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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Tax free bonus

When I was a thurusting young executive I was often amazed that I could command the income that I was earning. And I was always rather disappointed that I had to shell out 50% (or more) on my declarations to the revenue.
Well now I get regular bonus travel - and no money changes hands. Visit
Thanks to Daniel Hall's "Speakers Cruise Free" system we and many other forunate, and well motivated, speakers cruise the world for free.
Fancy the South Pacific? - visit
Always wanted to cruise through the Panama Canal? - visit
Want to see Alaska? - visit it
Get the idea?
Those of us in the know use this system to travel the world - Australia, Greece, the Baltic, the China Seas, the Atlantic Islands, New England in the Fall - and so much more.
If you're not yet cruising for free do yourself a favour now - visit
And to learn about the fun and trials of moving to the latin speaking world read my book "Under Latin Skies", available at

Happy cruising (for free!),


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