My
gift has the answer. There are 3 separate ways
to bring traffic to your site using
affiliates, distributing articles and
creating ebooks.

And my Christmas gift to you will show
you a way to link all these together to
produce a rapid multiplying effect which will
increase your traffic by an exponential

Gift pick-up:

==> If you want to see an ingenious use of viral
marketing - one reviewer called it "The
greatest viral marketing idea of all time" -
take a look at my gift to you. Its called -
The Ultimate SuperTip - and I literally
marveled when I saw how easy viral marketing
could be employed in any business.

And last but not least...

==> If you are interested in a simple way of
unleashing a viral wave of sales into your
PayPal account... look no further.

As you can see this truly is a gift that keeps on

Wishing You Blessings For The Season,

s/ Daniel Hall

P.S. If you are seeing this post after Christmas 2006 --
the gift will still be available. Think about it as a "just because" gift.