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Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Deal With Cruise Speaker Agents

I recently received an excellent email question related to using agents and my Speakers Cruise Free Program. I thought you might benefit from the information as well so I decided to post the question and my response here.


I answer within the body of the email...

Hi Daniel, Let me see if I understand you correctly. Once I have been approved by one cruise line, I'm accepted on others.

(Daniel’s Response) ******** No, once you are approved by one line you continue to be approved by that SAME line as long as you continue to receive good reviews from both passengers and cruise director’s staff.

You don't mention agent fees.??? I have worked on Norwegian and Royal Caribbean for years by paying agent fees I have met others who say they don't pay an agent. So, that is what I am trying to find out about.--how do I get accepted without having to go through an agent.

(Daniel’s Response) ******** My system and way of doing things is all about booking direct with cruise lines and thereby circumventing agent fees. A caveat: working with agencies is great as long as you make an informed decision about using them. What I mean is that not only do you have to pay an agency fee but once an agency books you into one line you cannot later book direct with that same line. In other words, you are locked into using that agency for that particular cruise line. Thus, you would not in the future be able to book through Royal Caribbean and NCL; you would need to continue using the agency that first booked you. One other thing. The last time I checked you cannot book directly with NCL – they only use one agency.

I would appreciate any advice you can give me. Thanks.


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