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Monday, May 31, 2010

Know your Equipment

We're just back from another great itinerary - another free cruise. 14 nights of relaxation and exciting ports of call - and all in exchange for just 5 talks of under an hour each! All thanks to Speakers_Cruise_Free.Com.

I was up against a destination speaker who frankly was totally unprepared. The sad thing is he did know so much - BUT - He talked to the screen instead of the audience!! He mumbled!! and worst of all he seemed incapable of holding a mike!!

As his head (and hence his mouth) went one way it seemed his microphone went the other.

The audience deserted in droves - from 160 on day 1 to under 20 on day 5!!

The Cruise Director's staff recognised what was happening and asked for help. Flexibility is the name of the game - so I beefed up the destination content in my talks and we spread the word that the second lecture each sea day had destination information. I've learned plenty from a life in business - and, of course, from Speakers_Cruise_Free.Com!!

My audience grew. My book sales soared!! and the officers made a point of thanking Kathy and me for the flexibility and support.

We will be welcomed back anytime.

The other guy will probably struggle now to find any cruises - and he's with an agency that charges him to cruise!!! In fact I've been assured that this line will not book him again - and are telling his agent why!!

To cruise free click HERE. That's what we did. :-)


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