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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

On A Boat In The Sea of Cortez

I am about to cruise for free in the Sea of Cortez. I’ll be speaking on John Steinbeck, marine ecology,

and the political economy of Mexico. This is my fifth free cruise in 12 months after joining Daniel Hall’s Speaker’s Cruise Free club 18 months ago.

I’ll be posting photos and speaking trips as the club roving reporter. This is a very advanced onboard speaking challenge so stay tuned. The speaking preparation took 5 hours per day for over a month!

I joined Speakers Cruise Free after having problems collecting the trip insurance on a cruise with my moth and step father. He had prostate problems and we had to cancel a cruise here in the Caribbean.

Here’s what my family has saved in trip costs:



Savings X 2

Brazil 7 Days

Royal Caribbean

$ 1,598.46

Argentina 7 Days

Royal Caribbean

$ 1,708.24

Mediteranean 14 Days

Royal Caribbean

$ 5,179.36

Mediteranean 14 Days

Royal Caribbean

$ 5,178.54

Sea of Cortez

Cruise West

$ 6,579.05

12 Month Travel Savings:


So if you ask me if Daniel’s program works the only thing we can do is scream YESSS!!! … With a great big family smile!

And…my wife, Marisol, was wondering if there was a way to not only cruise for free AND make some money on the side. Daniel explained to me how effective his new program Travel Making Money is.

I joined immediately when I got his launch e-mail. It took me a small investment of time and energy to get on the VIP onboard speaking list for two major cruise lines following exactly what Daniel taught me in Speakers Cruise Free ( ) so I’m digging in like a tick on this new course to integrate everything into my new sideline as a onboard expert speaker on luxury cruise lines.

If you have any questions or doubts about how fantastic Daniels travel programs are you can contact me through him.

-Scott (Doc Brown)

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