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Monday, April 07, 2008

Proof Positive That the Speakers Cruise Free e-Program Works: An Insiders Opinion

The past weekend was great!

I met up with my friend and colleague Sheri Tousey-Baker who has for a number of years been the enrichment program coordinator for a major cruise line. We talked shop and about the incredible potential that enrichment programs have for both speakers and the cruise lines.

In any event, she was very complimentary of my eprogram Speak on Cruise Ships. She agreed to video record her thoughts about my program which I publish below.

What is so telling about the video is that she is of the opinion (a very important opinion btw) that cruise speakers who try to book directly have little hope of success because they don't know how to prepare, present and market themselves to people like her. In effect, she is of the opinion that without my program would-be cruise speakers booking directly with cruise lines are dead in the water (pun intended).

Why is it so important to book directly?

So you don't have to pay the cruise speaker agency fees which the speakers (not the cruise lines) are expected to pay. And fees can range upwards of $100 per day. Ouch!

So if you are serious about cruising free with onboard enrichment programs then you need to get my Speak on Cruise Ships program at

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

And the Winner(s) Is/Are


That's the title I'd use to describe my response to this contest... if you were one of the participants, thank you.

Fact is, there were so many great entries that I had a difficult time choosing a winner.

So I didn't choose just one single entry, I have decided that the caliber of entries (and the thought that went into them) warranted one grand-prize winner and many runner-ups.


Here's the deal if you suggested the grand-prize entry you will get a copy of my Speak on Cruise Ships e-program and access to the "Princess Cruise Line: Blueprint For Approval" as promised.

All runner's up will receive a digital copy of my top-selling Amazon book: Speakers Cruise Free: The Opportunity to Trade Your Talents For Free Luxury Cruises. This is NOT the same as my Speak on Cruise Ships e-program.

What's the difference?

Speakers Cruise Free is intended to be a primer for somebody just looking to dip-a-toe while the Speak on Cruise Ships e-program is the ultimate resource for those who are really serious about approved status and want all the resources as well as my personal help getting approved as a member of the Speakers Cruise Free Coaching Club (read about the benefits of Club membership at this FAQ).

So now that we have hashed-out who's getting what...

... may I have the envelope please?...

(sweet, anxious anticipation)

Again this was very difficult for me and truth be known I liked them all.

...but here are the runners-up (in no particular order and with notations of why each title was chosen)...

A Rhapsody at Sea

(I did my first audition cruise which got me approved on the Royal Caribbean ship "Rhapsody of the Seas" so the title evoked great memories for me. I also like this title because of its literal nature. This tune is a Rhapsody at Sea.)

Ocean Currency

(Liked this one too for personal reasons. I'm working on a new book now tentatively titled "Psychic Currency" about understanding, nurturing, developing and using psychic currency to have a richer, fuller life. This music is very much about developing a type of psychic currency which enables my students to cruise the world with onboard enrichment programs.)

Sea-Say-Free or (Si- C'est- Free)

(Loved the play on words and languages. Definitely evidence of a brilliant mind at work.)

Cruisin' Free and Easy

(Exactly what my program delivers.)

Speakin' of Crusin'

(Again clever play on words that I really appreciated.)

Free Sailin'

(My underlying marketing message.)

The Dramamine Mambo

(I read this and laughed my boom-ala off. Why? It reminded me of one cruise when I did an onboard Origami class during the worst of Hurricane Ivan... with a half a bottle of dramamine in me! I was sick and loopy at the same time. You should have seen the projects from that class. They were a mangled mess. What a hoot!)

Excitin' Seas & Cruisin' Me

(Can you tell I like word plays and sing-songs?)

Free and Easy Cruisin'

(This title again "anchors" my underlying marketing message.)

Great job all you runners-up!

And the moment ya'll have been waiting for...

... the grand-prize winning song title is...

Cruise 4 Free

(It was hard decision but I picked this one as the grand-prize winner because it reinforces my marketing message... it also sounds like an 80's song title. Yes, I came of age in the 80's and love 80's music. Remember Sinnead O'Connor's "Nothing Compares 2 U" or one of my favorite bands U2? More than this, it uses the words from all my products and URL... so it fits and cross-promotes everything else that I'm doing with this part my business. BRAVO! Well Done!)

Here's how to claim your prize if you submitted one of these terrific titles:

  1. Email me at daniel (at) SpeakersCruiseFree (dot) com and let me know which of the winning titles you submitted.
  2. I'll reply with where to get your prize.
So what if your title didn't quite make it?

You can still get my Speak on Cruise Ships: 8 Easy Steps to a Lifetime of Luxury Cruises e-program .... and get in on my special training Princess Cruise Line: A Blueprint to Approval scheduled for Friday April 4 at 12 Noon Central Standard (the call will be recorded if you can't make it) by investing in yourself through this link.

On another issue: I've been getting a bunch questions about how you can get my personal help getting approved to cruise with cruise enrichment program. I just completed a FAQ about the Speakers Cruise Free Coaching Club and what that is all about. Check it out here.