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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

[webinar] Sell Your Books in Stores

Here's a fact...

Tons of books are still sold (through) retail outlets and (to) the 140,000 plus libraries.

The message: You should be selling your books both online AND off.

And there are lots of places in addition to traditional bookstores where your book will sell.

That's why you should register for this brand new webinar entitled...

**** Writing Emails That Get Retail Outlets (Including Bookstores) To Buy Your Book ****

This is an A to Z training and it's completely complimentary.

Grab your spot here...

In this profit-packed webinar you'll discover how to...

* Include the vital not-so-obvious information retail store buyers want (and need) to see

* How to find the retail store buyers and get their email addresses

* What to say (and what not to say) in your emails to arouse the most interest in your book

* The best times to send and target your emails

* Adapt your email campaign to sell your book to public libraries (of which there are over 140k)

* Plus much, much more.

Register now here...

Details -
Tue, Jan 18, 2011 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM CST
(1pm EST, 11am MST, 10am PST)

I mean this is some of the best free training I've ever put together.

Why am I hosting this new webinar?

To help launch a brand new training called "Real Fast Book Distribution" (RFBD) which is designed to help you sell tons of books in all types of retail and online outlets (not just book stores).

Here's the story...

Recently I teamed with Hay House author Elaine Wilkes PhD author of "Natures Secret Messages: Hidden in Plain Sight".

Of course, being published by a major publisher like Hay House, Elaine expected great things for her book. One of her expectations was that her publisher would place her book in retail stores nationwide.

It never happened... even after multiple requests and extensive poking and prodding.

But Elaine did not give up. She took matters into her own hands.

But because there was little in the way of resources for authors who wanted to sell their books through retailers, Elaine resorted to trial and error and more trial until she figured out how to get any good book into retail stores across the country (even print on demand books).

That's when Elaine realized that other authors surely faced the same problem and she decided to create an extensive training program designed specifically for both self-published and trade-published authors.

Although most of the RFBD program is Elaine's work product (and excellent quality I may add - you can certainly see her PhD talents in play) I have included
a few modules myself.

In any event, you don't want to miss this excellent webinar where Elaine and I take you through the exact steps for writing emails that get retail outlet buyers to buy your book.

Get your place here:

Details -
Tue, Jan 18, 2011 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM CST
(1pm EST, 11am MST, 10am PST)

Yes, of course, we will make an offer for the RFBD program but only after we fully deliver on our promise.

Whether you intend to invest in RFBD or not you do not want to miss this great webinar.

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