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Friday, February 12, 2010

Good Fortune

Whenever I say how lucky we are a good friend of mine reminds me that "luck is when preparation meets opportunity".

I prepare for every cruise, well researched lectures with great PowerPoint presentations - and Daniel Hall presents the opportunities - pop now to www.CruiseImprove.Com/FREE

But best of all, after my first few cruises I had built up a stock of great, well illustrated talks, which I can easily adapt for future itineraries. So when I was invited to speak on a Mediterranean cruise in a few weeks time I spent a morning making a few adaptions and was ready to go. Everything you need to know is there waiting for you at www.CruiseImprove.Com/FREE

If you are not yet cruising free, you are not getting all the fortune that's awaiting you. There are 4 simple steps to follow - 1) visit www.CruiseImprove.Com/FREE 2) Prepare as Daniel will advise you 3) Get booked on appropriate itineraries and the 4) Put your talks and illustrations together.

Prepare now to be lucky - visit www.CruiseImprove.Com/FREE

And check out my book about life at Mediterranean pace at

Happy cruising - FREE!!


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