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Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Very Special Video

I wanted to share this with you...

I have been interested in Christianity and Judaism (and most
other world religions) for most of my life and consequently
have always wanted to travel to the Holy Land or as the
Italians call it Terra Santa. On my current cruise I got to
spend two glorious days in Israel.

I saw many of the sites of the bible like the actual field
where David slew Goliath and the Wailing Wall in
Jerusalem...I consider myself very fortunate to have spent
time in reflective thought there and leave my prayers.

In Galilee I also got to visit the field where Jesus gave
the Sermon on the Mount. There is a church commemorating
the spot called the Church of the Beatitudes. Perhaps one
of the highlights of the trip (if not my life) was being
asked to read the Beatitudes on the exact hill where Jesus
spoke the actual words.

It moved me then and it moves me now.

Luckily, Lanette had the video rolling so I’d like to share
this very special moment with you.


Gina Parris said...

Wow Daniel, that was very special!
I am so thankful I found you and your program. A few years ago my little 12 year old son asked if we could go on a cruise for his high school graduation. Well Linda at RCCL already has us booked for the Freedom of the Seas for June 20th 2010. I had decided way back then that I wanted to do it as a speaker somehow, and you showed up to show me how. This will be my second cruise as a speaker. It's not easy to get away from all the little ones very often or I'd cruise every quarter!!

Bible On Tour said...

I have been there. It is amazing!!! I am just getting back into a speaking career again and my husband and I are avid cruisers. When the time is right, I will get your program.

Randee said...

Blessed are you, Daniel, for reading the blessings.

Coach Judy Nelson. said...

I just watched the Beatitudes video, Daniel. It was obviously a tremendously powerful moment for you and one of those rare peak experiences. Thanks for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

Daniel, that was great!!! Made my eyes tear up knowing the story behind it!!! I hope you and Lanette are having a wonderful time on ya'lls cruise!!!

God Bless!!!
Cheryl <><

Darlene said...

Wow, that was awesome! I feel blessed to know you personally. -darlene

Darlene said...

Wow, that was awesome! I feel blessed to know you personally. -darlene