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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Planning topics

I met one speaker who says he always gets in a panic about a month before each cruise as he has to decide what he's going to talk about each day!

I tend to work the other way. I now have a wide range of talks - destination, enrichment and life-style. And before I request any cruise I choose my topics - and note how much tweaking, if any, I must do to ensure that my talks are relevant to each itinerary.

Thus when I send in my application I can include the topics list, day by day. This shows preparation and relevance.

The cruise lines seem to like this attention to detail. Even though they know now that I deliver good material it helps to be reminded.

And of course I then make sure that I deliver what I promise. I don't let them down.

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1 comment:

Susan K. Stewart said...

Wow.This seems like a given. As a public speaker, I need to at least have an outline of the topic before I book the gig.