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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Safety First

It was amazing how many people were injured during our 10 day cruise in the Eastern Med. Every time we went ashore, someone came back with skinned shins, broken leg or arm, cuts, bruises. Many passengers navigated the old towns and ruins in their wheel chairs and walkers. But it seems that the inexperienced have trouble simultaneously gazing at the magnificent views and walking over cobblestones or dodging along irregular walkways.

It was a good reminder for the rest of us that most of the world is not influenced by Americans with Disabilities Act or OSHA or the threat of law suits. Irregular walkways and stairs and lack of hand rails in the ruins of Greece and Italy are the norm.

Oh, one more thing to be aware of -- while one of our dinner-table mates was having a badly sprained wrist cared for, her husband asked about availability of Imodium. He didn't really need it, but declared that he did to get the free supply .... ooops .... 24 hours in quarantine. Throughout the day and evening, the kind-hearted medicos called his room to see if he needed water or anything else (basically checking to make sure he obeyed the quarantine). If he didn't report improvement at the end of 24 hours, the room assignment would continue for another 48 hours.

The strict policy is part of the ship's effort to control the outbreak of flu and other contagious diseases. Every time we turned around on board the ship, someone was offering us another squirt of Purell anti virus hand cleaner (can you have too much of that stuff?).

OK .. here's the point ... watch where you're walking, wash your hands often, and buy your stand by Imodium in town (about one euro per box - don't ask how I know the price).

Dale Collie
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