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Friday, August 06, 2010

Name that Ship!!!

While we are cruising (free of course, thanks to I make a point of taking a good number of photos as we go. You know the sort of thing, port shots, tendering, the local highlights, local markets, ice cream bars - in fact pretty much anything!

Then, back in the stateroom, or back in my office I quickly categorise them into general categories - Italian ports, Caribbean, cruise lines etc., etc.

That way I can enhance my presentations, whether they are enrichment or destination. I always show shots of our ship arriving in, or docked in a few of our destinations - it shows an attention to detail - and it shows a link to the cruise line.

So my tip for today is simple; just keep adding to your talks and your visual support material to make them more and more relevant to the cruise you're on. Why? Well that's simple:- the cruise director's staff notice these things! And so do the passengers.

And if you are not already signed up to then do yourself a big favor and click HERE NOW!

Happy cruising - FREE of course!!


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