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Monday, March 15, 2010

Mountains or Molehills?

Or to put it another way "Problems or Opportunities"?

On a New Zealand cruise recently I was the destination speaker. I researched New Zealand itself, history, general geography and of course the highlights of our ports of call. If I say so myself I'd done a really good job - well it was all made so much easier for me because I follow Daniel Hall's advice. His SPEAKERSCRUISEFREE.COM programme gave me all I needed to know about how to structure my talks to this particular audience group.

I got "rave" reviews and was often stopped by passengers to introduce me to friends who wanted to join the audience. By the end of the cruise I had 200 plus at a time - apparently breaking known records. But then other lecturers probably weren't with SPEAKERSCRUISEFREE.COM.

Then came my "problem" - the captain made a point of meeting me at a cocktail party to tell me he wanted me to do bridge lectures (speaking over the ship's PA system) as we cruised through the 3 fjords - the "Sounds" of South Island. As we were not due to stop there I'd only touched on them very lightly in my preparation. So no point being phased!! I asked our contact, the cruise program manager, for some internet time and quickly put together a host of information. I spoke to the pilot once he joined us to check my info - and he offered me some of his.

You see - flexibility - one of the first lessons I learned from my contacts with SPEAKERSCRUISEFREE.COM.

The captain was so impressed he asked me to return a few days later to talk through Volcanic White Island - and for this I did a little research on the Pacific Ring of Fire. In truth Kathy did about half the work. So once again our teamwork paid off. I recognised that my "molehill" was not a mountain and turned a potential problem into a real opportunity. And the outcome was one very satisfied captain - AND a VERY positive report back to the cruise company HQ. I got a thank you phone call soon after we returned home and a request to do an extra cruise. That relationship is getting even stronger.

Don't make mountains out of molehills - and do turn problems into opportunities. :-)

If you are not already cruising free I can only ask "why not?". You must realise what a great opportunity you are missing. That's NOT a problem you see!!?

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Happy cruising - - - FREE!!!

1 comment:

Moira said...

Thank you for the great blog addition Kathy and Andrew!

Flexibility is KEY along with professionalism; being prepared and yes following everything Daniel teaches us!

Wishing you both all the best!

Live with Passion!