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Monday, December 07, 2009

Know where you are - or you can't work out how to get where you want to be!

Mandy Evans says "There is only one starting place I know of. It is here and now. Two of the least popular locations in time and space"

One problem with us all is the tendency to wish that we were starting from somewhere else as we look at what we want to achieve. Every so often I write a "wouldn't it be amazing" list. And I am often amazed by the number of unachievable things I achieve.

My list is based on -

  • A few minutes of "off the wall" thinking. If there were no barriers what would I like to achieve.
  • I then go back through the list to add the things I've always wanted but had forgotten.
  • The list then gets left for 24 hours and next day I review it adding in the things that my sub-concious has processed in the meantime.
  • And then, for each item on the list I ask my self "OK. That's good - but what would be better still?"
  • My list is then dated and tucked away for a few months. I put a diary reminder for around 6 months ahead - because by then I have always forgotten about it.

You know it's amazing how often the "impossible" six months earlier is already within my grasp - and often already in progress. Just a few years ago I wrote "speak on cruise ships - at someone else's expense". Within 6 months I was in contact with Daniel Hall, had submitted my resumé and was already booked for 2 cruises. When I wrote those words I could not have imagined what this would bring.

Today Kathy and I cruise the world at the cruise lines' expense - long luxury vacations and in return all I have to do is talk. I really rather enjoy talking!!!!

To find out more about cruising free visit www.CruiseImprove.Com/FREE.

To read the drama of life under the Mediterreanean sun visit

1 comment:

AnaTango said...

Hi Andrew and Kathy!
Thanks for your interesting blog about cruises. It is useful for me.
I am from Argentina, Buenos Aires, the land of the pasion meat grill and long nights.

Greetings !